and Juliet

^I absolutely love this artist. (tearfish)

“overthrown” was used in the since of darkness, when light pouring over it, is no more.

and Juliet
The Positive and Negative|東方靈異伝
Arrange: Syrufit
Vocal+Lyric: Mei Ayakura
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: Love Hearts?
Event: C79

揺らぐリアル 満ちる事なく
騒ぐ鼓動 抑えられない

Wavering reality, never fulfilled
Excited pulse I cannot control


With an impulse, the lock to my inner heart is opened
Even if words, transient, are swept away in the wind
These feelings of mine, no matter what pain may come, forever will never end
Even if everything comes crumbling down

紡ぐ光から影 廻るロンド
ふたり いつも側に居られるけど
ふたり 触れ合う事は許されない

And so this story heads on to its next stage
From woven light comes shadow, a spinning rondo
Together, though you may always be by my side
Together, we can never, ever touch


Drowned in sadness, unable to breathe
The sky shining upside-down I can never reach
Darkness will always be overthrown by light
As time keeps turning

紡ぐ溶け合う姿 まるでソナタ
ふたり いつも側にいられるから
ふたり 笑顔のままで消えて行こう

And so this story heads towards its finale
Woven figures melting together, just like a sonata
Together, for you will always be by my side
Together, with a smile, let us disappear

    • exaltdragon
    • January 24th, 2011

    Did you get tearfish’s fuyu no mori? It was not bad, I like his/her Patchouli..

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