^Unfortunately I don’t know who painted this. Answer: op-center. Thanks to fallingcirno for the tip!

Ah, EastNewSound’s techno has always been beautiful and superb.. and nayuta’s voice is perfect for songs like this.

An original.

This was very challenging to write in English, because of the makeup of a few of the stanzas and because of a lot of repetitiveness with slight differences. Especially at the end, I had to sort of abandon the structure (irony) for the meaning, which is a real shame, because the structure is beautiful (irony again).

This song only hints at the story, setting your imagination free to fly wherever it may go. Kumarisu’s great at writing lyrics that do this sort of thing, so I’m happy to see this in an original of theirs.

I don’t know about you, but what memories I have are very very strongly connected with scent. If that’s not exactly universal then I hope that explains that part of the lyrics better.

Maybe if I studied poetry more I might be able to find techniques to better translate songs like this…

Vocal: nayuta
Arrange: 黒鳥
Lyric: くまりす
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: Split Theory
Event: C79


Reaching out… I can hear…
Someone’s… voice shaking…


I walked up to the top of that old hill
With it’s rusty old playground

触れた手に蘇る 淡い空遠くて
急ぐ足 逃げる様に走る坂 転んで

At a touch, it’s revived, and the pale sky extends far above
Hurrying feet tumble down the slope as if they’re running away

あふれる 瞳へと 優しく添えた
その指が 温かい
おさえた 涙 また落ちた

Gently, warm fingers would trace towards
My overflowing eyes..
These tears I had held back, fall once again


I remember the fragrance of that day I’d forgotten
I remember that filthy old doll..

独りでも遊べてた オママゴト寂しい
苛立に 踏みつぶした砂の城 壊れて

I had always felt so alone as I played by myself
I would get upset and stomp on the sandcastles I’d made

こぼれる 瞳へと 優しく添える
その指は 悲しくて
こらえた 涙 また落ちた

But gently, sad fingers would trace towards
My overflowing eyes..
And these tears I had held back, fall once again

流れた 瞳へと 優しく添えた
その指は もうなくて
虚しく 風が

But those gentle fingers
Aren’t here for me anymore
And the wind feels so empty

崩れた 瞳から 何度も巡り
掠れた 言葉 また落ちた

Once again, my words fall, chipped and grazed
By all these memories from my crumbling eyes
Flowing forth over and over again…

^Just so you know, I’m totally making up these titles.

    • fallingcirno
    • January 6th, 2011

    “^Unfortunately I don’t know who painted this.”

    See On a side note, is very useful for these sorts of things. You input an image and it tries to find that image on -boorus.

      • exaltdragon
      • January 7th, 2011

      and then on danbooru and the like you can find the link to the artist’s pixiv, enabling you to track down and contact/buy from the artist. The Internet sure is awesome these days..

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