^Here’s Suika, but Demystify Feast is a track associated with the day turning to night in Immaterial and Missing Power, not specifically to do with any character; however it also appears in Magical Astronomy, so I took the liberty of posting pictures of Renko and Merry.

There’s a full lunar eclipse tonight – I saw a crescent of blood red about an hour ago but it’s disappeared; if I want to see it I’ve got to stay up until 1 in the morning… I might have to take a nap.

^I watched some of it, but there was too much ambient light to see anything really well D: If only I were back home and my sleeping schedule were fully nocturnal I would have drunk watching the moon be swallowed by the shadow of the earth…

I tried to keep some semblance of the awesome rhythm in this song, but I could only try.

原曲:Demystify Feast|東方萃夢想~Immaterial and Missing Power.
Circle: 石鹸屋
Event: C74

迷い迷い彷徨い迷い人 移り移ろい生まれた虚ろ
巡り巡り廻り巡り合わせ 繋ぎ補い継き接ぎ続き
留まらない止められない流れ この先は何処へ辿り着くの
塞がらない埋められない空洞を 誰が何が導き示すの

Lost, lost, o wandering wanderer; Shifting, drifting, this born emptiness
Coming and going, turning and meeting; Linked, supplying, inheriting, ever extending contact
Never pausing, never stopping, flowing on; To where will this stream extend its reach?
Never shut, it can never be filled; Who… what will guide me to this gaping hollow?

夢を及ばぬ力を 奇跡を理を
人の届かぬ高さを 掲げて進み出す

With dreams, unsurmountable power, miracles, reason..
Heights no human could attain, I continue on

高く櫓に火を焼べ 大きく映し出せ
強く高らかに謳え 何処までも響かせ

Light the flames high up in the watch towers; make them shine bright
Raise your voices loud and strong, so they ring out ever far and wide

捧げ拡げ栄え更に先へ 理想思想誘い競い出す
重ね束ね集めやがて纏め 誰も彼も掛替え忘れ
行けど去れど追い求め続けて 立ち止まり振り返る事なく
先へ更に先へ辿る答え 人は独りでに歩き出した

Lift your arms, rise for glory and ever onward; We fight now with ideals and dreams
Layered, bundled, gathered all together; Everyone mix with one another and forget yourselves
Whether you come or you go; Keep chasing, seeking… never stopping, never looking back
Ever onward reach far for your answer; Each one of us, ourselves, walk ever on

人は価値を追い求め 自ら価値を決め
人の手に余るモノを それでも 手を伸ばす

Humans race on and on, seeking a price they can assign themselves
Reaching out to things undaunted they could never attain in the first place

強くなり過ぎた勢力(ちから) 全てを飲み込んで
遠くなり過ぎた姿 誰もが忘れゆく
求められた存在と 失われた価値を
時の流れるがままに 通り過ぎてゆくだけ

Now swallowing a power that has grown too strong
We all forget ourselves drifting far into the distance
Our existence we sought, our price we lost
As time flows on and on, they escape our grasp

誰も何処かへ向かって 何かを黄昏て
誰も行き先を知らず それでも歩き出す

Everyone has somewhere to turn, where they watch something wane in the setting sun
No one has any idea where to go, but everyone keeps walking all the same

高く櫓に火を焼べ 大きく映し出せ
強く高らかに謳え 何処までも響かせ
在るがまま在り続けた 暴かれた神秘を
今に然れど此の儘に 残して伝えゆく

Light the flames high up in the watch towers; make them shine bright
Raise your voices loud and strong, so they ring out ever far and wide
This “demystify”, has existed as long as things ever existed
But now here in this way, I leave it behind to you all.

    • exaltdragon
    • December 21st, 2010

    Thanks for the translation! Awesome song..

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