シアワセうさぎ // Shiawase Usagi

^Now of course that’s just what Tewi wants us to think she’s like.

I forgot how time-consuming color-coding lyrics was… D: But I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. … The table entry for this is going to be huge isn’t it… D:

Because I went through the trouble of differentiating between each version, I thought I’d put up YT-Links this time around… The one I usually listen to is the Sekkenya for lols, but the original’s good too :D

Original: [YT-Link]
Reverse/Rehash: [YT-Link]
Sekkenya Version: [YT-Link]

I can’t guarantee the lyrics for the random sounds for the second fast-talking portion of [逆/再] or [[石鹸屋]] at the same part. The end part of [[石鹸屋]]’s was easy, but most of the beginning of each line doesn’t really make sense, and alot of the words there aren’t really words… etc. My ears can only do so much.

“No Problemo!!” – it was in fake-Cantonese, I figure fake-Spanish is a good equivalent.

I figured you could figure this out on your own, but just in case:

Lyrics Legend:
☆Tewi (Amane’s Part in the Original)
★Reisen (Beat Mario’s Part in the Original)
★[] Part in brackets is Reisen and comes first.
★__[] Part in brackets is Reisen and is delayed.
Part only sung in the Original (The fast talking broadcasts)
[Part only in the Reverse/Rehash version]
[[Part only in the Sekkenya version]]

シアワセうさぎ [逆/再] [[石鹸屋]]
 Shiawase Usagi [Gyaku/Sai] [[Sekkenya]]
 Happy Bunny! [Reverse/Rehash] [[Sekkenya]]
原曲:東方永夜抄/シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome
   [東方ボーカルコレクションII スーパーあまねりお]
   [[紅楼朱夢 SCARLET DREAM]]
   [Reitaisai 4]
   [[Reitaisai 5]]

★[素直に..]あなたの紅い瞳が 私を
★[自分を..]捕らえて離さないのは 内緒よ
★[見つめて..]どうして どうして 不思議

★[Just..] Your crimson eyes have captured me,
★[Look..] They won’t let me go – but that’s a secret!
★[At me..] Why? Why? It’s so strange..
&I’ve never felt this way about someone before…

 私達の長生きのポイントは 食う寝る遊ぶ頑張らない(イーネ♪)


One of the reasons we live so long is because
 all we do is eat, sleep and play! (Pretty nice huh?)
We don’t work! We don’t study! We’ve done nothing
 since we came to earth a thousand years ago! (YaY!)
Finally we were able to escape! But still, here I’ve got to
 undergo testing everyday with the master..
But even though the suppositories hurt, it’s no problem!! (No Problemo!!)
Gensoukyou really is pretty boring though…




Yeah… sorry, I can’t remember what I supposed to say here..

Just make something up…


☆遊びに誘っても生返事 今日も上の空なの どうして?
★不安な気持ちを 吐き出せばいい 大丈夫さ

☆Whenever I ask you to play with me, you give a half-hearted answer
  Today, you weren’t even paying attention to me, what’s wrong?

★I really should just spit out all my anxieties, then I’d be fine..

☆私を 一人にさせないで

☆Don’t leave me alone..
★ I’ll never leave you alone!


&My pranks are always filled with love!
☆この目をずっと見ていてほしいから ね♪

☆I want you to look at me with those eyes forever, ok?
★ Forever…

★[素直に..]あなたをシアワセにしたい でもでも
★[自分を..]あなたを怒らせちゃうよ なぜなぜ [/なぜなら]
★[見つめて..]キライキライ Loving 好きは
&言わない 言葉にしないけど

★[Just..] I want to make you happy, but.. but..
★[Look..] I always end up making you angry! Why? Why?
★[At me..] This hate-hate-loving-love
&I just can’t say it, I just can’t put it into words..
☆So won’t you understand?

★[気ままに..]意地悪したくなるのは なんでだろ [/なぜだろう]
★[遠くへ..]どうして どうして 不思議

★[It’s selfish,] I know I’m bothering you, but
★[But I want to] Why do I still want to tease you so much?
★[Take this further] Why? Why? It’s so strange..
&I’ve never felt this way about someone before…



Finally, finally it’s here! Even though this is our second broadcast I’m really not trying,
All I do is watch TV, play games, and roll about on the ground basking in nothingness! (YaY!)
Alright, it about time for my medicine.. Just take it already!
Huh? There something different about.. wha? Wha-wha-wha-wha-wha!?
That prankster white rabbit!




Da-dan-da-dan something-something-something-something!
La-da-da~… Right I’ve got nothing else on me so… PE**S!!
PE**S!! PE**S!! PE**S!! PE**S!! Yeah!
Woo! PE**S!!
BANZAI! BANZAI! Peni- Wait!!


あの、…どうにかと言うと、FLOWERING NIGHT 2008で
THANK YOU感謝を歌うことになっちゃた習俗なんですけど


Uh, well anyway – I suppose you want to know why we’re doing this?
Well at Flowering Night 2008 we said we were going to sing “Thank You 感謝”
But that would have just been boring so, I was like why don’t we do “HAPPY!”
So we did… but you know, I’d much rather sing with someone else in the
 middle of this heat and all, like Shameimaru or so-
Hey! Calm down why don’t you! Give me a break! Ah! now he’s angry!


☆なにか話そうとはするけれど あなたの姿を見て隠れて
★素直な気持ちを ぶつければいい 大丈夫さ

☆I’ll try to say something to you, but I end up just hiding and watching you
★I really should just say my true feelings, then I’d be fine

☆元通り 仲直りできるかな?

☆I wonder if we’ll be able to make up…
★ We’ll be able to make up!


&I wish she’d understand my feelings!

☆思うだけなら 悪くはないよね

☆Just thinking about it isn’t bad is it?
★ Just thinking about it…

☆誰かをシアワセにしてあげるよ [*声アウト*]
☆あなたにシアワセいっぱい あげるよ [*笑*]
☆嬉しい 楽しい 大好き [*声イン*]
&全部 全部 こんなに胸がすっきり (う~っ HAPPY!!)

☆I’m going to make someone happy! [*Here the singing cuts out..*]
☆I’ll fill you up with happiness! [*Laughing and muttering…*]
☆Happiness, Joy, and Love! [*Singing comes back in…*]
&Everything, everything I’ve never felt this way before! (uuu!!! HAPPY!!)

★[このまま..]あなたが困ると知っていたけど [*声アウト*]
★[二人は..]意地悪したくなるから しちゃおう
★[明日も..]わがまま 気ままな そんな
&私と これからも仲良くしてくれるよね [*声イン*]

★[I hope] I know I’m bothering you, but [*Singing drops off again*]
★[We can stay] Why do I still want to tease you so much?
★[Like this forever] Why? Why? It’s so strange..
&We’ll be friends forever right!? [*Singing comes back in*]

★yeah… lalala… [[/ならば]] 素直に 素直に dancing shaking your hand [[//USA!]]
★素直に 素直に 素直に… [[//皆、皆、大好きなラリルレ秀三!]]

★yeah… lalala… honestly, honestly.. dancing shaking your hand! [[//dancing USA!!]]
★honestly, honestly, honestly… [[Everyone, everyone loves Shuuzou!!]]

[lalala… シアワセさきたい、サムライうさぎ]

[lalala… I want to make your happiness blossom, Samurai Bunny!]


[[By the way, I’m I the only one that heard him say “USA”?]]

&私と これからも仲良くしてくれるよね

&We’ll be friends forever right!?



Haha… sorry about that last bit.. well it’s over anyway…
Thanks everyone for the happiness and stuff… thanks…



[[Die, Shuuzou, Die!!]]

    • exaltdragon
    • December 19th, 2010

    I am pretty sure the bit for sekkenya’s version where hellnian is blabbing about why they are singing shiawase usagi, they say Flowring Night 2008, not ふなわりになると二千八. He was saying something like because of something shuuzou said during the event.

    Halfway through their performance at flowering night 2008 Shuuzou was talking about singing THANK YOU感謝(Which they really did mention, and somehow it started out as a joke about cool&create expressing their gratitude for touhou/ZUN, ending with Shuuzou promising to do it eventually…or not). I think they said that they didn’t want to sound totally boring so they sang this song instead..

    • Awesome, I will make some edits given your information :D
      I figured Sanpyuu had to be Sankyuu = THANK YOU but since I couldn’t figure everything out I thought I might as well put exactly what I thought I heard.

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