邂逅 Halation // Wakuraba Halation

Requested by: grooven

This song had a vocabulary that way surpasses mine, but I liked the challenge. Still, this song’s structure tends to reject English, by racing forth a series of images/thoughts/actions that it’s sort of hard to string together into proper lines, so try to think of it as a sort of hallucinatory camouflage. (On the stage of this theme, Nitori runs into problems with her camouflage so you see her ^_^)

Notes on the title:
You would normally pronounce the title “Kaikou Halation” but the lyric booklet gives it the reading “Wakuraba Halation”. Kaikou is a chance meeting; Wakuraba means “withered leaves”. Halation is what happens when rings of light extend past their boundaries, like in a flare in a photograph. But that flare is made not of light but of autumn leaves. Illusionary hallucinationary.

I put this into first person for convenience, but it’s not necessarily that way, there are absolutely no markers for perspective. Also, the translations per line can get really long, so I had to split a few of them into two lines.

Yeah, you kind of have to feel this song more than try to understand it. :x

邂逅 Halation
 Wakuraba Halation
 Chance Encounter, Halation of Withered Leaves
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 悠啼 YU-NARI
Event: C78

大粒雫が落ち切るまでに見抜くTrick 風に梳かれてざわめく虚栄心

You might see through my trick, but only until those water drops have yet
 To hit the ground; Now rustling vanity is swept away, combed out in the wind

絵の具をぶちまけ 忘れかけていた罠に躓き

Throwing, splashing colors against the front
 Falling to my knees in a trap I’d started to forget

細目で感じ 殺気を読み取って
飛び込んでくる影 見逃すことは許されない

With narrowed eyes I feel, I sense an intention to kill
Following the shadows racing towards me; I won’t let them out of my sight

貫いてくる珠玉に 魅せられて砕け散る 揺曳と響いている 木霊の様に伝い
撥ね返った破片を 掴みながら漫ろく 混じり気のないInterface 花柳の如し

Charmed by piercing gems racing this way they shatter,
 Like an echo their sound lingers in the air
Grasping a rebounding shard, restlessly I run now
 A pure, flawless interface, shining colored bright and gay

濁る視界に一段と濃くなるOptimist 噂潰しに怒りが込み上げて

An optimist, as this muddied line of sight thickens
 Fueled by anger, I’ll crush these rumors

薄らぼんやりと流れている 一条の滝雲

Thinning and fading and washing on by, a wisp from a waterfall’s mist

本性はぐらかし 視点ぼやけさせて
游いでいる眼を追い 寧ろ楽しくなり戯る

Hiding, evading my true nature, blurring out points of sight
Chasing after swimming eyes, it suddenly becomes fun, a trick, a game

天翔ける後を辿り 眩暈だけを残して 誘惑にそそられて 勝手に真妄を
デカルコマニー パネルを越えて広がる模様
崩れゆくSurface Tension 激しく揺れて

Reaching after this soaring, I leave only a dizzying hallucination, excited, tempted
Incidentally I show a true illusion – transfer – its diagram extends past my panel
With crumbling surface tension, an intense sway


Spreading far distant plane symmetry

奕奕と続く苛つに嫌気がさし 掻き混ぜて踊らされている予感はしてた

Brilliantly glowing my irritation continues unto hatred
 I feel scrambled and made to dance

霑り滲む空 雨止んで旋風吹く前に

In the moistened, damp, extending sky,
 Now that the rain has stopped before the whirlwinds begin to blow..

昔取った杵柄 衰えることなく 竹爆ぜる僅かな音 敏感に反応する

A master at this, my skill never waning,
 I sensitively react like the subtle sound of bursting bamboo

記憶の片隅にまた 環と重なる跡
さやぐ木々 窈然と妖しく舞散って

Again somewhere in the corner of my memories, marks of wheel spinning wheel
Rustling trees in the deep dark, their leaves mysteriously dance and scatter

赫焉遜色ならず 濃くなりて余勢駆る まだ調べる為には驚天動地を
轟き注目を 浴びて頤の中で 経緯を顕にし 虚構剥がして

With a thickening overdrive, brilliantly red and sparkling, not in the least bit inferior
 In order to keep investigating such an earth shattering phenomenon
Washed over in roaring attention, deep within the depths,
 I draw this sequence into reality, scrapping fiction


Devised Chance Encounter, Halation of Withered Leaves

    • exaltdragon
    • December 16th, 2010

    Hmm, best C-Clay’s song I’ve ever heard, and definitely a competitor for the best “Gensokyo loved by the Gods” arrangement…

    • vaespus
    • December 16th, 2010

    It’s funny how English translations appear ridiculously longer than the original text.

    Still is fun to read while listening to it. b:

    Can I request for 誰も知らない by SYNC.ART’S? It’s on that Toramaru album. :D

    • Remilia Yuki
    • December 17th, 2010

    Well, I had a request for translating this lyric to Chinese at another site. From his feedback,even translating to Chinese, this lyric could the difficult one among TouHou vocal rearrange.

    It seems difficult to understand the artistic conception in this song…

    • grooven
    • December 17th, 2010

    Wow that was really amazing lyrics really artistic! Thank you so much for the translation!

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