Yakusoku -Promise- / Umineko no Naku Koro ni EP5 BGM

Requested by: Ryuu

I’ll go ahead an apologize for how late this is; I’ve got finals, and I’ve been reading for most of my spare time.

I still haven’t read/played this game; I’ve desperately wanted to, but refused to read translations and wanted to improve my Japanese before I started on it, so – here I am. I’m planning on starting in over winter break (which for me starts in two days :D). I know about as much plot as the anime describes, enough to realize the underlying awesomeness of the series; but I’ve forgotten even the details of that (due to my mystical powers of forgetfulness) so no spoilers please; I’m really looking forward to this ^_^

Ryuu, you said you tried reading/translating this before, so as a learning experience I guess feel free to ask questions. (・ω・)

Subject identification got a little foggy in parts, but I tried to keep it straight – if there was ambiguity, I tried to keep the same level of ambiguity in English.. etc. ^_^;

Yakusoku -Promise-
Umineko no Naku Koro ni EP5 BGM -Chiru-
Artist: dai


All alone, I hugged my knees
I had lost sight of what it means to be alive
Even though it hurt, I kept running my hands
Over these dirty, ever present wounds


With these soft feelings,
In a peaceful golden dream
Like words I had heard
All mixing together in the wind..


I loved each and every day, whether it was windy or rainy
And even now, that will never change


Though I am weak and this promise stays unfulfilled,
My heart protects me, pushing me on to face alone
These coming days, smiling for me to shine


One day, one day… I’ll keep walking forward until I reach
Days when I can truly smile… one day, one day…

La la la …….


Forgive me today, let me feel sadness just today
I’ll put an end to these broken ended days


I loved each day, rain or shine
And even now, that will never change


And so I believed in that promise, though I fell
With my weak heart in both hands
You wiped away my tears,
And I was finally able to tell you, so kind to me,


“Thank you…”

    • Kimmy
    • January 14th, 2011

    T-T Sad is awefully damn sad.

  1. Some parts are wrong, but not because of your japanese, don’t worry. you’ll understand if you read the VN one day, it’s because of the context and the fact that as you must know a lot of things in japnese are implied

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