Phantom Ensemble

Requested by: (K2) SharkGears

This song is really, really long, but just repeats a few short stanzas, and includes a broken mix of pieces of those stanzas, so I’ve decided to just put those short stanzas (with Romaji) so you can listen/sing along.
The stanzas go in this order (only the placement of instrumentals are different):
-last hope mix-
(start-up-inst),1,2,1,2,(inst),3,4,3,4,(inst w/fragments),1,2,(silence),1,2,1,2,(inst w/fragments),(fade-out)

I put “sounds like” romaji instead of strict romaji, because the singer blends her voice line by line, and some of the words are pronounced with alternate pronunciations. [K] is “supposed to be a K but sounds like a G” and things in ()s are not said. “yake-i” has a dash because its length causes an extra beat, sounding yake-,i instead of like yakei/yake-.

Phantom Ensemble
Arrangement: estha
Vocal: mintea
Lyrics: mintea
Circle: XL Project
Event: C75
-last hope mix-
Album: the last hope
Event: C76

夜警の歌声と共に らせんの五線譜

Yake-i no utagoe to tomo ni rasen no gosenfu
[K]asanaru yu-yushiki melody (no) attack.

Together with the night-watch voices, our spiraling musical scores
Overlap in an alarming melody attack.

SingleShotでは もう足りない三重奏

Single Shot de wa mou tarinai sanjuusou
[K]asanaru yu-yushiki wa-on no trill.

Our instrumental trio, too much for a single shot
Overlaps in an alarming musical trill.

未来の計算式に 悲しみのバラッドを
悲愴なる現実に 雄大なカノンを

Mirai no keisanshiki ni Kanashimi no ballad wo
Hisou naru real ni Yuudai na canon wo

For the future’s mathematical equation, a sorrowful ballad
For our tragic reality, a magnificent canon

過去の御伽話に 憂鬱なるソナタを
気丈なる視線に 軽快ワルツを

Kako no otogibanashi ni Yuuutsu naru sonata wo
Kijou naru shisen ni Keikai waltz wo

For fairy tales of the past, a depressing sonata
For such a firm gaze, a lighthearted waltz

  1. YES!

    Thanks a lot~ I have been wondering about this song for so long! Now I know and I feel completed! ^___^ Thanks again!!

    • Mint
    • March 25th, 2011

    Oh gosh, I’ve been searching for these lyrics for ages! Thanks so much!

    By the way, do you think you can add the lyrics of ‘Seek for Destiny’?

    • I will add it to my list of things to do; it might be a little while before I get to it (I’ve had a couple of very busy weeks lately), but I’ll do my best ^_^

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