ForgoTTen World


Requested by Andvari78

One of the best of Tatara Kogasa’s themes I’ve heard in a while (。・x・)ゝ<b!.

Oh parallels, I love them, and I’m not even going to try to guess every angle, but I like how the lyrics fit both an umbrella, and a girl sold into prostitution. The sparkling fractured dream like a fractured mirror… why does danger sparkle so? It looks as if there’s the faintest of a hint of suicide near the end, but that like everything else is ambiguous.

ForgoTTen World
閉ざせし雲の通い路 |東方星蓮船
Vocal: ユリカ (Crest)
Lyric by Blue E / Arranged by 8STYLE
Circle: Sound Holic
Album: 星 -HOSHI-
Event: C78


Shut away, until my body began to rot, my thoughts dwelt upon
How I was so indecently exposed..


Though I sigh of how I was betrayed, it’s useless..
Though I cry of how I was deceived, it’s useless..


When I finally realized that there was no one out there
In the entire world to save me, I could at least calm down

虹を超えて踊り明かせば 私も愉快な心になれるだろう

If I were free, released out upon the edges of the sky,
The sound of these raindrops wouldn’t reach me would they?
If I could only cross over the rainbow and dance all night and into morning
 Wouldn’t I then be able to have a joyful heart?


When the melody I was humming came to an end
Only a pitiful voice would come tumbling out


Hiding my ripped and filthy scars
I put on a flattering and lovely face


Even though I knew no one would reach out their hand to me
I just kept pretending, acting with my smile

崩れかけた夢の彩り 滲んだら
風の中 流離えばいいだろう
虹の色が溶けて混ざれば いつかは愉快な言葉も浮かぶだろう

If only now as the colors of my collapsing dream bleed together
I could wander, here and there in the wind..
If the colors of the rainbow melted and mixed in with mine,
 Wouldn’t one day happy words find their way to me?

ああ 雨があがれば 忘れてしまうだろう 見向きもしないだろう
意味すら失くして… サヨナラ

Ah, when the rain lets up, they’ll forget all about me won’t they?
No one will even look at me; what meaning I have will be lost… farewell

ただ 答えを諦めたなら 私は
虹を渡り損ねたままの私も 愉快な歌を唄えるだろう

If I just stopped answering,
Couldn’t I hum to myself happily?
While I couldn’t cross over the rainbow,
 Can’t even I sing a song of happiness?

ああ 欠けた夢の罅割れ 輝く
危うさは なぜ煌くんだろう
虹が消えた寂しげな空 どうして愉快な幻 魅せるんだろう

Ah, the cracks in my fractured dream shine..
I wonder, why does danger sparkle so?
The sky feels so lonely with its rainbow gone;
 Why am I drawn in by such a happy illusion?

    • grooven
    • December 9th, 2010

    Great lyrics! Thanks for the translation. This was one of my favorite’s by SoundHolic this comiket!

    Which song should I request >.> so many out there…how about 邂逅Halation by C-CLAYS

    • exaltdragon
    • December 12th, 2010

    Not too sure about this one.. at times the vocalist’s voice seems to push beyond her reasonable range, distorting the melody of the song away from the original.. The song itself is nice but ah well it’s sound holic… still prefer the buta-otome acoustic version that was released at c78.

    • Yeah, I’ll agree with you that Buta-Otome’s version of the song’ll take the prize for the best; there’s a little bit of a strain, but it only really occurs on the highest note.

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