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the title is technically in English, but well, I doubt anyone would know what it meant right off the bat. “Aeternitas” is the goddess of eternity personified by both the phoenix, and the ouroboros (snake that lives by eating its tail forever), and “Ludology” is the study of games. Therefore, the title would mean “the eternal goddess’s game” basically. Life (and revenge) becomes nothing more than a game when you live forever.. etc.

Narration shifts from Kaguya-centric to Mokou-centric and back via colored text (italicized in the lyric booklet)

Kaguya’s name means “shining night”

The narrative makes more sense if you don’t bind yourself to thinking of it in time order. It’s not really sequential, but “eternalized” or generalized.

Arrangement & Performance: IRON-CHINO & Minus Ion
Event: M3-24 & 東方紅楼夢5

もの言わぬ満月(フルムーン) 静まる竹林(にわ)
差し込む月光が照らす 一人の少女

Beneath an unspeaking moon, in a quiet bamboo garden
The wind’s song rustles, making itself known
Where a shower of moonlight illuminates a single girl

炎を纏って 滴る血が溶ける
あたりを包む 紅い蜃気楼 思わず「 」

Clothed in flame her dripping blood melts,
A scarlet heat mirage all about her – without a thought, “…”

傷ついた頬を歪め 嘲笑う
紅い瞳 虚ろに揺れ 崩れ落ちた

“I came this way because I smelled blood”
Her wounded cheek distorts in a scowl, and
Her crimson eyes sway in emptiness, before collapsing

…今でも思うよ あの日の、夜のこと。
小さな肩に 背負う大きな業が、痛い。

…I think about it even now, that day, that night
With such a great and painful karma held upon such tiny shoulders.

いつも 遠くばかりを見て いつも 誰か探しているね
ああ こんなにも澄んだ月夜に

Always looking far away, always searching for someone
Ah, with such a clear night as this
All might burn away in conflagration..

天(そら)から舞い降りる 不死の火の鳥よ
いのちの火が 灯り、消えてまた灯りゆく
昂る鼓動と狂気 生きる理由を頂戴
長すぎた歳月(とき)は 私を壊して蝕んだ

O bird of the immortal flame, descending from the heavens
Your life flame burns, exhausts, and ignites anew
Rising pulse and insanity, give me a reason to live!
My time, far too long, has destroyed me… eaten me away..

過去もひとり 明日もひとり

Before, you were alone; tomorrow again you will be alone
If you say you don’t need anyone
Then don’t look at me with such sad eyes!

『これはつまり 生きた証 忘れぬための 刻印』

Your silver hair is cut very nicely, I say and laugh;
“That’s only an imprint, proof that I’m still alive, so I don’t forget”

私も人間だったよ 奪い、失い、戻らない刻
私だって一人だったよ だからもう、傷つけたくない!

I was human once too! A time stolen, lost, that we can’t return to
I’ve also been alone, but I don’t want to hurt you anymore!

天(そら)から降り注ぐ 焼ける血の涙
無の恐怖に叫ぶ 心を乱す輝く夜に
死に場所を探しても 死ぬこともできず
還りたくても 還る場所はもう見つからない

From the sky rains burning tears of blood
I scream in fear of nothingness, in a shining night that shakes my heart
Even if I search for a place to die, I can’t die
Even if I want to return, I can’t find anywhere to return to anymore

生きることの苦しみと ついえることの喜び

This pain in living and joy in exhaustion
If my end won’t ever come for all eternity
Then is my revenge no more than a game?

懐かしい声が呼ぶ ひとり 振り返る
優しい風だけが 零れた涙拭い、消えた

Called by a nostalgic voice, she turns around
Only the gentle wind, wiping away her overflowing tears, disappeared

狂った月明かり 妖(あやかし)に変わろう
守るものが増えた 「指一本触れさせはしない。」

The crazed moonlight, will change you into a monster
The ones I have to protect have increased “I won’t let anyone lay a finger on you.”

― 久遠 抱えて ―

– Carrying Eternity –

    • Ysen
    • November 30th, 2010

    Thanks for the translations!

    • exaltdragon
    • December 2nd, 2010

    Hell yeah IRON ATTACK! Mostly prefer the instrumental stuff but this is great too.

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