stray whisper taker

^Not Reimu, (have no idea who she is), but looks sort of like Reimu.

Anyway, Alice Maestra doesn’t beg a specific character, though I naturally think of Reimu. (Edit: This is apparently Nekoruru from “Samurai Shodown” [sic], via tags on the Pixiv page ^_^)

Requested by: kotohime26

I’d like to think of the “straying song” as something that inspires doubt or shakes faith, once you learn it there’s no going back, and if you try to throw it away, you’re only disappointed. Considering the title, “stray whisper taker” the “straying song” could be just stray whispers. I put “straying song” really because I couldn’t think of anything else that worked well enough, but rather than a song that is “lost”, it makes others lost.

The outro sounds like:
“Going away, at least my stay there…” / “Going away, at least my story…”?
but don’t take my word for it.

Edit: someone suggested “Alice Maestra” and well, it can’t be anything else can it?

Edit: Fixed a couple of transcription issues, and added romaji ^_^ (2010/11/26 22.06)

stray whisper taker
歌:  綾倉盟
編曲・歌詞: 隣人
Circle: Cytokine
Album: voice blinded color
Event: C78

そっと 願ったはず 誰も気づかないくらいに
だけど戻れないよ 遠くまで来てしまったよ

Sotto negatta hazu dare mo kidzukanai kurai ni
Dakedo modorenai yo tooku made kiteshimatta yo

I should have wished it in secret, now one should have realized
But I can’t go back now, I’ve already come so far

何を信じたらいい? 誰を信じたらいい?
ただ過ぎ去る景色 掴むには早すぎて

Nani wo shinjitara ii? Dare wo shinjitara ii?
Tada sugisaru keshiki tsukamu ni wa hayasugite

What should I believe in? Who should I believe in?
The landscape just keeps racing by, too fast to grab hold of

逆さに 確かに 切り取る パノラマ
あのまま そのまま 色あせる事もないままに

Sakasa ni tashika ni kiritoru panorama
Ano mama sono mama iroaseru koto mo nai mama ni

It cuts away, inverting, precise.. this panorama
It stays that way, this way, without ever fading

合わせ鏡が 映す 迷い歌

Kokoro wa doko made
Zankoku ni nareru no ka
Awase kagami ga utsusu mayoiuta

How far will my heart
Grow used to such cruelty?
Facing the mirror it reflects a straying song

失う視界 望む “またいつか”

Kokoro wa koko made
Zankoku ni nareru no ka
Ushinau shikai nozomu “mata itsuka”

Has my heart grown this
Accustomed to cruelty?
I wish for the world I’ve lost sight of, “again, one day…”

行き先知れず あの日 迷い歌

Nani mo iranakute
Dakedo kanashikute
Yukisaki shirezu ano hi mayoiuta

I don’t need anything
And yet I’m so sad
I didn’t know the way that one day, that straying song

軋み始める そうか また間違えたんだ…

Kotoba no doko ka e
Yasashisa wo motometara
Kishimihajimeru sou ka mata machigaetanda…

When I looked for kindness
Somewhere in words
Things begin to grate; so I was wrong, again…?

欲しくない物ばかり 集めてしまうんだよ
望んだわけじゃないよ 目覚めの悪い夢のようだ

Hoshikunai mono bakari atsumeteshimaundayo
Nozonda wake ja nai yo mezame no warui yume no you da

I just keep gathering things I don’t want
I didn’t wish for this! It’s like waking up to a nightmare

まどろむ時間に 終わりを告げたら

Madoromu jikan ni owari wo tsugetara

When the end comes as I sleep..

遠くても それでいいよ
遠くても それがいいよ

Tookutemo sore de ii yo
Tookutemo sore ga ii yo

Even if it’s so far away, that’s alright
Even if it’s so far away, I’d rather it be


Kanawanu omoi to shitteitanda
Sono me wa nani mo utsusanai to

I knew my wishes wouldn’t come true
That there would be nothing in those eyes

あの日の声が 笑う 迷い歌

Kokoro wa doko made
Zankoku ni nareru no ka
Ano hi no koe ga waru mayoiuta

How far will my heart
Grow used to such cruelty?
That one day I heard laughing, that straying song

壊れる世界 望む “またいつか”

Kokoro wa doko made
Zankoku ni nareru no ka
Kowareru sekai nozomu “mata itsuka”

How far will my heart
Grow used to such cruelty?
I wish for my crumbling world, “again, one day…”

行き先知れず 捨てた 迷い歌

Nani mo shiranakute
Dakara ureshikute
Yukisaki shirezu suteta mayoiuta

Knowing nothing
I was happy..
I didn’t know the way, but threw away that straying song

軋み始める そうか また間違えたんだ…

Kokoro no doko e ka e
Tadashisa wo motometara
Kishimihajimeru sou ka mata machigaetanda…

When I looked for truth
Somewhere within my heart
Things begin to grate; so I was wrong, again…?


    • Nijiru
    • November 26th, 2010

    I’m hearing a line between ‘It cuts away, inverted, precise.. this panorama’ and the next verse. No idea what is it, though.

    • Ah, you’re right – fixing now – I grabbed the lyrics from a site instead of typing them up myself from the booklets this time :/

      Made a few fixes, and I just remembered that romaji was requested for this too D:

      I guess this teaches me to not cut corners D: oh well.

        • Nijiru
        • November 26th, 2010

        Thanks for the romanji. Not that good at reading kana yet.

    • Yeah, it can take a while to move away from romaji – I just don’t like it because it isn’t very consistent, and the standards available for it are rather weak, so I and others don’t like to use them…

      But especially for kanji it can be a pain if you don’t know the reading or it could be multiple possibilities (like in the titles D:)

      So I just pretend everyone has those plugin reading attaching thing-ys (like rikai-chan or something?) on their browsers…. though I figure most people would rather me put romaji on everything, but it gets busy on the page sometimes, and I’m lazy… and… >.>

      Yeah, it all comes down to the fact that I’m lazy. ._.

        • Nijiru
        • November 26th, 2010

        Well, I am slowly learning more kana over time, mainly timing what I see in the lyrics you post compared to what I hear in the song off Youtube. I’ve actually learnt a few kanji this way as well.

        Maybe next term in uni I’ll drop back to 3 classes and take up JAPN 101 again, and actually study this time. :P

    • Patchuu
    • November 27th, 2010

    the character in the top picture looks like Nakoruru – the girl with the bird/eagle from Samurai Shodown

  1. A nice song I would say. :)

    Dropping by with another request. Can I request a translation for Star Dust?


    Thank you.

    • Swirly
    • November 28th, 2010

    It kinda sounds like she’s saying “Going away now, Alice Maestra” at the end.

    There needs to be more Alice Maestra arranges. It’s one of my favourite PC-98 tunes.

    Thank you for translating. <:

      • brian
      • November 29th, 2010

      Linjin made an instrumental arrangement of Alice Maestera on the album “±PM”

      Check out ±PM if you can: it’s all instrumental arrangements of select PC-98 Touhou songs.

    • Andvari78
    • November 29th, 2010

    Damn this song is awesome, but I’m reluctant to get the whole album since I don’t like Linjin’s solo stuff as much as his works at SOUND HOLIC.

    I have a request for three songs:
    ruby and aquamarine (Ruby and Aquamarine [OER-0005] track #01)
    ForgoTTen World (星 -HOSHI- [SDHC-0022] track #11)
    瞬瞳的刹那 (SWING HOLIC vol. 5 [SWHC-0005] track #09)

    • Yeah, in my opinion over all he’s pretty average, but then he’ll come out with a couple of awesome things now and then. I’ll add them to my queue but I’m getting a little behind ^_^;

  2. Nice to see some “Alice Maestra” love around ;)
    Can I request the translation of さくらセンチメンタル from the album Replica*?

    Thank you :3

    • kotohime26
    • December 8th, 2010


    The lyrics seem pretty simple and all, character who wakes up in a cruel world and doesn’t like it (maybe a Windows Reimu who yearns back for the PC-98 times?:O). But cute.=)
    I requested the romaji because I want to sing along with it.xD

    Again, thanks for all your work :3

    • Pouf
    • June 4th, 2011

    thx you so much for this !

    • Katri
    • April 23rd, 2012

    I think in the end she sings “alice maestra”

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