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加速する恋は誰も止められない // Kasoku Suru Koi wa Dare mo Tomerarenai

Requested by: TasteTea

The beat for the song combined with the tone in the vocals makes this a great song. That sort of urging, intoxicated sound in a voice… I’d love to hear that more often.

“Unknowing” of others – it’s ironic because she can see into the consciousness of others, but strangely enough because of that, she hasn’t been able to grow to understand people (like I suppose Koishi has).

It’s a little hard to grasp each bit otherwise, so I put it in first person (though some parts really aren’t)

I imagine the “proof” as marriage. All the “longing to be one” required me to put Satori slapping 罪 at the end. :P

 Kasoku Suru Koi wa Dare mo Tomerarenai
 No One Can Stop This Accelerating Love
少女さとり~3rd eye|東方地霊殿
Circle: 幽閉サテライト
Album: 色は匂えど散りぬるを
Event: Reitaisai SP

加速する恋は 誰も止められない


忌み嫌われた ヒトを知らぬ私に
愛される憧れは 罪なのですか?

Is it such a sin for me, despised and
“Unknowing” of others, to long for love?

信じ合うことも 臆病で
真の絆を 確かめる

Both of us might break at any moment
Even our trust in each other is cowardly
This impatience to become one
Confirms our true bonds

もう加速する恋は 誰も止められない


熱くなる視線 『ちくり』と心刺す
嘘を暴く瞳さえも 適わない

Hot stares prick and stab my heart
Even these eyes which tell all lies, simply are no match

抱き合う喜び くれるのに

I’m worried that even loving words
We should have been able to rely on, don’t work
This impatience to become one…
We could embrace such happiness!!

愛しすぎたゆえ 臆病で
抱き合う『証』を 永遠に…

Both of us might break at any moment
We loved too much, and cowardly
In this impatience to become one
We embraced a “proof” for all eternity…

^I couldn’t resist.