二色蓮花蝶 // Niiro Renka Chou

Requested by: ExaltDragon

Let’s get back to doing what I can do!
(I started drawing for around 8 hours, the result gradually getting worse and worse and worse until I tore it up into itty bitty pieces. D: Though I’ll attest it was pretty about 2 hours in.)

Update: Originally mistyped the title as 二色蓮華蝶 instead of 二色蓮花蝶. D: Fixed it now – thanks!

“Dichromatic” and “Bichromatic” both work, but while dichromatic has more authority as an English word, dichromatic is often used to refer to “two colors instead of the usual three” (red/green/blue), and thus actually can describe something that shows more than two colors. Therefore, since the colors are “red and white” I’m going with “bichromatic”.

 Niiro Renka Chou
 Bichromatic Lotus Butterfly
二色蓮花蝶~Ancients|蓬莱人形~Dolls in Pseudo Paradise
Vocals: Ichigo
Arrange: Everyone
Lyrics: Kisida
Circle: Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets / Studio K2
Album: Rolling★Star
Event: Reitaisai 7

今だけは 止めてしまってもいい
浮かべながら 漂う思考抱いても

Even if I embrace my drifting thoughts
Floating in a logical fantasy
It’ll be fine if I stop
These wavering emotions of mine

瞬間の闘争が 支配する式の
最適解を探し 終わらせていくだけ

I’m just trying to get to the end, searching for the solution
To this equation set up in this moment’s strife


But having found this world’s reason
All I need to do is sing and let its logic ring
The wind of tomorrow is plunging straight down
So all I need to do is surrender myself to it

回路図を描くような 軌跡の果て

I don’t need to see what lies at the end of this arc
Tracing its way along like a circuit diagram

瞬間の終わり際 去来する思い
この先にあるものは 無意味だとしても

Even if what lies ahead is meaningless, my thoughts come and go
Across the edge of the end of this moment

この世界の 理を信じるように
見据えた方へ 歩き続けるだけでいい
昨日の風を 掴みとってしまえるなら
たった一つに 全てを託してもいい

I’m content just walking on towards the end of my gaze
Trusting in this world’s reason
I’m I’m able to take hold of the wind of yesterday
I can entrust my everything to one

組み上げてきた過去が 逆説の証明
正解だけの連鎖が 赤と白に混ざる

My past up until now is a paradoxical proof
The chain of right answers mixes red and white


But having found this world’s reason
All I need to do is sing and let its logic ring
The wind of tomorrow is plunging straight down
So all I need to do is surrender myself to it

    • exaltdragon
    • November 23rd, 2010

    Thanks for the translation! The title should be Niiro Renka Chou though… see http://www.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Shuusou_Gyoku:_Other

    • Fixed! I mistyped the title, using 華 instead of 花 too. XD Sorry about that.

        • exaltdragon
        • November 24th, 2010

        I am just curious as to why sometimes they use 華 and sometimes 花? Is there a difference between the two writings? the 華 way of writing appears quite a few times too..(with both “ka”, “ge”, and “hana” readings) Yet 花 also appears all over the place but is mostly read as “hana”

    • 花 and 華 are both spelled hana, and both have ka and ke(ge) readings, (though personally I’ve never seen “ge” used with 花). Strictly speaking 花 is the more basic “flower”, while 華, which means flower also has a Chinese connotation and also therefore a Buddhist connotation (because Buddhism came to Japan through China), which is not always but sometimes used. 中華 “chuuka” (as in 中華料理) means “China”, and was employed as a “positive” adjective. 蓮華 “renge” which means lotus flower (heavily used in Buddhism) uses 華. (The flower without the Buddhist connotation is usually just 蓮 (hasu)).

      On rare occasion the lotus flower is written with 花, sometimes to distance itself from 華’s other connotations or focus more on the “flower” meaning.

      According to ZUN’s notes you posted earlier, he was going for a distinctly Japanese style for the song, where 華 in the title would lend itself to China. Also, he said he pictured the song as sort of playing a role in 花札 (floral patterned playing cards). Finally, when 蓮花 is pronounced “renka” it has the same pronunciation as 恋歌 “love song”.

      ZUN like NISIOISIN cares a lot about titles and names and character order etc, so he probably did it purposefully.

      Hope that answered your question ^_^

        • exaltdragon
        • November 24th, 2010

        Thanks for your enlightening explanation. At least within Touhou I’ve never seen 花 with the ke/ge reading. Although with 華 it seems all 3 are pretty common.

        Wow, did ZUN say all that? Somehow I don’t quite associate Hanafuda with Reimu but I can see how love song would fit in with her… Did he specifically say he wanted a Japanese feel for niiro renka chou?

        Interesting thing about ZUN liking NISIOISIN, I notice they both try to code meaning into the nomenclature of the characters… Where did you find out that ZUN likes him?

        Thanks again for shedding light o n this..

    • ZUN, like NISIOISIN, ie – he, similar to NISIOISIN, XD should have put a comma in there. But I don’t know, a lot of people like NISIOISIN; he is awesome, after all.

      But yeah, ZUN said he specifically was going for a Japanese feel to the song, I don’t know much about hanafuda myself so I don’t know exactly what he meant when he said “like a role in hanafuda” but it’s interesting all the same.

      This is why I like the Renko/Merry CDs, because there’s a story or feel in mind with a lot of the songs he writes.

  1. Nice I’m not the only one that like Studio K2 stuff :)

    • I imagine they’d be fun to see in concert. They sort of “feel” that way. ^_^

        • exaltdragon
        • November 24th, 2010

        Too bad there wasn’t a Flowering Night this year though..

  2. exaltdragon :
    Too bad there wasn’t a Flowering Night this year though..

    You there is some kind of music festival called Flowering Night ? or ?

    • Yep, it’s a Touhou heavy metal rock festival. [flowering night HP] Last one was last year.

        • exaltdragon
        • November 26th, 2010

        Well, it’s more than heavy metal I think. There’s jazz with S.O.S.(sound of swing), pop-rock with COOL&CREATE; Sekkenya; Kisida Kyodan and the Akeboshi Rockets, only CROW’SCLAW is truly heavy metal.

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