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As For Myself

I think I’ve exhausted all the Elly pictures I like that I can find on the internet, so I’m going to use Meiling for this, but don’t forget this mixes Elly’s theme in too!

With the amount of mixes he’s done of it, Masayoshi Minoshima’s favorite theme ever has got to be 明治十七年の上海アリス, and I don’t blame him.

Requested by: brian

As for myself, I’m voting for time travel! Or you know, figurative time travel. >.> It’s a cool thought, picking yourself up in a dream, thinking it’s someone else, searching for this someone else, only to find out that the person you saw was really you, yourself. Expecto Patronum! (ok, now that that’s out of my system)

As For Myself
霊戦~Perdition Crisis|東方幻想郷
Vocal: mican*
Arranged and Composed by Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyrics: Haruka
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: The Brilliant Flowers
Event: Kouroumu 5

遥か遠く見ていた 君の瞳追い続け
遠回りしていても きっと君にたどり着く
季節が巡る中で すぐに見つけられるから

I’ll continue to chase after your eyes I saw looking from far in the distance
I’ll keep reaching out to you, so that you never disappear
Even if I have to take the long way around, I’ll surely make it to your side
Though the seasons change again and again, I will find you

赤い雪のよう 紅葉は散った
私を包んで 一人じゃないよと
悲しい過去を 胸に隠してた
過ぎる時の中 そっと目蓋閉じて

Like a red snow, autumn leaves drift in the wind
They wrap around me, telling me I’m not alone
I’ve hidden a sorrowful past deep within my heart
As time passes me by, I gently close my eyes

白い雪が降りゆく そんな季節貴方に出会えた
夢の中にいるよう そうね私達せ得られた?
振り向いたらそこには 膝を抱え泣いてる私が
今ならば手を伸ばし ここにおいで伝えるわ

I met you one season when white snow was falling
I was if I was dreaming, had someone really reached out to me?
Turning around, there I saw myself hugging my knees and crying
Now I could reach out my hand and say, “come here”

遥か遠い思い出 もう悲しくなんかない
いつか手を伸ばしてた 今は握りしめたまま
膝を抱え泣いてた あの時の私はもう
見えなくなっていたの 笑顔で手を振っていた

These far distant memories don’t sadden me anymore
I reached my hand out to you, and now I hold it tight
I had lost sight of myself, who I was back then
Hugging my knees and crying, but now I can wave with a smile

降りゆく雪は 二人を包んだ
貴方が微笑む 一人じゃないよと
悲しい過去は いつか消えてたの
この先の道は そうね瞳向けて

The falling snow embraced us both
You smiled and said, you’re not alone
My sorrowful past had by then disappeared
Now I look to the road ahead of me

白い雪が降りゆく そんな季節夢から見えた?
少しずつ変わりゆく 自分自身今ならわかるわ
振り向いたらそこには 膝を抱え泣いてる私が
今ならば手を伸ばし ここにおいで伝えるわ

Was it that season, the white snow falling, all a dream?
As for myself I know now that slowly I’m changing
Turning around, there I saw myself hugging my knees and crying
Now I could reach out my hand and say, “come here”

東の国のワルツ // Higashi no Kuni no Waltz

Requested by: Makoto Sawatari

If you are unfamiliar with the duality between Maribel Hearn and Yukari Yakumo, I suggest you read up on it ^_^. You can read some of my translations of Maribel and Renko’s talks etc. Also, though fan art and such never really depict this, Yukari is nocturnal (like a bat! :F). It’s for this reason she doesn’t come out until nightfall in Immaterial and Missing power, in Perfect Cherry Blossom, etc. You can also say the same of Imperishable Night and Subterranean Animism, and also, Yukari’s nocturnal-ness is supported by Akyuu.

Transient things traditionally in Japanese culture are considered beautiful by nature of their very transience.

The line “For even this pain I’ve lost at day break will surely be able to smile” personifies pain. You can think of it as being able to smile in/with the pain. But even though it doesn’t seem to make much sense, the original personifies it, and you can think of “pain” as Yukari, a part of Maribel.

 Higashi no Kuni no Waltz
 Waltz of the Eastern Country
ネクロファンタジア|東方妖々夢~Perfect Cherry Blossom
Vocals: ランコ
Arrangement: コンプ
Lyrics: ランコの姉
Circle: 豚乙女
Album: 幻想ホモ・ルーデンス
Event: M3-25

ひかる真珠ひとつぶ 金の糸にとおして

A single shining pearl I string upon a golden thread
And turn my ear to listen to a singing voice on the night wind
My heart, hidden away in sleep
Plays in a far away world

たましいの 奏でる音色は
明日には おとした涙はおそらへかえすから

This tone playing in my soul
Fades away so quickly, and is thus, beautiful
For tomorrow I’ll return the tears I’ve let fall to the sky

われた珊瑚ひとつぶ 金の布にくるんで

A single piece of broken coral I wrap in a golden cloth
And turn my ear to listen to the sounds of rice plants waving
My heart, hidden away in waking
Dreams of the eastern country where I was born

あのこの笑顔 うすれてく

Tying this ribbon that has come undone
All smiles here and there begin to fade

たましいの ゆらめく銀河は
夜明けには なくした痛みもきっと笑えるから

This galaxy wavering in my soul
Lingers so distant, and is thus, beautiful
For even this pain I’ve lost at day break will surely be able to smile

明日には おとした涙はお空へかえすから

For tomorrow I’ll return the tears I’ve let fall to the sky