メルト // Melt

ryo // supercell’s made quite a few amazing Hatsune Miku tracks, and this may be his most famous one, though if you’re not familiar with supercell, he also made Black★Rock Shooter, World is Mine, Koi wa Sensou (“Love is War”)… and one of my favorite songs of all time, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (Bakemonogatari ED)… I hope that rang some bells :D

Anyway, Enjoy ^_^

[sm2625011] らぶデス2’s MMD Video
[sm1715919] Original Nico Post (w/ download link for the song)
[supercell’s site]

Apparently this is on supercell’s album supercell now, but it’s not on mine o.o;


朝 目が覚めて
真っ先に思い浮かぶ 君のこと
思い切って 前髪を切った
「どうしたの?」って 聞かれたくて

In the morning I wake up
And the first thing I think about is you
I get up and cut my bangs determinedly
I hope you’ll ask me about it

ピンクのスカート お花の髪飾り
さして 出かけるの
今日の私は かわいいのよ!

I put on a pink skirt and a flower hair decoration,
Then out I go,
Today I’m cute!!

メルト 溶けてしまいそう
好きだなんて 絶対にいえない… だけど
メルト 目も合わせられない
恋に恋なんてしないわ わたし
だって 君のことが …好きなの

Melt, I feel like I could melt
“I love you,” there’s no way I could say that!.. but
Melt, I can’t even face you
I’m definitely not in “love with being in love”..
Because.. well… I love you.

天気予報が ウソをついた
カバンに入れたままの オリタタミ傘 うれしくない
ためいきをついた そんなとき

The weather reporter lied!
Rain is coming down in torrents
I left my fold-up umbrella in my bag! I’m not happy about this..
I sighed, and in that moment,

隣にいる きみが笑う

“Well no helping it, why don’t you share with me?”
You said right beside me, smiling
Then I heard the sound of me falling head over heels, in love.

メルト 息がつまりそう
君に触れてる右手が 震える
高鳴る胸 はんぶんこの傘
手を伸ばせば届く距離 どうしよう…!
想いよ届け 君に

Melt, it’s getting harder to breathe
My right hand on yours is shaking..
My heart is beating hard – we’re sharing an umbrella!
You’re so close I could just reach out and touch you.. what am I going to do!?
Please let my feelings reach you!

お願い時間を止めて 泣きそうなの
でも嬉しくて 死んでしまうわ!

I wish time would stop, I feel like I’m about to cry!
But I’m so happy I could die!!

メルト 駅に着いてしまう…
もう会えない 近くて 遠いよ だから
メルト 手をつないで歩きたい!
今すぐ わたしを抱きしめて!

Melt, we’ve made it to the station…
We won’t meet again – we’re so close but so far…
Melt, I want to walk with you and hold hands!
Why do I have to say goodbye now!?
Hug me right now!!
…Like I could say those things…

  1. It’s a good song but you are kinda late on this one.. but this is certainly a famous song!

    • Hahaha, yeah I know I’m beyond late – on this one especially – I’m just sort of reminiscing. Sometimes I hear something and just want to go back and look at the lyrics more closely, and end up translating it, because that’s sort of what I do.

      I’m not as amazing a miku fan as miku fans go: I’m not really much up to date and most of my miku music is rather old, but I do like her, so instead of finishing up a request (don’t worry I never forget them ^_-), doing something new, or something on my backlog (like finishing all of ENS for instance), sometimes I just do something fun – usually something I tried to translate a long time ago when I really couldn’t do it properly, or something I used to listen to a lot, every now and again it’s something I’ve discovered or rediscovered.

      Anyway, I’d better stop before I sound too pretentious. (・x・)
      My excuse’ll be that Miku’s been in the news recently!

      Though the next and probably last thing on my Miku list is なんということでしょう, which will finish up my old Miku favorites, and because I love Shibayan (who also does Touhou stuff) to death. — Will probably finish my current request queue first though ヽ(╹ε╹)ノ

      • Yeah, I used to be very much into the vocaloid songs too, but now I listen nearly exclusively to Touhou music. I do get the urge to go back, now and then, to the old nico hits though… But currently not in touch with the newer vocaloid songs..

    • Belisaria
    • November 13th, 2010

    Ohhh, Melt~ Your translation makes the lyrics even more cute than ever <3 Thanks a lot!
    Supercell is love. <3 I agree, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari is absolutely beautiful, it's gotta be in my favorites too.

  2. This is the second of my favourite Miku songs I’ve checked on your list, the first being Time Limit. Too bad I’m coming into my Vocaloid phase after you’ve already finished yours, but if you’re still willing to do translations for them, we’ll be talking a fair bit. ;)
    Just a note…seeing as you liked Time Limit enough to do a translation, I wonder if you’ve heard the rest of North-T’s album, “Interlude”. I have a feeling you’d like it. :)

    • The very reason I translated “Time Limit” was that after listening to “Interlude” on loop for an eternity, I thought – “I should probably translate one of these songs…” ^^

      I’ve been wanting to get back into Miku music – but it’s expanded so much it’s daunting now, where to begin!?

        • MikuManiacal
        • September 3rd, 2013

        No question the sheer volume of material would make any “completionist” attempt at catching up out of the question. I only discovered Vocaloids a few months ago, so I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available, but I’m looking at that as a wondrous new world to be explored, rather than an arduous climb to the summit. ;)
        That being said, I keep running into songs that have yet to be translated, (the bulk of North-T’s among them) most likely because they got lost amidst the tens of thousands out there. or may not fit the traditional Vocaloid mold, and I’d like to remedy that to some extent, so with that in mind, and if you’re willing, I’d like to engage your services.
        I read your blurb about translations as well as your suggested fee for service and happen to think it’s extremely reasonable, so if you’re up for it, drop me a line on any of my contact points, or in this thread and we’ll get started. :)

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