Cheek Colours


This song really deserves a big ascii picture of Rumia going そーなのかー!! Sadly, I can’t find one at the moment. When そーなのかー comes around, I put in a “Hmm~” so think of a cute little girl suddenly realizing something that’s obvious, but still not quite getting it. Kind of like そーなんだ! just a little different.

I was very, very tempted to write this in web-speak.

So, anyway, prelude to encountering Reimu? Right when she thinks she’s got her prey, oh well – poor hungry Rumia.

Requested by: Kizoku-chan

Cheek Colours
編曲:Masayoshi Minoshima
サークル:Alstroemeria Records


Floating around in the twilight of a crimson mist, I wander here and there
Should I eat some of those righteous people that walk about at night? Hmm~ I wonder~
Even the moonlight’s colored crimson,
Like a ground cherry!

Ah Moonlight ray from dark night.
Crimson soul like a cheek.


The truth is, I can’t see anything either!
Here in this red misted night
I’m just walking,
Just walking along,
Manipulating darkness

お腹が空いたから食べる 目的はないけど彷徨う
私何したい? わからないままよ
紅魔の闇の中1人 ここから離れたい気はない 夜に漂う

I’m hungry, I really should eat something, but I really don’t know what to eat!
Hmm~ What should I do? I don’t really know!
Alone in this crimson misted darkness, I really don’t feel like leaving, so I’ll just float~

暗闇の中では見えないのね そーなのかー
月と夜と闇で包まれる君は ここを抜け出せない

Even if I look about at the crimson misted scenery,
Since I’m in a patch of darkness, I can’t see! Hmm~ So that’s what it was!
Wrapped in by the moon and night and darkness, you’re not going anywhere!

Ah Moonlight ray from dark night.
Crimson soul like a cheek.

  1. Aww thanks for the translation *w* this song is really cute~ (and creepy~ Rumia is such a greedy) >w<

    I forget to add another request ; ; a vocal of Parsee's themes, very peaceful ^-^ thanks in advance~

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