Le Cirque de Sept Couleurs

^This picture is perfect, even to the black-rock-shooter-type burning eyes!

Unlucky Morpheus reminds me of Kuroneko’s taste in Anime in OreImo…

Requested by: YSen

(Also, don’t worry Andvari78, I haven’t forgotten I’ve still got one of your requests waiting!)

“Many colors” is actually five colors, I said “many” because five would contradict with seven later on in the song, and five colors can be taken as a generic “many”.
Pierrot means clown in French, as there’s already a ton of French words in this song, thought I might as well use this one. Pronounced Pi-e-ro-.
Harlequin or “alrequin” in French means basically comedic actor. (There’s another definition as well, but it doesn’t really apply.)
シルカシェン (“shirukashen”) is another French word that apparently means actor. I only have Japanese sources to back me up on this one because I couldn’t find a transcription of the word. One place equates Archer from Fate/Stay Night to one. Because I can’t find the proper equivalent word, I went ahead and used “avatar” because I think it fits in this case.

Romaji added: 2011-2-13, requested by Zesan

Le Cirque de Sept Couleurs
 The Circus of Seven Colors
Vocals: Fuki
Everything Else: yuki
Circle: Unlucky Morpheus
Album: Jealousy
Event: Touhou Spiral Tea Party

ああ 五色の道化師 踊れアリス

Aa goshiki no doukeshi odore Alice
Karisome no rakuen ni maiorita shoujo

Now enters Alice dancing, a pierrot of many colors!
She alights in paradise, a false Eden!

業火の箱庭 人ならぬ道に生まれ
天命に背く 操る糸の先のアルルカン

Gouka no hakoniwa hito naranu michi ni umare
Tenmei ni somuku kuru ito no saki no alrequin

Here in an enclosed garden of Hellfire she is born upon an inhuman path!
Turning against the heavens, a harlequin on the end of a puppet’s wire!

開幕の音が 響いている

Kaimaku no ne ga hibiiteiru

Now listen as the curtain rises!

燃えてなお矢を放つ 眠りにつくまで

Norowareta sadame ni idomu shoujo
Mayonaka no sangeki wo hayasu mashou
Tatakai no art wo tsumugu doll
Moete nao ya wo hanatsu nemuri ni tsuku made

This young girl challenges her accursed fate
Set in the forefront of a devilish midnight tragedy
She commands her dolls fighting as it were art
Burning, now open the gates of battle, until all is laid to rest!

魔の者の証 目交いに宿すシルカシェン

Ma no mono no akashi manakai ni yadosu shirukashen

The proof of her magic dwells in the glance of her avatars

相容れぬ種の 火花散らし

Aiirenu shu no hibana chirashi

As conflicting races of beings clash, sparks fly

ああ 破壊の輪舞曲を舞い踊る
聖母のように抱き締めて 力尽きるまで

Nagasugiru inochi wo kogasu shoujo
Adokenai omozashi wa tsuki no gishou
Aa hakai no rondo wo maiodoru
Seibo no you ni dakishimete chikara tsukiru made

This young girl burns with a life far too long
Upon her innocent face the moon smiles in jest
She dancing a rondo of destruction,
Embraces it all like the holy mother, until her strength all fails!

顔の無い主の 招く声が――

Kao no nai shu no maneku koe ga–

Their faceless master calls…

ああ この世は誰もが一人舞台
ああ 絵本のとびらを開いたなら

Aa kono yo ha dare mo ga hitori butai
Sorezore no unmei wo enjiteiru
Aa ehon no tobira wo hiraita nara
Kami yori mo tsuyoku natte ai ni yuku wa

“No matter how many people there are
This world has a stage set for each one to play their fates
Now that I’ve opened the gate through this picture book
I’ll grow more powerful than god and go out to meet you!”

七色の人形 少女アリス
その胸に灼き付けて 生まれ変わるまで

Nanairo no ningyou shoujo Alice
Nozomu nara saigo made enjimashou
Gou no mi wo ayatsuru mono wa dare?
Sono mune ni yakitsukete umare kawaru made

The young girl Alice, this seven colored puppet
“If you so wish, we’ll play on until the very end”
Who controls the body of this actress –
A fire blazing in her heart until the one day she will be reborn?

    • Zesan
    • February 13th, 2011

    Could you do the romaji for this as well, if you don’t mind?

    • Zesan
    • February 13th, 2011

    Thank you very much!

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