First song translation from Kouroumu 6 (紅楼夢6):D

Trivia, the lyrics are mixed up in the booklet – so the RIA lyrics are actually under Pandemic.

By the way, here’s what I see even though it’s a little more complicated than that: Utsuho trips. NUCLEAR WINTER! It’s a scary thought..

Alcor is a binary star system that moves with the Mizar star system, forming a group of six stars.
You can pick up some of the circumstances of Utsuho obtaining the powers of the Yatagarasu(八咫烏)
You can replace Nihility with “nothingness”, it’s just those symbols are the ones used in Nihilism, so… yeah. It sounds cool too, don’t you think?
Amaterasu is the sun goddess (whom the Emperor is said to descend from), there is a certain myth where she locks herself away in a subterranean cave plunging the world into darkness.

144cm should be the size of the Yatagarasu, given yata is ~144cm.. I guess it’s something you can pick up.

^sung in the middle, basically: ah, my voice climb into the sky..
The other non-written parts, in the beginning and end are a little too muddled to make out, but I imagine they’re similar, about mixing and melting and burning and climbing radiation etc.etc..

 Radiation Indicator Alarm
霊知の太陽信仰~Nuclear Fusion
Arranged / kaztora, eba
Lyric / azuki
Vocal / lily-an (Background: Peko)
Circle / Liz Triangle
Album / B2
Event / Kouroumu 6

日の沈む地霊に 命を投げ捨てる
拾うものは一羽の鳥 心音のミステリアス

Hi no shizumu chirei ni inochi wo nagesuteru
Hirou mono wa ichiwa no tori shin’on no mysterious

As I throw away my life to the subterranean spirits intersecting the sinking sun
I pick up in my hands a single bird, and my heartbeat turns mysterious

翼広げ夜の世界 戻れない旅
視界歪む 灰色の海 命を捻じ曲げ
壊れる世界 滲んだ空
丈高き者 天を舞う

Tsubasa hiroge yoru no sekai modorenai tabi
Shikai yugamu haiiro no umi inochi wo nejimage
Kowareru sekai nijinda sora
Taketakaki mono ten wo mau

Suddenly wings spread out over the night world, there’ll be no return from this trip
My field of vision warps into an ashen sea twisting my mortality
The world breaks down and the sky bleeds
Magnificent beings dance in the heavens

悠久のコロナ 猛る極彩色
全てにサヨナラ 鈍色の雨が降る

Yuukyuu no corona takeru gokusaishoku
Subete ni sayonara nibiiro no ame ga furu

An eternal corona blazes brilliant with fierce colors
O farewell to all, now the black rain falls

響く警笛 鳴り止まない
シグナルすら 好奇心の行進曲

Hibiku keiteki nariyamanai
Signal sura koukishin no koushinkyoku

Sirens sound again and again
The signals sound as if the beats to a march of curiosity

日の戻らない空 かくれんぼしてるの?
そんなチャチな 防壁では
プライドが傷つくでしょ CAUTION!!

Hi no modoranai sora kakurenbo shiteru no?
Sonna chachi na bouheki de wa
Pride ga kizutsuku desho CAUTION!!

The sun isn’t coming back to the sky, are you playing hide and seek?
Do you think such a cheaply made wall will work against me?
You’re hurting my pride! CAUTION!!

融ける意識 混ざる記憶
胸に光る アルコルの笑み 命を投げ売り
禁忌の音色 憐れな空
契約の神 命燃す

Tokeru ishiki mazaru kioku
Mui kara kyomu e
Mune ni hikaru alcor no emi inochi wo nage uri
Kinki no neiro aware na sora
Keiyaku no kami inochi mosu

As consciousness fuses and memories mix
Stagnation turns to pure nihility
The smile of Alcor shines in my heart and sacrifices my mortality
This forbidden tone, this subliminally melancholic sky
Per my contract made with the gods, my life burns away

追憶のフレア 心に乱反射
黄泉路へお帰り 閉ざされたアマテラス

Tsuioku no flare kokoro ni hanransha
Yomiji e okaeri tozasareta amaterasu

A flare of recollection diffuses off my soul
Returning down the road to hell, Amaterasu is locked away

最果てのメルト 意識のイクリプス
心も言葉も 燃え尽き灰になる

Saihate no melt ishiki no eclipse
Kokoro mo kotoba mo moetsuki hai ni naru

In a final melt, my consciousness eclipses
My soul, my words, all exhaust and turn to ash

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    • February 11th, 2011

    Can we have some romaji?

    • Zesan
    • February 12th, 2011

    Whoa, thanks.

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