Requested by: Vincent

Sound Online’s Tsukasa’s Emotional Skyscraper Arrangement

Arranged by Tsukasa
Vocal & Lyrics: 三澤秋
Circle: Sound Online
Album: Hydrangea
Event: C77

君がひとつ残したのは 笑顔の魔法
いつか綺麗な花を咲かせる きっと

The one thing you left me was the magic of a smile
And one day I’ll make that beautiful flower blossom

ささやくように奏でるのは 光の魔法
迷いながらもたどり着けたの ここに

Softly playing like whispers, is the magic of light
Always lighting the path ahead
I can count many times when I had to walk alone
But though I was lost, I was able to make it to this place

冷たく降る涙の雨 受け止めながら
凛と佇む花も 君がいない濡れた町も
あの日からただ色褪せていったけれど 今なら

Weathering a rain of cold tears
That flower stood cold, in this drenched village you had left
From that day its colors had continued to fade, but now


Embracing this monochrome sadness
I’ll change it into a happiness filled with color

思い出してもう一度 見失った色を
哀しい雨が心を伝う夜には 君を想うから

I remembered once more that color I had lost sight of
Thinking of you one night that sad rain fell on my heart

ねえ みんなの声が優しく呼んでくれている
もう大丈夫だよ 今がひとりじゃない

But now, everyone’s voices are kindly calling
It’s alright now, I’m not alone anymore

思い出してもう一度 忘れていた唄を
胸の奥が切なく痛む夜にも 星に唄うから

I remembered once more that song I had forgotten
Singing to the stars one night my heart was filled with pain

雲の道に虹の橋 光に満たされて
涙の痕 透明な波紋の中に空を描き出す

Along this road of clouds is a bridge of rainbows filled with light
The traces of my tears with translucent waves draw the sky

君がひとつ残したのは 笑顔の魔法
温かい涙の雨 受け止めながら
いつか綺麗が花が咲く頃 きっと

The one thing you left me was the magic of a smile
One day we’ll meet again
The day when, while soaking in a rain of warm tears
That beautiful flower blossoms

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