Hellish Moon

^It’s hard to find a not-montage picture of her.

Requested by: Kizoku-chan

“Hellish Moon” is a nickname for Kikuri of sorts, and the arranged theme (“Short Sword that Crushes Evil”) is the Hell route theme for the stages leading up to the boss battle with her.

Some hell-mixed fairy tale of long ago, I can’t help but feel it’s referencing something I don’t know.

Ah, sorry about the delays on this, as some people probably know, my computer died yesterday and I had to spend all day fixing it back up to semi-normal, but things should be better now :)

Hellish Moon
原曲:東方靈異伝 【 破邪の小太刀 】
Arranger:鷺 ( 洋食屋さんのスパニエル/takrockers!! )
Lyric:鷺 & MAKI ( セブンスヘブンMAXION )
Vocalist:珠梨 ( 洋食屋さんのスパニエル/Ontama-音珠- )
Guitar:BB (takrockers!!)
Bass:hisashi (takrockers!!)
Drums:MOCHI (takrockers!!)
Circle: セブンスヘブンMAXION
Album: Former Frontier 3rd Germinate
Event: C78

同じ月の下 理に絆されて

Under the same moon, moved and bound by reason
I passed by a simple crossed signpost


Floating up above in the dark starless night, was a pale circle
With a miasma cast around it, and a heart ripping short sword

刃のなかのわたし 口許が弛んだ

Bathed in the faint moon light, I stared at your faint traces
With that blade thrust inside me, my lips slackened


Now a long time ago, before this moment my shaking shoulders brought forward,
One day we had passed each other by, walking down this road

抱き締める代わりに 未練を断ち切って

Rather than embracing, we cut away our regrets
No tears showed upon our cheeks


My ever repeating sadness, but have been the work of old fate
Watching me run through, the crimson moon laughed

捧げた日々を想う 嗚呼幾許の寂寥
約束果たす二人 言葉もなくただ眸細めた

Thinking of the days I sacrificed, I feel a few moments of a deep loneliness
Deep at the bottom of this night where no shadows fall
The two who had fulfilled their promise’s eyes narrowed without a word


My embraced heart is crumbling like you
Flawless soul, return to the world of that day

あくる夜があるのなら 貴方とこの手を重ねて歩きたい

Shining, the pale full moon returns..
If this night ever dawns, I’d like to walk together with you hand in hand..

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