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^I looked through images of Ran for really far far too long, and I’m still not satisfied, but I guess this one will work.

Requested by: Vaccuus

Though this is a request song, I love Syrufit, and this really grew on me while I struggled to make sure the lyrics were right. The melodic quality of the song also really grew on me after a while, and well, I really really love tandem vocals.

The pace of the singing is very hard to follow (which is part of the reason it’s so cool): so if you want to sing along, here’s the blurry nico-video link: [nico-video] and the clearer YT link: [YT-link] If you want roma-ji I can do it on request.

Unfortunately for me, I found that the lyric booklet only had one track of lyrics so I set out to find the others, and transcribed them from the blurry nico-video link, if you want to see the extent of my amazing powers, look at the picture at the foot of the post.

This translation is a little heavy with my interpretation on it.

I like origin story songs, which is what I think this is. A girl is wrecked with impurities, whether from rape, actual scars, disfigurement, being a prostitute or something else. She is hated and scorned by everyone she meets. She thinks that even despite all that if she can find love, share in someone else’s pure soul she can be saved, but even he will not have her. Sorrowful, still debating with herself, she commits or attempts to commit suicide. Instead of dying or after dying, she becomes a monster, a youkai, asking her impurities to save her. In the process she either pulls away from paradise, claiming that she will not change, she cannot change, or that “sacred place” is Gensoukyou, and that image awakens the monster inside.

Of course, that monster is Ran.

Roma-ji was requested and was posted @ 8:59 CST 10/13/2010 :)

Arrange: Syrufit
Lyrics, Vocal: 市松春


Hitotoki no itami nara
Eien no kizuato sae
Hikikae ni shitemo ii
Shiawase wo te ni ireru no

Is it alright for me
To get rid of my everlasting scars
With such a momentary pain?
I could finally be happy..

 寂しくて 怖いよ
 誰も 助けてくれない

Kagayaki wo ushinatta
Karada ni wa kyoumi nai wa
Tsukisasaru shisen ni wa
Tokku ni nareta hazu na no ni
 Sabishikute kowai yo
 Dare mo tasukete kurenai

I don’t care anymore
For my body that’s lost its shine
Even though I should be used
To all those piercing stares by now
 I’m so lonely and scared..
 No one will save me..

 ここはもう 私と
 それ以外の世界が ふたつ

 Koko wa mou watashi to
 Sore igai no sekai ga futatsu

 This world has become separated
 Into only me, and what is not me

 帰りたい 理解って

 Kaeritai rikai tte

 Even though I know I just want to go back


 Kono kimochi

 I just hide
   These feelings


“Kono mama ja ikenai yo”
“Sore demo kamawanai”

“If things keep going like this…”
“… but I don’t care anymore.”

ねぇ まだ叶えないで
ねぇ 欲望のままに

Ne- mada kanaenaide
Kagirinaku afuretekuru kegare wo
Ne- yokubou no mama ni
Kurikaesu watashi wo togamenaide kureru?

Please, don’t let my wish come true just yet!
Even though there’s no end to my overflowing impurities
Please, why is it wrong to still want this?
Could you please just stop hurting me?


Sono kiyoraka naru
Tamashii wo kyouyuu dekita no nara kitto
Michi no koufuku ni
Te ga todokisou na ki ga shiteita kara

I realized that
If I could share such a pure soul
I could attain
An overwhelming happiness yet unknown

 問い掛けと解答 儀式めいている葛藤

 Toikake to kaitou gishikimeiteiru kattou
 Hitorikiri no heya to ato hon’no sukoshi no kikkake

 Questions and answers, my conflict mirrored a ritual
 I was alone in my room, with just a little bit of an impulse

涙 滑り落ちてゆく
 どれくらい 深くて 大きければいいのかな

Namida suberiochiteyuku
 Dore kurai fukakute ookikereba ii no kana
Tayoru koto no dekinai modokashisa

The tears keep flowing
 How much is deep enough? How much is wide enough?
I couldn’t rely on my impatience

 神聖な場所へと 変わっていくその過程を

Zutto kakaetekitanda
 Shinsei na basho e to kawatteiku sono katei wo
Imasara kawaru koto dekinai no wakatteru

I had carried this with me for forever
 I felt a change, shifting towards a sacred place
I know that I can’t change anymore

 しっかりと瞳に焼き付けて フィルムのように

Kotoba hitotu bun no surechigai
 Shikkari to hitomi ni yakitsukete firumu no you ni
Chikakute tooi kono kyori wo

With a single word of misunderstanding
 Its image burned unto my eyes like film
I swept over a distance near but far


Mada chidjimenaideitai to
 Shinjitsu wa utsuranai ‘ishiki’ ni jama sareteiru kara
Omou kimochi ga naku naranai yo

I know these feelings will never go away
 Truth and reality were disturbed by a “consciousness” that would not show itself
“I don’t want to be driven into a corner anymore”

 美しく 流れる 赤色をそっと舐めて

Sono kiyoraka naru
 Utsukuyshiku nagareru akairo wo sotto namete
Tamashii wo kyoyuu dekita no nara kitto

I realized that
 I started to lick that beautiful flowing red color
If I could share such a pure soul

 麗しい スティグマ 私を 救い出してよ

Mujaki ni waraeta hibi ni
 Uruwashii sutiguma watashi wo sukuidashite yo
Kaeru koto dekiru to

I could return to those lighthearted days
 Lovely, beautiful stigma – save me!!
When I was able to laugh..


Shitteta no ni

But even though I knew..

^Behold my amazing powers, click to fully appreciate how blurry that image is.