Spring Comes Along

By the way, I can vouch for that last picture. Train attendants in Japan really are that beautiful. (´∀`*)

Requested by: vincent

Finally finished with Double Counterpoint.

Spring Comes Along
Vocal: mican*
Lyric: Haruka
Composed: Masayoshi Minoshima
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: Double Counterpoint
Event: Reitaisai 7

消され枯れた思い 変わり果てた気持ち
ここで沢山見た そうね私も
季節変わるように 気持ち変わりすぎて
なにも信じられず こんな世界で

Faded and withered emotions, feelings turned inside out
I have seen thousands of these, yes, even I..
My feelings change even as the seasons do, too much too soon
There’s nothing I can believe in such a world

ああ 無くせるのなら ああ 苦しみはしない
忘れられない 大事なもの ずっと見つめて

Ah, but if I throw it all away.. Ah, I won’t feel pain ever again
I’ll never forget what’s precious to me, I’ll keep staring at it forever

春の風 感じられる頃は
もう一度 自分に逢えるから
変わらない 今もなにも変わらない

When I feel the spring wind
I am able to find myself again
Nothing changes, nothing changes ever anymore
I found myself, from that time long ago

春の風 通り過ぎる頃は
あの時を また思い出させる
変わらない そう変わらないでいたい

When I feel the spring wind passing through
I remember that time again
Nothing changes, I don’t want anything to ever change again
I want to remain as I was myself that time long ago

忘れられぬ想い 今はそれでいいね
いつか分かり合える 信じ続けて
夢を追い疲れた そんな大人たちも
変わるその前には 夢を見ていた

These feelings I cannot forget, I’m fine now just with them
I keep believing that one day we’ll understand each other
Before like those adults I tired of chasing after my dreams
Before I changed, I saw a dream

ああ信じられれば ああ憎みもしないわ
子供の頃の 大事なもの きっと見つけて

Ah, if I just believe.. Ah, I won’t feel any hatred ever again
I’ll surely find what was precious to me as a child

春の風 吹き抜けゆく頃は
本当の 自分に逢えるから
もう一度 素直な気持ちのままで

When the spring wind rushes past me
I am able to find my true self again
Once again, with pure honest feelings
I’ll be able to walk hand and hand with you

春の風 感じられる頃は
この胸の 想いも忘れない
私だけ そう変わらないでいたい

When I feel the spring wind
I won’t forget this emotion in my heart
I alone, don’t ever want to change
Never to be swept away with time

春の風 感じられる頃は
もう一度 自分に逢えるから
貴方とは そう、違う私でいる

When I feel the spring wind
I am able to find myself again
You, yes, are a different me
Forever the same, just as I was at that time

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