天・天・天子の天気予報 // Ten-Ten-Tenko no Tenki Yohou // Ten-Ten-Tenko’s Weather Forecast

Like most songs of this nature, it’s mostly nonsense. But fun nonsense.

Requested by: Andvari78


TenTenTenTen(x32) occurs in the background at various points, but I figured I only needed to put it the first time.
“maiden’s heart and fall weather” – both change without warning.

結構毛だらけ猫灰だらけ!: [Full Explanation in Japanese]
^”Quite a bit” – There’s hair in the chicken, the cat’s covered in ash, and your a** is covered in s***.
^I translated it as Flick-flack-click-clack-plick-plack-bwah!! Due to the fact that it’s a Japanese phrase composed purely for rhythm.

“If there are split ends in unripe shining darkness, (Cuticle!)” ← Please don’t ask me what this means, it may be an innuendo or it may just be Tenko being odd. I just took it literally. unripe might just be blue.

“raw barley, raw rice, raw concrete!” – comes from the tongue twister “Raw Barley, Raw Rice, Raw Eggs.”

 Ten-Ten-Tenko no Tenki Yohou
 Ten-Ten-Tenko’s Weather Forecast
編曲/Arranger: yohine
ボーカル/Vocal: 詩音
原曲/Original Song: 有頂天変 ~ Wonderful Heaven
サークル/Circle: Innocent Key
アルバム/Album: 東方楼蘭
エベント/Event: C75


Gensoukyou’s weather today is a maiden’s heart and fall weather!



当たるも八卦、当たらぬも八卦 天子の天気予報だよ!

Whether I get it right or I get it wrong it’s still all according to
 8-sided divination, it’s Tenko’s Weather Forecast!
The shrine’s going to have an extremely personal downpour, and
 The magic forest for some reason or another’s getting a lot of snow!

地震雷火事親父 大雨洪水波浪注意報

Earthquakes! Lightning Strikes! Fires! My dad!
 Torrential rains! Floods! Watch out for the waves!
Snow and Hail are coming down hard!


【Nagae Iku】
“There’s something wrong with that last bit!”


If my peach hair decorations are soft, (Peachy-Peachy!)
Tomorrow’s weather will probably be clear ♪ (Hou~Hou?)


If there are split ends in unripe shining darkness, (Cuticle!)
Tomorrow’s weather will probably have hail ♪

適当じゃ予報できないわ だから
全身で感じ取れ 明日を見るのよ!(てんてん天気はどうかしら~?)

I can’t do a proper forecast so
If I just feel it with my body, I can see tomorrow! (What will the Wea-Wea-Weather be?)

外れても ご愛嬌だわ でも 少しだけ滲めだわ~
予報は確率よね♪ 99%でもね~!(はい 自己弁護)

Even if I’m wrong, I’m just trying to do my best, and I’m only off a little bit~
The probability of my successful forecast is 99%! (Well, In my own defense…)


(Mun-Mun / Mon-Mon)
(Eh-hehe / Oh-hoho)

「といいますか皆さん 私 テンコじゃなくてテンシですから!」

“By the way, Everyone, My name’s not Tenko, it’s Tenshi!!”
“Let’s treat the weather well okay? We’re close to the deadline after all!!”

空から何かが降ってくる 隕石惑星コロニー落とし!?
私のドリルでクルルンルン 何があってもお茶の子さいさい!

Something’s falling from the sky, A meteorite planet colony!?
With my drill, Kururunrun! No matter what comes it’ll be a cinch!
“You’re using the drill as a stepping stone?”
I really don’t understand what’s happening but I’ll protect Gensoukyou!


【Nagae Iku】
“Do the forecast properly!!”


If my peach hair decorations start to go sour (Sour!!)
The next season will probably be the rainy one ♪ (Humid! Humid!)


If the number of shrine maiden armpit exposures increase, (Doki-doki! Waku-waku!)
The next season will probably be summer ♪ (Of course~!)

真剣に明日を占えば 何故かね
裏目にでちゃうよ でも 気にしないのよ(考えたってしょうがな~い)

If I seriously try to forecast tomorrow, for some reason
It usually backfires, but I don’t mind (Even if you think about it, there’s not much you can do)

自然が 妬ましいなら そう 私がやればいいのよ
神社に天変地異 標高一万メートルよ♪

I’m envious of nature, but well, as long as I do it it’ll be fine
Cataclysm at the shrine! Elevation 10,000 meters!


【Nagae Iku】
“Wait, that’s not weather!”

冥界の白玉楼に このドリルで攻め込むわ!

I’ll burst into the underworld Hakugyokurou with my drill!
If I shoot my laser all over the place the weather won’t really matter! (ww)


【Nagae Iku】
“Calm down and behave will you?!”

当たるも八卦、当たらぬも八卦 天子の何でも報だよ!
神社は遥か雲の上 魔法の森は水没よ!

Whether I get it right or I get it wrong it’s still all according to
 8-sided divination, it’s Tenko’s Weather Forecast!
The shrine’s going to be far above the clouds, and
 The magic forest is going to sink beneath the sea!


“I know I’ve said this dozens of times already, but”
“You know, my name is not Tenko, but Te・n・shi! Ok! Nice to meet you!?”

女心と秋の空 生麦生米生コンクリート
ビールもアッチも生がいいよね! そろそろやろうか天気予報!

A maiden’s heart and fall weather, raw barley, raw rice, raw concrete!
Both beer and that is good fresh too! I guess I should do the weather forecast soon!

「えー 明日の天気は月の都で晴れのちアナハイム」

“Eh, Tomorrow’s weather at the capital of the moon will be clear then Anaheim.”
“Here in Gensoukyou it’ll vary place to place by the hourly spell cards that’ll bring blood rain.”


【Nagae Iku】
“Uwah.. That last one sounded on the dot.”

  1. Hey! Its me, the Buta-Otome fan! I would like to ask you if you could write the new Buta-Otome album’s tracklist, because I want to create the new page in Wikia and I can’t copy-paste the kanjis if they’re in image file type xD
    So, could you write the tracklist from this new album?


    Im so anxious >w<!

    • Oooooohhhhhh~

      ① 風に乗せた願い
       Kaze ni Noseta Negai
       A Wish Set Upon the Wind
      ② 哀れな身無し子
       Aware na Minashigo
       Pitiable Orphan
       [厄神様の通り道~Dark Road]
      ③ からすの王様
       Karasu no Ousama
       King of the Crows
       [妖怪の山~Mysterious Mountain]
      ④ ひ弱な遠吠え
       Hiyowa na Toogoe
       Weak Distant Howl
      ⑤ 堕ちた声
       Ochita Koe
       Fell Voice
      ⑥ 蓬莱の空
       Hourai no Sora
       Hourai Sky
      ⑦ 囲い無き世は一期の月影
       Kakoinaki Yo wa Ikki no Tsukikage
       The Boundless World is within the Life of a Moon’s Shadow
       [竹取飛翔~Lunatic Princess]
      ⑧ べろべろべ
       *Sticking Tongue Out SFX*

      I can’t wait now too! :D

    • Andvari78
    • September 28th, 2010

    Itsuki Shion usually does Sakuya’s voice in more serious (lol) Innocent Key tracks. Hearing her in this cute (and possibly drug-induced) song was a bit weird for the first time.

    The pictures hit the spot.

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