Strike Witches 2 ~笑顔の魔法~ // Egao no Mahou // The Magic of Smiles

^There are literally twenty billion different images I could have put up here, so it took a while to choose one, but well as Yoshika and Mio are now retirees and stars of the last episode, well, I guess there’s no helping it.

Now I’m not going to say this show is underrated or anything, because it’s got quite a fan-base, but let’s look at the show for a moment:

If you don’t think that the concept of a WWII-paralleled time period with magical girls strapping plane parts to their legs, personifying those era planes, using giant guns, rocket launchers, and magical abilities to fight aliens that take the form of warships sometimes and are often not unlike Evangelion angels isn’t overwhelmingly awesome, you either didn’t have a childhood or something’s wrong with you (or you hate anime? ._.). [\o/ Long Sentence]

It is a fan-service show, and it doesn’t worry it self much with plot, and it is a bit ridiculous, but it really is the best of that sort of genre. It tries to give every character/character set their own episode, the characters are quirky and there’s enough of a selection to fit anyone’s tastes, plus – season 2 upped the production values quite a bit.

So to you anime connoisseurs, who would normally lift your nose up at a show like this, I say, shamelessly, it’s a great show. ^_^ and I am a fan.
(Though I’ll admit I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone)
(Also, in this day and age, Strike Witches is tame on the fan-service meter)

Listen to the Orchestral Version of this, it’s so much better. It makes it almost epic.

Strike Witches 2 ~笑顔の魔法~
 Egao no Mahou
 The Magic of Smiles
作詩:高村和宏 Takamura Kazuhiro
作曲:森浩太 Mori Kouta
原曲:大堀薫 Oohori Kaori
オーケストラ・ヴァージョン編曲:長岡成貢 Nagaoka Seikou
歌:石田燿子 Ishida Youko

いつか いつか 約束の空
君となら また 飛べるよ

Someday, someday, as long as I’m with you
I’ll be able to fly again into that promised sky

そんな時は呼んで 駆けつけるから

Everyone has painful nights when they’re
Troubled and filled with regret
When that happens, just call me and
I’ll come flying at the speed of sound

それがさだめ でもね あらがうよ
君がホラ 笑ってね くれるから

Even if it’s against fate, I can still fight
Because you’re smiling for me

叶えたい夢 遠いけど
いっしょなら出来るよ 無敵の勇気で
キラキラ光る そのナミダ
笑顔の魔法 でね 翼に変えたら
きっと きっと 羽ばたけるから
虹を越え その先まで

Those dreams we want to come true may be far away
But together we can do it, with our insurmountable courage
With the magic of smiles
Those sparkling tears will become wings and
We’ll be able to fly over rainbows
All the way!

ずっと憶えてるよ あの日交わした
どんな高い壁も 飛び越えていく

I still remember the promise
We made that day
No matter how high the wall, we’ll make it
Determined to keep going

だからいつも前に 進めるよ
君がまた 笑ってね くれるから

Like I said, we’ll always keep moving forward
Because you’re still smiling for me

叶えたい夢 遠くから
見守るだけじゃなく いっしょに探そう
胸にしまった その傷も
笑顔の魔法 でね 勇気に変えたら
もっと もっと 羽ばたけるハズ
雲を抜け 大空へと

Those dreams we want to come true may be far away
I won’t just watch over you, we’ll search for them together
With the magic of smiles,
Even those wounds closed in our hearts will become courage and
We’ll be able to fly higher and higher
Through the clouds and into the ever expanding sky

君と 今 無限の空へ

Together with you who gave me these wings
To keep fighting, the strength to never give up
We’ll soar into the infinite sky

叶えたい夢 この先が
たとえ暗闇でも 何も怖くない
守るべきもの 守ること
いっしょなら出来るよ 笑顔の魔法で

Even if the way to seeing those dreams come true
Is filled with darkness, I have nothing to be afraid of
Those I must protect, I will protect,
I can do it all if I’m with you, with the magic of smiles

キラキラ光る 未来まで
今 上昇気流乗って 翼を広げて
いつか いつか 約束の空
君となら また 飛べるよ

Now we’ll ride the winds higher and higher
Spreading our wings towards a sparkling future
Yes, someday, as long as I’m with you
I’ll be able to fly again into our promised sky

踏み出せば ホラ 飛べるよ

If we just do it, you see! we can fly!!

^I know it’s impractical to fight in the air with swords, but… it’s just too awesome.

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