etching summary

Oriental Dark Flight isn’t often a theme that comes to mind, but it works well here with this new vocalist guesting for EastNewSound!

Woo Buddhism!
Just as a reminder, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu is a Yama, a “demon” that controls the cycle of reincarnation, so it’s an appropriate topic for a Phantasmagoria of Flower View arrangement.

^I knew my knowledge would start coming in handy immediately! XD

I did plan on doing this in the morning, but it just didn’t happen.

By the way… wow.. dragged down into Buddhist hell. o.o; At least it’s not permanent – and the last stanza being repeated implies the system collapsing and falling apart or just her being thrown back into reincarnation. The first one would probably just be the end of the waiting period, but well – it leaves it ambiguous (big surprise) :p

etching summary
Vocal: ハナビ雨李 [空色作戦]
Arrange: crouka
Lyric: くまりす
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Felsic Mirage
Event: C78

鏡に写る影 聞こえた気がした

Reflected in that mirror there was a shadow, and I felt I heard
Someone far away, calling out to me..

水面を揺らす風 木の葉を運んだ

The wind ripples the water’s surface, carrying leaves
Withered away, now more silent than ever


Thrown away, left upon the ground, I looked up at towards cold walls
From this projection of a world losing its form, there were
Dozens of filthy hands groping towards a single thread, linking on to the ever flowing future

壊れ始めた輪廻の輪で 声を枯らして囀る鳥
違う何かに気をとられて 謳う事だけ願い続けた
狂い暴れて舞い散る羽 千切れ震える虚しい鐘
誰か落とした名もない花 掴み消えるモノクローム

Upon this wheel of reincarnation collapsing, a bird calls with a rasping voice
Taken now by another, I continued to pray, calling out
There was a crazed scattering of feathers and an empty, shatter inducing bell
Grasping a nameless flower someone had dropped, everything vanished into monochrome

ただ手に残る羽 涙を落とした

With but a feather left in my hand, my tears fell
Towards the twisted end of the world

この目に見えるもの 繰り返す色に

I saw a cycle of colors repeating, which I implored
But all there was was silence

憂う月揺れる空 砕けた硝子の板
見えるもの 見えぬモノ 走り出す足元も見ず

The melancholic moon wavered in the sky, like a shattered pane of glass
This I could see, but not the others – so I ran and ran, unable to see the ground under my feet
Released from entangling future in this momentary pit of sand, two flowers reached for each other

今夢を見た 絵本に在る場所
色が一面に 鮮やかに見えた

There I dreamed of a place in a picture book
And saw color, brilliantly, everywhere

滲み霞んだ最後の影 光無くして忘れた空
思い出すこと許せない 叫ぶ声さえ闇に紛れて

But as the last shadow crept in, I lost light and forgot the sky
They would not let me remember, and in the darkness my screams were lost

気づき始めた希望の声 高く仰いだ因果の果て
捨てた筈の些細な罪が 消える事なく重なる

But I realized a voice of hope and looked towards the end of karma
That small sin I should have thrown away, didn’t disappear but grew

壊れ始めた輪廻の輪で 声を枯らして囀る鳥
違う何かに気をとられて 謳う事だけ願い続けた

Upon this wheel of reincarnation collapsing, a bird calls with a rasping voice
Taken now by another, I continued to pray, calling out

狂い暴れて舞い散る羽 千切れ震える虚しい鐘
誰か落とした名もない花 掴み消えるモノクローム

There was a crazed scattering of feathers all around by an empty, shatter inducing bell
Grasping a flower with no name someone had dropped, it vanished in monochrome

    • grooven
    • September 23rd, 2010

    Yay thank you so much for tranalating this ^-^ It made my day!

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