Fragment Reaction

Requested by: Kizoku-chan

I feel like I’m on a roll today.

Fragment Reaction
Composed by Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyrics by Haruka, Vocal 三澤秋

変わらない この場所で
君だけを 見失う

Nothing has changed here
Where I lost sight of you

夢の雫 ここにあった
想い今も 消えないまま
今も私 独りきりで

Here were droplets out of dreams
Even now these emotions won’t disappear
But I’m still alone, still now
But where has my emptied heart gone?

見えない道の中 わずかな光でも
わかっていたはずね だけど手を離した
一番大事なものだけ 無くした

Though there’s a little light, I can’t see down this road
But if I were here with you, who I believed in..
I should have known, but still I let you go
I lost what was the utter most precious to me..

いつも見る 夢の中
温もりは 今はなく

I’m always dreaming,
But now that warmth is gone

君がいたの この場所には
今はそれも 幻だけ
流れる雲 今も同じ

You were here in this place
But now it’s nothing more than an illusion
Those flowing clouds are ever the same
Just like the clear sky of that day

手を離したあの日 今もその時から
逢いたいもう一度 君の瞳の中

The day I let you go, from then on and still now
I have not been able to change at all
I still want to see you one more time
I want to be reflected in your eyes

私は消えないよ いつか君のもとに
臆病だった気持ち わずかでも繋いで
青空の下抱きしめて 私を

I won’t disappear, and someday
I’ll walk bit by bit back to your side
My cowardly emotions, though weak are tied
Under this blue sky… embrace me..

  1. Oh my God… You’re so fast! O,O It’s fabulous!!!
    Thank you very much <333

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