of memories

I feel I don’t have good enough images for this song. o.o;

Requested by: Kizoku-chan

This is NOT a Touhou arrange, but an original, composed by Masayoshi Minoshima of Alstroemeria Records. As occasionally his arrangements take only minor harmonies from their originals (like Nuclear Fusion for instance), an original doesn’t sound too different from his arrangements. They’re very good. ^_^

of memories
Composed: Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyric: Haruka
Vocal: Sakaue Nachi
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: of memories
Event: C78

一人きりの夏 君がいなくて
信じきれずまた 膝をついた
この場所だったの 二人いたのは
きっとまた逢える 締めきれずに

This summer I was all alone without you..
I couldn’t believe it, and fell to my knees
It was here where we stood together
One day we’ll meet again, nevermore interrupted

戻らない時は 私だけ苦しめた
夏が来るたびに 君を思い出す
澄んだ青空はまだ 私を見つめていた

I don’t know how many times I cried, “Give him back!”
Our time would never return, and that kept hurting me.
Every time summer comes, I remember you.
The clear blue sky kept staring at me..

君と歩んでた この場所はまだ
何も変わらずに 優しく見えて
流れ行く時と 止まった時が
独りの私を 悩ませていた

Here where I walked with you,
Nothing has changed at all; it’s still beautiful
Both passing time, and time standing still
Pained me, all alone.

もう君はいない わかっているの
でもまだいいよね 思い出して
独りきりじゃない そう笑うかな?
きっとそうだよね 君の優しさで

I know that you aren’t here anymore,
But I’ll still be ok, right? Will I be able to remember?
To smile and say that I’m not alone?
With your kindness, I’m sure that I can.

あの空の向こう 君はいるのかな
忘れずにいたい この胸にいつまでも
ここに来ればまた 逢える気がしてた
澄んだ青空の下 君が背を押していた

I wonder if you are there beyond that sky
I want to never forget, to keep you in my heart forever..
When I come here, it feels like I’m with you again
Here under this clear blue sky, where you pushed against my back

いつか薄れゆく 記憶の中で
あの日の出会いを 大事にしたい
戻らない日々を 受け止め君に
「ありがとう」そっと さよなら告げた

Someday it will fade within my memories,
But I want to hold it precious, that day we met
For those days that I’ll never get back, to you who accepted all of me,
“Thank you” – Softly I said my goodbyes.

  1. Thank you very much for your translation~ O(≧∇≦)O
    Those lyrics remind me of “For Your Pieces”, another Masayoshi Minoshima’s original composition~ really beautiful, it breaks you heart ;A;

    • TasteTea
    • October 17th, 2010

    One of my favorites from this album. Thanks for the translation, but might I request a translation of “Prayer for Answer? I hearing that it’s all (or mostly) in engrish, but it’s so hard to really understand it D:

    • Sure, I couldn’t find the song just by name though, so if you could tell me the album/artist info I can probably track it down and do so ^_^

        • TasteTea
        • October 18th, 2010

        Oh it’s from the same album of this song :P
        Track number 5

    • XD Wow, I can be dense sometimes. Sure I’ll put it on my list :D

      Edit: I didn’t have to translate anything, so it’s already up ^_^

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