環 – Kan – Ring

I saw tons of spiders in Japan, so I like the idea of a spider youkai. I like spiders actually. I just generally hate ants. Spider bites aren’t even annoying if they even do bite you – well unless they’re of the deadly variety.

I still think it’s funny when you have to imagine Yamame has quite a bit on her lower end, being a spider. But her skirt hides it either way.

It’s ambiguous in most instances whether “form” refers to the singer something else.
“month of plum-blossom viewing” = second month of the lunar calendar (very literary)
“month of late silk” (kisaragi) = a fabrication/alternate kanji for kisaragi, the second month of the lunar calendar.

歌:小峠 舞
Circle: K2-Sound / C-CLAYS
Event: Reitaisai 7

息 白く濁り夜空へと 外にぼつり浮かぶ
一瞬の出来事にいつも 気にせずにいた

iki shiroku nigori yozora e to soto ni potsuri ukabu
isshun’ no dekigoto ni itsumo ki ni sezu ni ita

My breath bleeds white out into the night sky, floating in small puffs
A moment of an instant, as always it passes by unnoticed

一縷な輝き舞い降りて そっと手を差し伸べて
一瞬の出来事も いつか切なくなり

ichiru no kagayaki mai orite sotto te wo sashinobete
isshun’ no dekigoto mo itsuka setsunaku nari

A shining flicker dances downward on a single thread, softly I reach out my hand to it
Even this moment of an instant will someday be precious to me

降り積もった雪 心映し
融け始める 姿も映し

furitsumotta yuki kokoro utsushi
tokehajimeru sugata mo utsushi

The snow piled up reflects what is in my heart
As it starts to melt it shows me also my form

姿 魅せて欲しい

chiisaku tsubuyaita kotoba ga
hitotsu hitotsu mune ni sasari
umemitsuki mukaeteru koro made ni
sugata misetehoshii

Small, quietly muttered words
One by one pierce my heart
Before I face the month of plum-blossom viewing
I want to be enchanted by this form

耀かしい彼方へと 繋がる不思議な monochrome

kagayakashii kanata e to tsunagaru fushigi na monochrome

Connected out into the brilliant distance is a mysterious monochrome


tsubomi no sekai kara ikutsu mo umare
kareta daichi ni mo furisosogi

From this world of buds, many are born,
Pouring over the parched earth

掬った欠片 零れ落ちて

sukutta kakera koboreochite
yume no sukima kara surinukeru
moroku sugu ni kowareru kesshou wa
mata oritekuru no wa itsu no hi ka

Picked up fragments overflow and fall
Slipping through gaps in my dreams
As I kneel, the crystal breaks..
Whenever will it fall again?


tsukigawa mieru hodo no yoi ni
mou ichido nozomeru naraba
kisaragi mukaeru made ni utsuru sugata wo

On such a night when you can see the moon’s glowing halo,
Staring at it once again, I feel that
Before I face month of late silk, I want to
Stare forever at its reflected form

永いようで短い冬 去っていく音がした

nagai you de mijigai fuyu satteiku oto ga shita

I heard the sound of a long felt but short winter departing

木蓮の蕾咲いて 繋がる不思議な polychrome

mokuren’ no tsubomi saite tsunagaru fushigi na polychrome

As the buds of magnolia blossom, I see connected a mysterious polychrome

^You can find the author’s signature in the picture, but I’m still not sure who did it.

    • Vacuus
    • August 26th, 2010

    Thank you for the translation!

    • Felipe
    • November 5th, 2011

    Is that Yuka in the background of the first picture? Oo

    …if so…… Why? :O

    • It’s Tatara Kogasa, but that’s even more of a “why?” XD
      Well artists have favorite characters they like to throw in to everything right? XD

    • Felipe
    • November 7th, 2011

    kafkafuura :
    It’s Tatara Kogasa, but that’s even more of a “why?” XD
    Well artists have favorite characters they like to throw in to everything right? XD

    Idk… Kogasa for me is on the same level of “wtf” as Yuka for that one lol.

    I mean, they are both completely random as they have no connection at all to Yamame or to SA.

    BUT Yuka is a Flower Girl (psycho flower but still) who likes flower fields and the sun etc, so there’s no way she’d be underground. Kogasa in the other hand may find the darklness of the underground to be a good place to scare people :P.

    On the other hand…. Kogasa didn’t even “exist” at the time of SA yet, so I think that makes it a draw.

    • loveheart?
    • May 10th, 2013

    can you post romaji lyric to this song? Dx

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