To the Limit

^ I absolutely love the character designs for Touhou Castlevania … I really wish there was more fan-art out there of them.

Requested By: Hoppy
Special Thanks To: TokiUryuu
Loved By: Me.

I really have to hand it to Hoppy for requesting some of the best Sakuya Theme mixes – they tend to remind me how much I love her.

“On this flowering night of the 16th moon.” Izayoi Sakuya is a name that Remilia Scarlet made up and gave to its current owner. It is supposed therefore Sakuya was either enslaved or sworn in on a flowering night of the 16th moon (one day past full).

To the limit
Arrange: Atoguru
Lyrics: Mai
Vocal: Mai Kotoge
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 悠啼 YU-NARI
Event: C78

ねじれた空間に とがる光の渦
忍ばせた時計で 見えない風になる

nejireta kuukan ni togaru hikari no uzu
shinobaseta tokei de mienai kaze ni naru

In this twisted dimension there is a sharpening whirlpool of light
With the power of a hidden watch, it becomes an invisible wind

刻む針音 孤独と隣り合わせ
あなたは手を取り 何も言わず導いた

kizamu shin’on kodoku to tonariawase
anata wa te wo tori nani mo iwazu michibiita

The marking clock-ticks match together with my loneliness
But you took my hand, and guided me on without a word

Zig-zag 揺れるカラダ操られてく
途切れた時空 迷い込まされてる
Zig-zag ぶあつい壁包み込んでく
時の隙間広がり続ける It’s a fantasy

Zig-zag yureru karada ayaturareteku
togireta jikuu mayoikomasareteru
Zig-zag bu-atsui kabe tsutsumikondeku
toki no sukima hirogari tsudzukeru It’s a fantasy

Zig-zag controlling the motions of my swaying body
Leading astray the cut-off dimensions
Zig-zag wrapping around it a thick wall
Gaps in time continue to open – It’s a fantasy

甘い香り満ちる 穏やかな瞬間
磨き上げたTeacup 瞳が映り込む

amai kaori michiru odayaka na shunkan
migakiageta teacup hitomi ga utsurikomu

Now a peaceful moment filled with a sweet perfume
The teacup I’ve polished reflects in it my eyes

眠らぬ夜も あなたを待ち続ける
この身がなくなる なんて想像して嫌気がさした

nemuranu yoru mo anata wo machitsudzukeru
kono mi ga nakunaru nante souzou shite iyake ga sashita

Sleepless night after sleepless night I wait for you
I imagine the death of my body, and it fills me with an unpleasant feeling

Zig-zag 響くカラダ飲み込まれてく
鼓動が告げる 最期がくることも
Ziwa-ziwa 解けた魔法動き出してく
秘密の扉はじけ 月夜が明けていく

Zig-zag hibiku karada nomikomareteku
kodou ga tsugeru owari ga kuru koto mo
Ziwa-ziwa toketa mahou ugokidashiteku
himitsu no tobira hajike tsukiyo ga aketeiku

Zig-zag My reverberating body is swallowed
The tell-tale beat reminds me the end is coming
Ziwa-ziwa The broken spell leaps forward
Bursting open the secret gate, the moonlit night shines

だれも知らない ほんとの私のこと
あなたも知らない 過去は取り戻せないの

dare mo shiranai honto no watashi no koto
anata mo shiranai kako wa torimodosenai no

No one knows the real truth about me
No, not even you know the past that I can’t take back

Tick-tack 火照るからだ見失ってく
危険なサイン 繰り返し聞こえる
Tick-tack 響くカラダ飲み込まれてく
鼓動が告げる いつか終わることを
無数に散らばる ナイフに残された
記憶はだれも 知らずに流れてく
忌み嫌われた この力もあなたに
全て捧ぐと決めた 十六夜のサクヤに

Tick-tack hoteru karada miushinatteku
kiken na sign kurikaeshi kikoeru
Tick-tack hibiku karada nomikomareteku
kodou ga tsugeru itsuka owaru koto wo
musuu ni chirabaru knife ni nokosareta
kioku wa dare mo shirazu ni nagareteku
imikirawareta kono chikara mo anata ni
subete sasagu to kimeta izayoi no sakuya ni

Tick-tack I’m losing sight of my body lit by fire
I hear again and again a dangerous sign
Tick-tack My reverberating body is swallowed
The tell-tale beat reminds me the end is coming
Scattered into countless pieces left by my knife
My memories no one knew are swept away
This power so detested… To you
I’ve decided to give my everything – On this flowering night of the 16th moon.

    • Hoppy
    • August 24th, 2010

    Happiness. :D Thanks as always, now I can go around singing it.

    • Vacuus
    • August 25th, 2010

    Do you mind translating 環 from 花篝 HANA-KAGARI by C-CLAYS? I rather like the song and would like to know what it’s about.

    • scrpn516
    • October 4th, 2011

    Requesting romaiji lyrics. :O

    • scrpn516
    • October 6th, 2011

    Ty! This was the first Touhou related song I had heard way back when; even when I didn’t know about about the games. Nostalgia!

    • First two songs I heard that drew me into Touhou were PizuyaxMyonMyon’s Romantic Children (original ver.) and Cytokine’s 少女が見た日本の原風景 – so maybe a bit of a difference but I’m totally with you on that nostalgia bit.

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