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NO, Thank You! (K-On!! ED 2)

^Yui and Mugi are hot, and Ritsu’s even more manly. :3

I’ve had this stuck in my head ever since I’ve heard it – but the first time I heard it was with takrockers!! performance in Yokohama. They said that because the album had just come out 3 days before, they had to sort of rush learning it, but their performance was awesome and high powered – I’ll always consider that live version better than this; but really you can’t beat this song.

NO, Thank You!
[平沢 唯・秋山 澪・田井中 律・琴吹 紬・中野 梓]
CV:豊崎愛生、日笠陽子、佐藤聡美、寿 美菜子、竹達彩奈

落書き 自由な願い事
放課後のチャイム 夕陽に響いても
夢見るパワー ディスれないね 生憎

This graffiti is my longing for freedom
Scrambling together all over a white slate
Even when the final school bell rings out over the setting sun
I’m sorry, but you just can’t dis the power of my dreams!

Let’s sing もっともっともっと声高く
くちびるに希望 携えて
ワード放つそのたび 光になる

Let’s sing, louder and louder and louder and louder!
Hanging our hopes on our lips
Every time we let our words out, they turn to light
Fragments of who we are!

思い出浸る 大人のような甘美な贅沢

I don’t need memories!
After all, I’m deeply, strongly in love with ‘now’
As for the sweet luxury of adulthood soaked in memories?
Not yet – I’ll pass… NO, Thank you!

心のノート マーカー引き乱れて
痛み喜び みんなといると
無限なリバーヴで刺さる 不思議

With the note of my heart, my marker goes off course
I’m filled with points that when pressured put me an inch from tears
Though in pain I’m happy; Whenever I’m together with all of you
I’m shot through with a limitless reverb – I don’t quite get it

Let’s fly ずっとずっとずっと彼方まで
カウントダウン待てない野望 追い風に
ビート刻むそのたび プラチナになる

Let’s fly further and further and further and further!
My ambitions can’t wait for a countdown, so
Every time the beat chases after on a tailwind, they turn to platinum
Our wings!

約束欲しがる 子供のような無邪気な脆弱

I don’t need promises!
After all no one can live anytime but now!
As for that childish, innocent weakness of hanging on promises?
I’m graduated from that long ago, so NO, Thank You!

いつまでも どこまでも きっと聞こえ続ける
永遠さえいらないのになぜ 失くせそうにない
Our Splendid Songs

Anytime, Anywhere, I’m sure I’ll keep hearing it
Even though they doesn’t go on for eternity, I don’t feel I’ll ever loose them
Our splendid songs!

Let’s sing もっともっともっと声枯れても
くちびるでこの瞬間(とき) 讃えて
ルート同じ地図持ち めぐり逢えた

Let’s sing more and more and more! Till our voices dry out!
Praising this moment, this instant with our lips
We all have the same route on the map, our meetings are all tied together
These are our bonds!

NO, Thank You! 思い出なんていらないよ
思い出浸る 大人のような甘美な贅沢

NO, Thank you! I don’t need memories!
After all, I’m deeply, strongly in love with ‘now’
As for the sweet luxury of adulthood soaked in memories?
Not yet – I’ll pass… NO, Thank you!

Dream Battle

Minoshima really likes those long introductions doesn’t he? Because of course the first track is just the first part of this song.

If you like this song, check out Romantic Fall [link] and Fire [link] also done by Minoshima on this album ^_^.

Dream Battle
Arranged: Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyric: Haruka
Vocal: Nachi Sakaue
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: of memories
Event: C78

今はなにも見えなくて 先が闇に変わっても
今も夢を追い続け それが私、変わらない
それはきっと気まぐれに いつも私惑わすの
夢を見てるいつまでも それも私、変わらない

Though now I can’t see anything, and the way ahead has descended into darkness..
Even now I keep chasing after my dreams – For me, that will never change.
Though I feel like I always do this on a whim, and that always puzzles me..
I always have, and always will be dreaming – That too will never change.

この先暗闇でも いいの信じたい
恐れることは無いわ きっと迷わないわ
変わらぬその想いは 夢が破れても
私は夢見ることを 繰り返す

Though there’s darkness ahead, that’s fine I still want to believe..
There’s no reason to be afraid – I’m sure I won’t get lost.
My feelings will never change, even if my dreams are shattered..
I simply keep dreaming, over and over again.

そうね 続いてる道は
終わることは無いでしょ 自分が信じられるのなら
遥か先にあるけど 見えているはずだから

Yes, I’m sure – This road I’m going down
Has no end – but if I can just believe in myself..
Even now there may be far down ahead
An end that I can see.

今はなにも感じない そんな場所にいるけれど
夢を見ればその願い 失わずにいれるから
たとえそれが崩れても ずっと胸に残したい
消えはしないこの想い ひとつそれが真実ね

Now, I can’t feel a thing – But even in such a place,
If I dream, I should be able to enter without losing my wish..
For even if it crumbles, I want to leave it forever in my heart
My feelings won’t disappear – that at least is a certain truth.

この夢幻想でも いいの見れるなら
届かぬままでいても きっと信じられる
変わらぬこの想いは 今もそのままで
信じていたいそれだけ この夢を

Even if this dream is an illusion, that’s fine since I’m able to see it
Even if I’m stay unable to reach it, I’ll still be able to believe.
My feelings are as always, now and forever unchanging
I just want to believe – in this dream

そうね 見続けた先は
気まぐれに隠れても 自分が信じているのなら
夢は いつまでも続く
手が届いてなくても 見えているはずならば

Yes, I’m sure – Even if the end I’m staring at
Hides itself somewhere, if I can just believe in myself..
The dream continues on forever.
Even if I can never reach it, as long as I can always see it…