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蓮華の夢 – Renge no Yume – Lotus Dream

^Just found this awesome artist (miri) check her out [pixiv link]

Another of the powerful tracks from Long Skirt Panorama Girl, one of Buta-Otome’s finest! Buy one of their CDs at [here (Link points specifically to this album)] if you can manage to skip a few meals! (I say skip a few meals because you certainly must get this by proxy, as they don’t have international shipping, a common trait among ALL doujinshi mail order shops. orz) Make a list and then get a few? I was lucky enough to get a friend to grab it for me at comiket on his way back home. >.>

Edit 9/8/2010: (I missed two lines D: – but I’ve put them in and translated them now ^_^;)

 Renge no Yume
 Lotus Dream
原曲:感情の摩天楼~ Cosmic Mind
Circle:豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)
Album:ロングスカートパノラマガール (Long Skirt Panorama Girl)

怯えていた 幾千もの時をこえて
出口の無い この世界に 光が満ちる
繋がること 信じること 教えてくれたから
今すぐでも 会いに行くよ
ひとつだけ 伝えたい 声よ届け

I was frightened, passing over thousands of ages
In this world without an exit, filled with light
But since you taught me what it means to be connected, to believe
Even not I’m going to see you
I have something to tell you – Voice! Reach out!

全て 受け止める 蓮華の夢

This lotus dream accepts, embracing everything

あの空を翔ける  懐かしい別れの記憶
抱きとめた胸の傷跡も 愛せる花になれ

Flying through that sky, precious memories of our parting and
Wounds I’ve embraced in my heart, may you become a lovely flower!

泣きたい夜 乗り越えてく 強い心
それは遥か 遠い君が 残した魔法
今はあの日 生まれた夢 信じるだけ

My strong heart carries me over those nights when I want to cry
It’s a magic that you, now so far away, left for me
Since you protected me, though I stumble, though I hurt
Now I believe in the dream I have, born that day!

全て 受け止める 蓮華の夢

This lotus dream accepts, embracing everything

あの空を翔ける 思い出が胸締め付ける

Flying through that sky, these memories tighten my chest
So that one day my sadness may change into kindness!

あの空を翔ける  懐かしい別れの記憶
抱きとめた胸の傷跡も 愛せる花になれ
重なり合う想い 咲かせて花になれ

Flying through that sky, precious memories of our parting and
Wounds I’ve embraced in my heart, may you become a lovely flower!
May our overlapping longing for each other blossom and become a flower!

囚 – トラワレ – Toraware – Taken Prisoner

IZUMIN!!!!! 丶 (≧∇≦)ノ YUUKA!!!!!

Need I say more?

Now dance with FEAR!!!! ヽ(╹ε╹)ノ

囚 – トラワレ –
 Taken Prisoner
Lyric:疒 [丙]
原曲:眠れる恐怖 ~ Sleeping Terror
Album:Felsic Mirage

さあ、恐怖と踊れ 絶望に身を堕として
怯える顔見せて  その甘い色を
さぁ、私と踊れ 月影に照らされ
淡く染まる世界で 罪、咲き始めるまで永久に

saa kyoufu to odore zetsubou ni mi wo otoshite
obieru kao misete sono amai iro wo
saa, watashi to odore tsukikage ni terasare
awaku somaru sekai de tsumi, sakisomeru made towa ni

Come and dance with fear; let your body descend into despair
Show me your terrified face, that color so sweet…
Come and dance with me; shining in the moon’s shadows
Here in this faintly lit world, until sin begins to blossom onto eternity!!

儚く 色付く 花が開いて
告げる 静かに 夢の始まり
眠り 浅く 罪は 深く
紅い 花弁 降り積もる

hakanaku irotsuku hana ga hiraite
tsugeru shizuka ni yume no hajimari
nemuri asaku tsumi wa fukaku
akai hanabira furitsumoru

Transient yet filled with color, a flower opens..
It conveys in silence the start of a dream.
Sleep is shallow and sin is deep..
Its red petals drop and pile upon the ground.

言葉尽きて示す道は 消えて

kotoba tsukite shimesu michi wa kiete
katayoseta omoi detsukite

Words exhausted the road you were shown disappears;
Your memories lined up, one after the other expire!

さあ、すべてを忘れ 戯れましょう今すぐ
眠りから目覚めて 踊り狂いましょう
さぁ、この手を取って その体を預けて

saa, subete wo wasure tawamuremashou ima sugu
nemuri kara mezamete odorikuruimashou
saa, kono te wo totte, sono karada wo azukete
amai koe de naite
tsumi no hana sakasemashou tomo ni

Come and forget everything; from now on we’ll play!
Awaking from sleep, we’ll dance wildly!
Come and take my hand, give your body to me;
Let cry your sweet voice,
Together we’ll make the flower of sin blossom!!

鮮やか 彩る 花は揺れて
時の 中で うつろう心
花の 世界を 思い描いて
影も 残さず 彷徨って

azayaka irodoru hana wa yurete
toki no naka de utsurou kokoro
hana no sekai wo omoiegaite
kage mo nokosazu samayotte

Brilliantly colored the flower sways..
In time the heart changes..
Remember and draw that world of flowers..
Wander, leaving not a single shadow.

砕けた夢の欠片拾い 集め
虚ろな夢に終わり 告げ

kudaketa yume no kakera hiroi atsume
utsuro na yume ni owari tsuge

Pick up the broken pieces of this dream and bring them together;
Now bring this empty dream to its end!!

夢の続き求め 罪に身を染めましょう
月の光そそぐ 舞台で共に踊りましょう

yume no tsudzuki motome tsumi ni mi wo somemashou
tsuki no hikari sosogu butai de tomo ni odorimashou

Seeking the continuation of this dream, let’s soak our bodies in sin!
On this stage, overflowing in moonlight, together let’s dance!

さあ、恐怖と踊れ その体震わせ
罪の花に埋もれ 夢心地の中で
さぁ、私と踊れ この花の舞台で

saa kyoufu to odore sono karada furuwase
tsumi no hana ni umore yumegokochi no naka de
saa, watashi to odore kono hana no butai de
tsumi chirikareru made towa ni

Come and dance with fear; let your body shiver!
Buried in this flower of sin, in a dream-like state..
Come and dance with me, here on this flower stage,
Blossoming wildly and in disarray,
Until our sin scatters and dries up, onto eternity!!

風雲~ kazakumo ~ – Winds and Clouds

More Buta-Otome! If you haven’t heard of them before, check them out!! [link]
I can never get tired of their sound, or Ranko’s voice! ;D
So here’s an Aya song for all you Aya fans!

風雲~ kazakumo ~
 Winds and Clouds
Circle:豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)
Album:ロングスカートパノラマガール (Long Skirt Panorama Girl)


“All good children go to heaven!”
Who says that not knowing what is wrong or right?
What color is under that mask?
A book binding re-painted for style’s sake..


Another one, two “lies” are set onto the wind,
Polluting the innocent sky.
I look up to the sky and say it’s beautiful, lying again,
Trying to believe myself..

もうホントのことなど そう誰も気にしない
いつの間にか風を呼んで 飛んで

No one cares anymore for the truth,
Yet somehow my chest still throbs;
Before I know it I’m calling out to the sky, flying!


Since I can give up at any time,
For now I’ll just believe in myself,
Until that one sparkling day,
I’ll take pictures upon pictures of smiles!

もっと高く飛んで飛んで 宇宙に手が届くまで
叫ぶ声届けて 闇の世界超えて

I fly higher and higher, until space comes into my reach,
Since we’ve nothing but the present,
Until that one sparkling day,
Everyone show me their smiles!
Let my screaming voice reach out and pass out of the dark world!