ENS and Buta-Otome @ C78

I want these two CDs so much, I think I might just risk trying to get into Comiket on the 14th, despite the fact that that’s the day my flight leaves. I’m going to make desperate plans, see if I can schedule managing the earliest train etc. etc. If it’s impossible, it’s impossible. I might just get a friend to buy the CDs for me, but… I want those CDs D: Really… Really bad. What I might do is reserve a ticket for the fastest train home and go the previous day, camp out by the entrance (with everyone else) – rush in, buy, then hurry back home, get the family to take me to the airport, then sleep like crazy on the flight back home. We’ll see. I need to do more research before I make an adequate decision.


EastNewSound’s (site: [link]) coming out with a new album for C78 – Felsic Mirage!!!!, and you can listen to the demo here: [link] or on YT: [link]
Do you know what Felsic means? I don’t.

Here’s the full track listing from the YT page:

01 – Titleless Sights (Wind God Girl)
Arrangement: KOBATYU | Vocals: Cryu | Lyrics: Izumin

02 – nothing guilty (Judgment in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years)
Arrangement: Kokuchou | Vocals: Yura Hatsuki | Lyrics: Kumarisu

03 – 終奏叙情曲 -lycoris- (Higan Retour ~ Riverside View)
Arrangement: crouka | Vocals: Chata | Lyrics: Izumin

04 – 花は幻想の果てに (The Flower Like the Fantasy)
Arrangement: crouka | Vocals: Tsubaki | Lyrics: Izumin

05 – アクセル・オーバー (Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path)
Arrangement: Kokuchou | Vocals: Bibian | Lyrics: Izumin

06 – 囚-トラワレ- (Sleeping Terror)
Arrangement: Kokuchou | Vocals: Izumin | Lyrics: 疒

07 – etching summary (Oriental Dark Flight)
Arrangement: crouka | Vocals: Uki Hanabi | Lyrics: Kumarisu

08 – Lazy kiss (Love-colored Master Spark)
Arrangement: MiYAMO | Vocals: Mamemi | Lyrics: Izumin

09 – intense (Flower of Soul ~ Another Dream…)
Arrangement: Irus | Vocals: nano.czkey | Lyrics: Kumarisu

10 – 幽音絶花、繚乱ノ彩 (Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land)
Arrangement: Kokuchou | Vocals: Chata, nayuta | Lyrics: Izumin

11 – White Wish (Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple)
Arrangement: Sumijun | Vocals: Hotaru | Lyrics: 海兎

12 – princess coronation (The Gods Give Us Blessed Rain ~ Sylphid Dream)
Arrangement: KOBATYU | Vocals: Zensai | Lyrics: Kumarisu

Here’s the order I think the songs are in, based on my knowledge of the original tunes and the vocals.

1=01 Titleless Sights (Only because it would be absurd if any other but the first track said “EAST NEW SOUND~~”+ they already have 2 other 風神少女 mixes, so it’s ok to make this an “introduction-ish” song)

2=03 終奏叙情曲 -lycoris- (I can recognize that this is 茶太 Chata; she’s sung some of my favorite mixes: Lucent Wish, and Lucid Dream, so this song’s got my expectations on it)

3=09 intense (I really like the soft trance feel of this song – I’m guessing it’s “intense” though the title doesn’t seem to fit that description; we’ll see if I’m right or wrong. I made my assumption on the fact that I felt the original track matched the one in the description)

4=06 囚 -トラワレ- (IZUMIN!!!! YUUKA!!!! – You just brought together two of my favorite things together. This will probably be the first track I translate off this album. I’ve already got a sleepy loli Yuuka picture all ready for it.)

5=04 花は幻想の果てに (I could recognize Tsubaki’s voice if I went deaf… somehow..; I really like it when ending themes get made into mixes, because usually it takes a while to recognize them, and on top of that they usually bring out a subtle part of the track and enrich it. (Like demetori’s 10:55 Eastern Dream for instance) Looking forward to this track too.)

6=02 nothing guilty (Fate of Sixty Years is something that can’t be misheard XD – It sounds a bit mellow for how I like the song, but it sounds good nonetheless – I’m looking forward to it)

7=10 幽音絶花、繚乱ノ彩 (Of course, nayuta and Chata. :D Again, you just brought together my favorite things, Yuuka and nayuta! :D I love all of Yuuka’s themes, and a we haven’t had a duet from EastNewSound yet (at least on their Touhou albums – Didn’t nayuta and Chata sing together in some famous Miku song?))

Apart from the songs in the demo, I’m looking forward to track 05 アクセル・オーバー (Acceleration Over), particularly because I like Colorful Path, I haven’t heard of Bibian yet, so I’m curious to how it’ll sound – Kokuchou’s good though. I’m also looking forward to track 07 etching summary, one because I’ve heard some interesting Oriental Flight mixes, and because Hanabi Uki has a rather deep voice and I like that. I’ve heard enough of Master Spark, but I’m sure ENS’ll surprise me with a good track, so we’ll see on #08; I really really liked Hotaru’s voice in booklet choir, and I love Ancient Temple, so I’m really looking forward to #11 White Wish, and similarly I like Zensai and Sylphid Dream so #12 is a must too. At any rate, there’s hardly been a track by EastNewSound that I’ve disliked, so I’m really excited.


Buta-Otome’s (site: [link]) coming out with a new Album C78 too! ロングスカートパノラマガール (Long Skirt Panorama Girl) and it’s Yuuka Again!!! It’s probably because it’s summer. Yuuka almost makes me love summer. Almost.

Buta-Otome’s at least my second favorite Touhou music group at this point (they’re right next to EastNewSound), though only recently introduced to them. Ranko’s vocals are well perfect, especially for the kind of music the group does. It’s rough, not quite smooth, like a garden – like Yuuka’s garden. :D That description probably sounds odd >.> but it gives everything a more natural feeling. Then their instrumentals are brilliant, jazzy, upbeat, and inventive – yeah, that’s it, and the guitar has the same sort of feel Ranko’s vocals have, so go Comp!!. To top it off, they’ve got Paprika for piano, who’s second only to Pizuya in my books, and that’s saying something. I don’t know how much he/she has to do with the arrangement, but whenever piano comes up it’s brilliant.

You can listen to the demo at the album page: [link], or download the crossfade here: [link]
It has all the tracks in order, so I’ll just do the track listing:

I’m looking forward to every track on this album and am excited to translate them too :D – but I’ll put thoughts by every track too.

01 風雲 ~kazakumo~ (Kazakumo // Wind and Clouds [Storm])
[原曲:風神少女] (Fuujin Shoujo // Wind God Girl)
It’s said one can find great fortune if they jump out and ride upon the wings of a storm while everyone else hides in their homes. I really like the instrumentals on this one and I absolutely love Ranko’s voice – it sounds perfect :D

02 パノラマガール (Panorama Girl)
[原曲:桜花之恋塚 ~ Flower of Japan] (Ouka no Koidzuka // Lovely Mound of Cherry Blossoms)
An arrangement of Flower of Japan, which is a contender for my favorite original theme, so of course I love it. The instrumentals and pace give a nice relaxed skip sort of feeling, and makes me smile :D

03 蓮華の夢 (Renge no Yume // Lotus Dream)
[原曲:感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind] (Kanjou no Matenrou // Emotional Skyscraper)
I like how this builds up and climaxes, running up the skyscraper :D Hahaha… I’ve heard some dull Cosmic Mind mixes, but this certainly far from that.

04 記憶の淵 (Kioku no Fuchi // Abyss of Memories)
[原曲:幽夢 ~ Inanimate Dream] (Yuumu // Inanimate Dream)
Another Yuuka theme that I can’t say no to. It has a nice slow, descending feeling – made me think of the first stage of SA for a bit – guess that fits the title ^_^ Looking forward to the lyrics for this one~

05 青いミレン、蒼いナミダ (Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida // Blue Regrets, Azure Tears)
[原曲:おてんば恋娘] (Otenba Koimusume // Lovely Tomboyish Girl)
This one’s cute :P I really like how Ranko’s voice changes. Looking forward to this one too.

06 春x夏x秋x冬 ~ Tou! ~ ([Shunkashuu]tou // [Spring,Summer,Autumn] Winter!!)
[原曲:クリスタライズシルバー] (Crystallize Silver)
Another cute one :D Cuter than the last one even, and I share the “If only it was winter right now!” T^T The heat’s really getting to me.

07 空のこころ (Kara/[Utsuho] no Kokoro // Empty/[Utsuho’s] Heart)
[原曲:霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion] (Reichi no Taiyoushinkou // Mystic Wisdom of the Sun Faith)
I really like the back-tunes in this and the attention the song get’s to the melody you don’t hear as much in Nuclear Fusion. It keeps it fresh. :D Utsuho~~!

08 地獄かくれんぼ (Jigoku Kakurenbo // Hide and Seek in Hell)
[原曲:緑眼のジェラシー] (Ryokugan no Jealousy // Green-Eyed Jealousy)
You hit me with another contender of favorite original track ever. I mean really. Greenwich on the last album, and Flower of Japan and Green-Eyed Jealousy on this one? You’d think they were writing songs just for me! :D Hahaha… Well anyway. I love the shabadabadadada~ hahaha :P Really looking forward to hearing the rest of this one, and I absolutely love the instrumentals… and I really do love jazzy trumpets as much as ZUN I suspect.

There’s a bonus CD attached. I WANT T^T

There’s also a Piano Album by Paprika, which has a various arrangement of songs; you can listen to it here: [link], here’s the ddl if you can’t find it: [link]

    • Nico
    • August 5th, 2010

    Fantastic. Oh gosh, I have been biding my time to listen to the Crossfade so I could get it the 15th or something. EastNewSound NEVER disappoints. And now I found out about Buta-Otome, and life is good! Thanks so much!

  1. Felsic’s an overly complicated geologic term x)

    • Lotan4th
    • August 6th, 2010


    They had participated in 3 albums.
    http://hatsunetsumikos.net/tlts/ vocal stuff
    http://butaotome.web.fc2.com/panorama_girl.html pinao stuff
    http://butaotome.web.fc2.com/nekokenban.html crossover with発熱巫女

    Strictly, it was four,
    http://cocktail-m49.com/cd006/ participated in tr1 for this album

    • Yeah I just listened to the Hatsunetsu Mikos’ crossfade today, and I’m looking forward to that too – also, Ranko + HNM = Yes!

  2. Hmm, why not get your friend to buy it for you and ship it over… you know, it takes freaking long to enter into the convention hall even after the gates have openned…. well it’s up to you.. even if your friend doesn’t get it on that day there’s always tora no ana and melon books…

    • Yeah I could get it at ToranoAna etc…, but then there’s the special event day only CD T^T.
      It’ll be impossible for me to go, but I’m going to see if I can get my friend to get it and then ship it after he gets back to the States.

  3. AHH, Buta-Otome, I want that album so baaaad >..< And Nekokenban, its a CD, but is it from Buta Otome or..?

    • It’s from Buta-Otome, but specifically it’s from Buta-Otome’s Paprika, their pianist.

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