Infinity Trip

^Since there’s a train, I probably should have waited for some mix of a Retrospective track, but if it comes down to it I have no problem posting this again. :)

(This is Not a Translation!)

So, I accidentally translated Scarlet Desire a second time and in quite a different way, but I feel it’d be sort of useless to post it again – so to make it up to myself, I’m posting this.
Edit: I ended up going back and sort of merging the two posts together.

Unfortunately songs that are already in Engrish don’t tend to get enough representation here, well because I usually just use this site for translating songs, but now I’ll draw your attention to this track on Metallical Astronomy by Sound Holic. Listen to the song – read the lyrics and let the profound uncertainty (due to sketchy grammar) wash over you. I think, at least – that this is an awesome song that deserves a post :D

I’ve just got a smile on my face thinking of what sort of trip a “bad child” would be in for if this scary Gensoukyou-ish Sandman got ahold of him. It must be how Mary feels.

Side Note: If you didn’t know, Mary / Merri / Maribel Han is really properly “Maribel Hearn” which refers to author Lafcidio Hearn, a compiler of stories about ghosts and youkai, who changed his name to Koizumi Yakumo upon moving to Japan.

Infinity Trip
Vocal: Yo-suke
Lyric by Blue E / Arranged by 8STYLE
Original Track: 「大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy」

Drivin’ heart over the big moonlight, yeah
Borderline ? Can step across
No time shot, time and time and time again
Feelin’ good !! It’s the best way drive

Oh, It’s the time to go to bed for kids
Is there a bad child tonight ?
If so, I take him to the other side
Yes, upside down upside down trip !

Oh, infinity !!
Flyin’ to everywhere you wish to go
Oh, infinity !!
I want to tell your sweet destiny
Oh, infinity !!
Nothing to crucify your heart tonight
Oh, infinity !!
Dead or Alive, Getting’ to your phantasien

Very hot, very high, ain’t it for dream ?
Crazy hot, crazy high dream
Unknown X, you will find it in your soul
Might soul, your almighty soul

It’s no way to get back to your home
Don’t feel a regret tonight
You may see what you have pressed in your soul
Yes, upside down upside down trip !

*repeat #2
*repeat #1,2,2

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