彩祭雷禮 / SaisaiRairai


EastNewSound likes doing festival songs, and they’re good notes to end on. With this song translated I’ve completed my second full EastNewSound album, Scattered Destiny :D Two left to go!!

おばけ – in the “target practice” part can be a ghost, goblin, appartion, youkai, etc – or fairy, like Cirno. lol. but that would be more おばか than おばけ
“red up to her ears!” I’d like to think she’s drunk. :P Though of course she would be red and white all over anyway.
The shrine maiden is Reimu, the witch is Marisa.
⑨ is pronounced Maru-Kyuu and refers to (Baka-)Cirno.
The kitten is chen, the rabbit is first tewi then reisen, the fox is Ran (who like all kitsune/nine-tails has an addition to fried tofu).
The three sisters are the Prismrivers, the oni is Suika, the firefly is Wriggle Nightbug, and the largest parasol is Yukari’s
It’s funny that there’s a lot of characters from 7 and 8, but hardly any (except the singer) from 10

 Colorful Festival, Rite of Thunder
Arranger: Izu
Lyric: くまりす
Vocal: ぴーちこ
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Scattered Destiny
Event: Reitaisai 6


Shining brightly the sun goes back over the mountains!
Now’s the time you can walk around without a parasol!

あしぶみならして じんじゃにむかう
あいつはいつでも さわがしいから

Stamp out a beat with your feet and head towards the shrine!
The one over there is always loud and noisy!

どんどどんと きこえてくる おまつりはじまりね
カラメル焼ける匂い さぁ!

Don-do-Don! I can hear it! The festival is starting!
I can smell the roasting caramel!!

かえるに 目配せ しゃてきでねらう
りんごを 落として おばけに投げる

Winking at a frog I decide on a little target practice,
I pick an apple and throw it through a ghost!

どんどどんと 叩く巫女は 耳までまっかっか
金魚もった 魔法の肩に ⑨

Don-do-Don! The shrine maiden beating the drums is red up to her ears!
There’s ⑨ on the shoulder of a witch holding a goldfish!

猫が盗ったたこやき 頬張るうさぎ
あぶらあげ横取り さわぎだした狐

A kitten steals some takoyaki, a bunny stuffs her cheeks,
And making quite a fuss a fox swipes something from the frying pan

鬼の持つ焼きそば 震える三つ子

Three sisters shake the oni’s yakisoba,
And everyone dances to the doll’s song

ほたるにもらった わっかを投げて
狙うは 一番 大きな日傘
どんどどんと 叩く巫女が 裾踏んで すっころげ
しんとなって わらいだした みんな

I throw a ring I got from a firefly
Aiming for the largest parasol!
Don-do-Don! The shrine maiden trips on her hem and falls flat on her face!
There was dead silence, and then everyone laughed!

訪れた静寂 集まる人が
燃え上がる炎を 静かに見守って
酌み交わすお酒に 舌鼓打ち
口ずさむ音色を 加え朱舞う

A silence visits as everyone gathered
Watches quietly over the burning flame.
We pass the sake around and smack our lips,
Someone hums a tune and soon again we dance!

夜霧に満月 蒼く微笑み
祭りの終わりを やさしく告げる

The full moon in the nightly mist smiles serenely
To tell us kindly of the festival’s end

どんどどんと叩き疲れ 大の字で眠る巫女
酒瓶を枕にして ⑨眠る

Don-do-Don! The tired shrine maiden collapses spread-eagled and sleeps..
Using the sake bottle as a pillow, so does ⑨

チビチビ酌する ウサギ尻目に
おおきなイビキに タオル押し込み
毛布持ってそっと掛ける おやすみ

Throwing a glance at the rabbit pouring the last drops of sake
I shove a towel in the mouth of a loud snorer
Don-do-Don! The half-asleep shrine maiden shows her armpits beating on the wall
So I carry a blanket and gently toss it over her – Good night

  1. I’m sorry to bother, but I’d like to know where I can get the kanji lyrics for the song “Rendezvous” by SYNC.ART’S in the Album “らぶれす-Loveressive-“, because I’d like to fandub it as well.
    Original (by ZUN):
    狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon
    Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon
    Reisen Udongein Inaba’s Theme
    Imperishable Night Stage 5

    Arrangement: Gojyo-kai
    Vocals: Momori & Sora Yuizuki
    Circle: SYNC.ART’S
    HP: http://syncarts.jp/
    Album: らぶれす-Loveressive-
    Catalogue Number: SACD-5018

    Released at 博麗神社例大祭4. (Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai 4)

    That one, and I’m sorry once again ^^ I love Cirno! ^o^

    • You can find most lyrics/album booklets at http://vgmdb.net/ if you have an account, but sometimes for rare or really recent stuff it’s just not there – I myself just use a gigantic database you have to download >.>… anyway it’s on vgmdb so I’ll email you the picture that has the lyrics on it (w/ the email you used to post your comment) just in case you don’t have an account or don’t want to make one.

      ^_^ – sorry the reply was a little late ; internet is strangely rare here.

    • siaoidiot
    • July 14th, 2010

    kafka where are u get on irc ;_;

    • I’m in Japan and I have extremely limited access to internet let alone irc D: ;_; joo miss mii? :P

    • siaoidiot
    • July 16th, 2010

    yes ;_;

  2. don’t know whether you’ll see this comment or not, or whether you still have an interest in ENS-songs, but I found out that the last stanza is missing:
    チビチビ酌する ウサギ尻目に
    おおきなイビキに タオル押し込み
    毛布持ってそっと掛ける おやすみ

    I just wanted so say it.

    • Σ( ̄□ ̄|||)
      I’ll have to get around to fixing that. Back before I put romaji to everything I missed stuff like that a little more often than I’d like to admit.

      • aha^^ thanks for replying :D btw. we all make mistakes ;)

    • Niniva Chan
    • January 14th, 2015

    Do you ever plan on translating the last stanza of this song?

    • Just did. (Only took me 2 years after being first told about it o.o;) Honestly, it’s a bit embarrassing reading through a translation this old.

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