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神様のいうとおり (Kamisama no Iu Toori) – Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei/Tatami Galaxy ED

Wow…. – when I first read through the lyrics – wow… I’d say she killed her. Go jealous-insanity! Or on a milder note it could be a woman trying to come to terms on her “goodness” attending the funeral of one that she’s happy is dead. – Perhaps she killed the woman and the mirror she asks the question to in the end was her mirror, and now she’s married to the man, “all according to god’s plan”? You can go with it however far you want.

YouTubeListenLink: [link] (I have no idea what’s with the video).

Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei ED: [link]

Notes (2012/07/09):
“That idiot woman, she died,” is more easily interpreted as “Even if that idiot woman died” – it really all depends on the tone of voice and where the pauses are – when I first heard this song I linked it more to “I heard that she died – huh, but it’s not like that would fix anything for her” – especially because of all the heaven talk. Thinking back now it’s probably “Even if that idiot woman died” because it’s less of a stretch, but I didn’t want to change it – so here’s this note.

神様のいうとおり – All According to God
歌手 石渡淳治/砂原良徳/やくしまるえつこ カテゴリ 四畳半神話大系 ED
作詞 石渡淳治 読み かみさまのいうとおり
作曲 砂原良徳 閲覧数 合計:909 今月:175
編曲 砂原良徳

天国 いくため 毎日こそっと
内緒で いいこと してたけど

In order to go to heaven, everyday, softly
I did good things in secret, but…


A single tear drop falls,
My head starts to spin…

あの娘 はすっぱ 恋泥棒
わたしけなげ いいひと

That vulgar woman, that love thief!
I am pure, a good person.
My longing heart was not fulfilled,
Oh God what do I do?

天使に なるため 毎日だまって
みんなにやさしく してたけど

In order to become an angel, everyday I was silent
I was nice to everyone, but…


A single tear drop falls,
My body feels faint…

あの娘 すけべ 恋泥棒
わたし素直 いいひと

That lewd woman, that love thief!
I am honest, a good person.
I was unable to catch the wave of love,
Pulled away from gravity.

わたしけなげ いいひと
あの娘の馬鹿 死んだって

I’ve got to forgive her, that love thief, for
I am pure, a good person.
That idiot woman, she died,
Though she never found error in her ways.

あの娘たぶん いいひと

I’ve got to forgive her, that love thief, for
That woman was probably a good person.
I must forget these things,
I am heaven.

鏡の中 問いかけた
わたしけなげ いいひと
あの娘 悪魔 恋泥棒

In the mirror I asked,
Aren’t I pure, a good person?
For that woman, devil, love thief,
Hell is waiting.


I must forgive her.