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I Get Around The Road

Requested by: vincent/night_bird

“I Get Around The Road” is by Yellow Zebra, from the Album 東方輪衝歌 ~Moment of Impulse~ (Toho Rinshouka ~Moment of Impulse~) released C75 – an Arrangement of Kagiyama Hina’s Stage theme.

Is it just me or does this sound at parts a lot like Sakuya’s Stage theme, A Maid and her Pocket Watch of Blood? Well, I’m not complaining ^_^.

I like Hina: twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl~

“Picking up and gathering such misfortune they bring,” – the line alone suggests “I gather up that sort of food” – but we know Hina doesn’t eat humans, but she gathers misfortune (for the benefit of humans) – this line suggests she literally feeds on it?

“”No” was pressed on the back of the plate” – as in a newspaper publishing plate… think typewriters. – Speaking of which, that entire section is a little foggy, I think Hina found a magazine page somewhere along the path (with it’s pro-status quo argument a misfortune – lol.) Then she either mailed into or was going to mail into the magazine asking her question. The whole thing with the printing plates might be because she was at the publishing place or was mailing in using a type writer and so answered her own question by what she found lying around. – Yeah maybe it’s a stretch, but sometimes you have to do that XD.

The text says “no” and “yes” but she sings “no” and “we’ll see” so I put that.

So Hina had a boyfriend and dumped him. Lol. Go her.

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Update: Romaji Added.

I Get Around The Road(原曲:厄神様の通り道 ~ Dark Road)

呼ばれた気がして 見渡しても
決まった世界が 眼を過ぎるだけ

Yobareta ki ga shite miwatashitemo
Kimatta sekai ga me wo sugiru dake

I thought someone called out to me, but when I looked around,
All that passed my eyes was the same fate-bound world.

同じように 繰り返す 毎日は
誰も知らずに 私へと
望みもしない 風を運ぶ

Onajiyou ni kurikaesu mainichi wa
Daremo shirazu ni watashi e to
Nozomi mo shinai kaze wo hakobu

As always, each day repeats just like the last;
No one knows how it carries to me
A wind I’ve never wished for.

この世は皆 同じだけの
明日が 待っていて
続く この通り道で 探し続けて

Ko no yo wa minna onaji dake no
Asu ga matteite
Tsudzuku kono toorimichi de sagashi-tsudzukete

In this world everyone waits
For the same morning,
Continuing down this road, still searching.

空に ばら撒いた
回り回るこの想い 君に届け

Sonna kate wo hiroi-atsumete wa
Sora ni baramaita
Mawari-mawaru kono omoi kimi ni todoke

Picking up and gathering such misfortune they bring,
I scattered it all into the sky.
May my spinning, twirling emotions reach you!

何処ぞの誌面で 論じられた
変わらぬ現状 いつも信じて

Dokozo no kison de ronjirareta
Kawaranu genjou itsumo shinjite

On some print magazine page the unchanging quo
Was debated – they always kept their faith in it.

偉くもないこと 解ってはいるけど
声に飢えて ただ聴いた
「こんな私に 救いの手を」

Eraku mo nai koto wakatte wa iru kedo
Koe ni uete tada kiita
“Konna watashi ni sukui no te wo”

I know it wasn’t right of me, but
Starved for a voice, I asked,
“Is there anyone out there to save someone like me?”

「否」と掲げた プレートの裏
口を 滑らせて
取り繕う その影に「正」があって

“No” to kakageta pureito no ura
Kuchi wo suberasete
Tori-tsukurou sono kage ni “we’ll see” ga atte

“No” was pressed on the back of the plate.
It made me curse, but
I’d fix that – in the shadows there was a “We’ll see”.

答えはいつも 背中合わせ
風が 吹き変わる
そして 君を想っては
また日 廻る

Kotae wa itsumo senaka awase
Kaze ga fukikawaru
Soshite kimi wo omotte wa
Mata hi meguru

The answer is always at my back;
The wind keeps changing.
Thinking of you,
Another day comes around.

いつまでも 欲しがって 手にすればいらなくて
迷い続けてた そんな日々に
そろそろ さよならしたくて

Itsumademo hoshigatte te ni sureba iranakute
Mayoi-tsudzuketeta sonna hibi ni
Sorosoro sayonara shitakute

When you wish forever for something and finally get it,
Sometimes you don’t want it – I continued lost and
Finally I wanted to say goodbye to those days.

明日へ向かい 歩いてくことを
誰にも こんな私を 知られなくとも

Asu e mukai aruitekukoto wo
Yameru koto wa nai
Dare ni mo konna watashi wo shirarenaku tomo

I turned towards tomorrow and I just
Couldn’t stop walking.
Even if no one is able to really know me.

この世は皆 同じだけの
時間を 廻ってて
続く この通り道で 探している

Kono yo wa minna onaji dake no
Toki wo meguttete
Tsudzuku Kono toorimichi de sagashiteiru

In this world, everyone turns
With the same tame
Continuously searching down this road.