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今昔幻想郷 (Konjaku Gensoukyou) Lyrics / Translation

I’ve been a set of all different varieties of dead this week. It’s actually been quite spectacular.
I’ve been dehydrated-dead, anemia-dead, malnutrition-dead, stress-dead, thermo-dead, and silence-dead.
I’ve experienced that hunger threshold where you don’t feel hungry anymore, just tired.
My iPod killed itself and I don’t have the money to replace it.

To make me feel better, after long delays my Flandre Scarlet, Alice Margatroid, and MajiMaji Patchouli figures finally got here. I love my figures, they’re what keeps up my morale these days.

A check that was supposed to supplement my Japan savings was denied as well. I really am in despair. Need to pull myself out of it. Pulled out my dusty keyboard and played (horribly) Haigoku Lullaby for a while and that calmed me down. Haa… I really need a break. From life. So I can study Japanese and Japanese folklore and translate songs and read at my leisure…. orz

With all of that out of the way, I love Kazami Yuuka, don’t you? Genocidal Sadistic Maniac, Beautiful as Any Flower :D. I love flowers too. Someone send me flowers.. T^T

This song is 今昔幻想郷 from palette ~人々が愛した幻想郷~ Disc1 by 君の美術館 Kimi-no-Museum. It’s a self proclaimed arrangement of Kazami Yuuka’s Kaeidzuka/Phantasmagoria of Flower View Theme, however, a lot of the melody (the one with the chorus/powerful stanzas) is taken from her final form boss theme from Gensoukyou/Lotus Land Story.

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

今昔幻想郷 (Konjaku Gensoukyou) “Gensoukyou, Past and Present”
Arrangement: PHEVOTT
Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ
Vocals: ユリカ
東方花映塚 – 今昔幻想郷 ~ Flower Land
東方幻想郷 – 幽夢 ~ Inanimate Dream

幻の果て誰も知らない  この場所に咲く黄金色の花
手を伸ばしても触れることない  望みの中だけ咲き続ける花

No one knows the end of illusion, where a golden flower blossoms;
Even if you reach out to it you cannot touch it; it is a flower that continually blossoms only in desire.

辿り着く道標無くして  ただ眩しく見えるのね?

Whenever you get close, this place just escapes you further;
There’s no sign to guide you to it, still can’t you see it, so dazzling?

覚えてるわけもないわね 彷徨い続けなさい

I’m sure you wouldn’t remember
The number of flowers you’ve picked, so just keep wandering.

季節がまた過ぎ去って  花より外に知る者もいない

The seasons again pass by; no one truly knows this more than these flowers..

咲いて濡れて乱れて 虹の模様を

Blossoming, drenched, disarrayed – If they draw a rainbow,
It will extend uninterrupted no matter how far…

枯れて咲いて再び  色とりどりの

Withering then blossoming again – If you’re wrapped
In this multicolored dream, you can never awaken through all eternity.

人は何故求めるの狂う程に  わからないわ

Seeing these flowers that cannot forgive being picked,
I can’t understand what people are seeking – It drives me mad.

季節はまた繰り返して  花だけがただ時を刻んでく

The seasons cycle again, and the flowers alone keep time.


Wavering, scattering, washed away by the rain made to fall
Flowing gently to the earth pouring – they come again to life.

まほろばのたまゆらぞ  いつの日か果ててゆかむ
ゆらゆらとさやさやと  泡沫の夢が

O great splendid transience of paradise, may you continue to your end whenever it may come!
Wavering and rustling, O ephemeral dream.

散ってはまた咲いて  終わることはない
信じている  疑うことはもうないわ

They scatter and again blossom, I believe
It will never end, there is no reason to doubt any longer..

咲いて濡れて乱れて  虹の模様を

Blossoming, drenched, disarrayed – If they draw a rainbow,
It will extend uninterrupted no matter how far…

誰も知らぬ花園  無限の色で
咲いて咲いて咲き誇り  全て染め上げ

This flower garden that no one knows of, filled with limitless colors
Blossoming, blossoming, blossoming proudly.. color over everything!