The world of noise Lyrics / Translation

^I’m saving my best Yumemi pictures in hopes that I’ll get the lyrics to 壱伍症候群.

I love Yumemi’s concept. She’s a scientist dreaming of magic, her name “Beautiful Dream or Dream Beauty” :)

Despite Phantasmagoria of a Dim. Dream only really being an ok game, Yumemi’s boss battle is awesomely fun. I still can’t normal 1cc Story of Eastern Wonderland :< – I want to see Rika's Evil Eye Sigma, and of course die immediately afterwards. Oh well, it'll have to wait. "orz

Also, I have a request. If anyone happens to have the booklet for Alice’s Emotion’s Reitaisai 7 Release “Intervention”, could you scan it for me? I really want to translate 壱伍症候群 and #000000 – くろ but I can’t find booklet scans for them anywhere.

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

The world of noise
Arranged –
Vocal/Lyric – 綾倉 盟

Strawberry Crisis!!
[東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream]

色のない世界 叫び続けた事実
見向きもされずに 苛立ちを隠せない
理解しないなら 真実を見せるだけ
目を逸らすなんて 認めない

In this colorless world, I kept screaming the truth,
But no one would even look at me; I couldn’t hold in my anger:
I you won’t understand, I’ll just show you it’s real!
But you avert your eyes; I just can’t accept this!

腐敗した世界 薄く靄がかかって
息が詰まりそう 虚ろう群れの中
唯一色付く 苺をほおばっては
信じるべき道 切り開きに行こう

In this corrupted world veiled in a weak haze,
I feel like I’m going to choke among this race of utter emptiness!
I’ll have at least one color, and so stuff myself with strawberries;
I’ll cut it open and go myself down this path that needs to be believed in!

あぁ 不安はない そう 歪みを正すの

Ah, I’m not worried, Yes, I’ll right this wrong..

目も開けられないほど 眩しい光の彼方
鳥のように空を くるり くるりくるり
間違いなんてモノは 何一つないと言って
初めて触れる場所に 未来が見えた

Far away there’s a dazzling light so bright you can’t open your eyes,
Spinning, twirling madly in the sky like a bird.
There isn’t a single one who’ll saw I was wrong!
Here in this place I was first to touch I saw the future.

雑音の世界 こんなに薄っぺらな
世界はいらない 私が創り変える
歩んできた道 どこかで見失ってた?
ちっぽけな自分 曝け出そう
自信だけで今 歩いていられるなら
もう一度行こう 可能性の先へ

The world of noise, a world so thin,
I don’t need it anymore, I’ll make it anew!
That road I walked down, where did it go?
I fell my small self about to be exposed.
But if I can walk now with only my confidence,
I’ll go there once again, to the end of probability!

目を離せないほどの 夢のような物語
時計の針戻る くるり くるりくるり
縛られた思想から 解き放つその時は
幻に魅せられた 戦いへ
現実と幻想と 夢じゃない夢の時空
目紛しく廻れ くるり くるりくるり

It’s a tale like a dream that you can’t take your eyes off of.
The clock’s needle runs back, spinning, twirling madly.
Released from those tied down ideologies,
I was lured into phantasm – to fight
With reality and fantasy, in a dream dimension that wasn’t a dream.
Illusions turning, spinning, twirling madly.


Now I’ll advance
Now I’ll advance
In order to destroy reality,
I’ll become light
I’ll become light
I’ll become light
I reach out my hands.

    • hs08
    • April 27th, 2010

    I’ve got the scans for Intervention, if you don’t already have them.

    If you want them, should I email them to you or upload them somewhere, or…? oxo

    • OMG :D
      Yes, you can email them to me or upload them somewhere or anything :D
      Thank You So Much (●^∀^●)

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