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^Stolen from 53RG10’s website, because he always finds the best Aya pictures.

Requested by: vaespus/aesprika/aghart101

Memoir, from アニマカルド (Anima Caldo), by セブンスヘブンMAXION x Reliance:Tone (Seventh-Heaven Maxion x Reliance:Tone) @ Reitaisai 7

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

I wish YouTube had a “infinite loop” button like niconico has.
I like good male Touhou vocalist tracks.

Parts of this were a bit structurally ambiguous; if you have questions feel free to ask. The narrator could be Aya or more generally a traveller. If you want to get imaginative, it could be a traveller that gets homesick and attempts to go home, finds Gensoukyou and lives his life and dies there (or is dying there), becomes a tengu (or will become one or is at the very least turning youkai-ish) and is frightened that his new home might ever lose its light to humans. I prefer this myself; over-reading text is fun! ^_^

I tried to keep the, “well it could be this or that” thing, but that may have sacrificed a little clarity, but that clarity’s not really present in the original so, gah.

Regret has a different meaning in Japanese, more like “left over emotion/anxiety/feelings”
The word used here for homesickness is literally a “gloom or depression” but this same emotion is used for patriotism and nationalism in respect to land or country, so I thought homesickness worked best here.

原曲:妖怪の山~Mysterious Mountain

マージナルの大地 遥か彼方
指先ぬらし 感じる愁い
匂いを色を 故京に寄せて

From the marginal continent, so far away,
Flowing upon fate comes a wind of love.
It paints my fingertips, filling me with a sorrowful homesickness,
Calling scents and colors to the old capital.

風に名前刻んで また流れて 辿り着く先に
誰も見たことのない この地 脈づく命よ

With its name engraved on the wind as it flows again, I arrive at
A land no one has yet seen, a land that pulses with life.

風よ あいの風よ もう一度この手に戻れ
雄雄しく立つ大地 踏みしめられるのならば
その右手に 握る 儚き 命を 揺らせよ

O wind, o wind of love once again return to my hand!
O gallant continent, if you are tread upon,
I would say people are to this world the light of its end;
I grasp your right hand and set free to wave this transient life.

残想に高く はためく意志
いつもの麓 足元隠し
叶うことのない 祈り乗せて
流れ続ける ただひとすじに

Filled with regretful emotions and will waving like a banner,
At the foot of this mountain as always which hides my footsteps,
I call upon an unanswerable prayer, and
Keep flowing, along in the same vein.

砂に舞う透明の 尊き魂の群れ乗せて
人は後悔の中 ひとつだけ希望満たす

I call upon a group of transparent precious souls dancing in the sand;
To people filled with regret, this fulfills their single hope.

果ては懐かしきに 誰の場所 馳せてゆく想い
鳥が心 連れてゆくなら 羽に託そう
人はいつか気づくだろうか 命の光に

In the end, in reminiscence, thoughts will race to each’s own place
If this bird’s heart is brought along with it, I’ll entrust it to my wings.
In even this strange and dangerous world, fate has one layer of truth.
I wonder when people will awaken to this light of life?

風よ あいの風よ 人々に優しく降れと
東の空 描く 願いに 今も 塞き上ぐ
風は戦ぎ往き 見慣れた風景見下ろしては
その右手に眠る 目映き 命を 照らせよ

O wind, o wind of love, rain down gently upon the people
O eastern wind, draw and raise the floodgates upon their wishes even now,
The wind rustles and goes on its way, looking down upon the town I’ve always known.
In your right hand I sleep, and let shine dazzling life.

    • vaespus
    • April 7th, 2010

    Oh man, this song’s giving me the shivers~it’s beautiful.
    Thank you!

  1. Here’s a request. Dropの小屋’s ” 愚か者に創られた闇の娘 ”
    This might be a little tougher than the some other songs you’ve translated, since in the chorus, I’m most certain that the vocalists sing different lyrics. But oh well, I love the song, so I’d really love to hear what they sing in it.

    Youtube link:

    Lyrics from the booklet:

    Keep up the hard work! I’ll be waiting for more great translations!

    • \ Sora no Youkai /
    • November 4th, 2015

    This song has been deleted from Youtube few days ago.
    Can someone please uploaded it?
    Or somebody please send me a new link for this song. I don’t know where to listen to it since Youtube has delete this :((

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