light prayer lyrics / translation (“The King of Eden” Ending Theme)

No I haven’t seen it yet, so don’t spoil anything. I think I’m going to watch it with my family.

I love this song… it makes me wanna start a revolution. Sing for change everyone!

I really like school food punishment’s sound, and this one’s just about as good as futuristic imagination, which is my favorite of theirs.

Well I’m having birthday celebrations early with everyone else in my family that has April birthdays this weekend, but I can’t help getting a few things out ^_^

I kind of feel like doing a silly updates post, but that’ll probably wait for a few days, maybe after drunk mahjong on my real birthday. XD

I can’t wait for 四畳半神話大系 (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei) by the way, the animation looks like AKFG’s album art, the premise is college-life and it’s a noitaminA slot anime with music by AKFG. Comes out the 22nd I think – PV here: [link]

MusicVideo: [link]

light prayer
作詞 内村友美
作曲 school food punishment、江口 亮
編曲 江口 亮

蠢いている 闇を割って その中の澱みを打て

Wriggling, I split the darkness and strike the stagnation within it.

計算と保守 自分勝手なルール 歪んでいる事実 期待を消去して

I’ve cleared away all my expectations of calculation and conservatism, those selfish rules and warped truths.

向かうべき未来の芽 摘んでいる正体 探し出して
その手を掴んで 光の差す明日へ 影も連れてく
きっと 冷たくて暗い雨だって 誰か救っているから
平行線を繋げば輪になる 光に変えて

The buds of the future that we should be facing, I’ll search out and grasp their true form.
Taking your hand, I’ll bring the shadows along with me towards the light shining for tomorrow.
I’m sure that even if there’s a cold dark rain there, I’ll be saving someone.
If the horizon line connects, it will form a ring and transform into light.

音を立てて ずれて行く世界 SOSの群れ 僕を消耗して

Noise rising, the world becomes disjointed, and all those calling out for help consume me.

近すぎてぼやけた 現実と未来 まだ手を伸ばせる 答えを探して

I got too close and it dazzled me – truth and the future, but I can still reach out further, searching for the answer!

向かうべき未来の芽 その中 耳を澄ましてみれば
まだ見ぬ世界に 光を祈って待っている 不安もそっと抱いて
きっといつか疲れて全てを消してしまいたくなっても 君の声が 僕を呼び戻す

The buds of the future that we should be facing, within it all, if you just listen…
Praying for light for this world we’ve yet unseen I gently embrace my anxieties;
I’m sure that if even if someday I get tired and want to erase everything, your voice will call me back.

ほら よく見てみて 風向き少し変われば 晴れる
矢印の方へ それが示す明日へ ふらついたって行ける
きっと 歪な世界のその先 小さな光がある
全てがかなう楽園じゃなくても 君がここにいる
風はそっと 僕の背中を押している(ああ昨日までの自分が背中を押している)
そう平行線の先を繋いだなら 光の輪になる

See? If you just try looking… If the wind’s direction changes just a little the day will clear.
See the direction of that arrow? it’s pointing to tomorrow; even if we’re staggering we can move forward.
I’m sure that in the future of this warped world, there’a a little light.
Even if it’s not some paradise where everything will come true, you’re here.
I’m sure the wind is pushing at my back (Ah, it’s pushing on everything I was ’til yesterday)
Yes, if the ends of the horizon line meet, it will form a ring of light.

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