紅い月のワルツ – Akai Tsuki no Waltz – “Red Moon’s Waltz” Lyrics / Translation

^This is the pic that’s on the NicoNico link :>

Requested by Hoppy/Naolin

This is based off of Remilia’s Theme, but also a song 月のワルツ/Tsuki no Waltz/The Moon’s Waltz
NicoNicoListenLink: [link]

Here’s the other song 月のワルツ which apparently is pretty famous, it’s got awesome old-trippy animation – I recommend a look-see: YouTubeListenLink: [link]

The first stanza sounds a little weird still, so here’s breakdown:
Think of the night as a painter that draws the two figures as well as the moon on the surface of a frozen lake, and they are all red, presumably due to the light of the red moon.

Romaji Requested by: Kana-pi

紅い月のワルツ Red Moon’s Waltz
原曲:亡き王女の為のセプテット 月のワルツ(某歌より)


Tsumetai yoru wo tobou
Akai karada tomo shite
Koori no kagami ni
Koyoi tsuki wo egaku

Let’s fly off into the cold night!
Together our red bodies will be
Drawn with the midnight moon
On a mirror of ice.


Kono te wo torinasai
Sasayaki no yuuwaku
Tomadoi samayou
Kokoro wo wasurete

“Take my hand,”
I tempt you with a whisper,
“Let’s get lost together and
Forget our hearts.”

手をつなぎながら踊り 記憶のかけら拾う

Te wo tsunagi nagara odori kioku no kakera hirou
Watashi no tame no warutsu
Watashi no zange wo kiite yoru no hime wa warau
“Anata omoshiroi wa ne”

Hand in hand we dance, picking up fragments of memories;
“It’s a waltz for my sake.”
Listening to this confession, the princess of the night laughed,
“You’re interesting aren’t you?”


Akai tsuki no yoru
Watashi wa chikau
Hoshi no matataki yo
Rizumu wo tori michibiite

The night of red moon
I pressed,
“O twinklings of the stars,
Take and guide this rhythm.”


Akai no chi no ato
Anata ni obore
Toki wo tometai no ni
Sore ga dekinai

You’re drowning
In traces of red blood.
I wish I could stop time,
But I can’t do that.


Kako no tobira
Tojite kikoeru
Kono yo no hontou no
Sugata wo misete

I can hear
The gate of the past closing.
Show me
This world’s true form.


Unmei wo teguri
Karamasete hodoku
Nigotta hikari no
Houseki wo kudaku

Reel in fate
Intertwine and unravel it
Break the gem
Of impure light.

振り返ればそこにある 月の罪の涙
手をつないだら夜明けの 鐘が鳴り響き

Furikaereba soko ni aru tsuki no tobira no namida
Kakushite hoshii
Te wo tsunaidara yoake no kane ga nari hibiki
Yami wo sukuiageta no

When I turn back I see the tears of the moon’s gate
I want to hide them.
When our hands are linked the dawn bell tolls,
It saved the darkness.


Akai tsuki no yoru
Anata wa sasayaku
“Unmei no ito wa
Kireteitemo tsunagu mono yo”

The night of red moon
You whispered,
“Even if the thread of fate
Breaks, we’ll still be connected.”


Akai koucha de
Watashi wa warau
Utsuru yokogao
Totemo kirei de

I laughed.
My face,
Reflected in this red tea,
Is very beautiful.

    • Naolin
    • March 28th, 2010

    Awesome again, thanks again~ :D

    One thing–wouldn’t ‘utsuru’ work better as ‘reflected’? In the tea, I guess.

    • I was paying more attention to 横顔 which would be face lying on its side. – I was minimizing the line :x – but yeah, it would be reflected in the tea – which could mean it’s her face, but … well XD, I should make a note of it.

      Well I just ended up revising the last stanza ;p – wah, I must have gotten a bit lazy at the end. orz

    • Naolin
    • March 28th, 2010

    I dunno, it feels like Remilia’s saying Sakuya’s face, reflected in the tea, etc. Since ‘ 横顔’ could just be profile and not that literal. Maybe. I could just be grasping at straws here since the way the line is it’s like Sakuya’s dead and that happens way too much. XD”

    • Edit–oh, revision. Okay, that works too. Please don’t think I’m complaining, because I’m all bouncy that you translated this. ^^”

      • Hehe, there’s always multiple ways to interpret from the original lyrics and I try to keep that, but well sometimes English doesn’t let me do that – I changed it because I realized that the “I am laughing” could very well connect to the “profile” even though it might not – … well that’s what I went with – and criticism helps me get better >:D

    • Kana-pi
    • September 11th, 2010

    sob where are the romanji lyrics? ; u ; but I’m sooo grateful for this, thank you ♥ I don’t know much about Touhou but I do know I really like Remilia & her mansionmates (ehm, need better phrasing xD;)

    • Just put up the romaji for ya.
      Yeah this song is great ^_^ – and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (ie. Remilia and her mates) is one of my favorite parts of Touhou :D

      But of course there’s a lot of other cool stuff – so explore! ;p

    • Japatirador
    • June 22nd, 2011

    Uau incrível,
    Obrigado pelos Lyrics

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