みつあみの猫 Mitsuami no Neko “The Cat with Braided Hair” Lyrics / Translation

みつあみの猫 Mitsuami no Neko “The Cat with Braided Hair” is from one of Yellow Zebra’s two Reitaisai Albums, “東方ESCALATION”

Requested by ArcherEmiya of The Poltergeist Mansion (Merlin) [youtube-channel]

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

I’m glad to see another Haigoku (Ancient/Deserted etc. Hell) Lullaby vocal track – the only other one I know of is Sound Holic’s “Yb Allul”, and I have no idea what language that is in or how even to go about translating it XD.

Anyway, enjoy ^w^ – Who can’t but love Rin?

“it is the play of a prosperous world.” – I take this to mean that the ‘play’ of the wind makes the world pretend it is prosperous – like it is ‘playing house’.

Romaji requested and added 2011/01/15 :)

『みつあみの猫』 “The Cat with Braided Hair”
作詞・編曲:柏木るざりん (Kashiwagi Ruzarin)
歌:藤宮ゆき (Fujimiya Yuki) ・ ヤヤネ (Yayane)
サークル:Yellow Zebra

ゆらりゆらり 闇を照らす
蒼き炎 消せぬ哀しみ
無常の隙間に 流る河の

Yurari yurari yami wo terasu
Aoki honoo kesenu kanashimi
Mujou no sukima ni nagaru kawa no
Mizu wa kyou mo sayakeshi

Swaying slowly back and forth, illuminating the darkness
These blue flames, this unerasable sadness..
The water of this river, flowing in irregular gaps
Is clear and serene again today.

ふわりふわり 長き髪を
永遠の意味を 知ったとき

Fuwari fuwari nagaki kami wo
Yurasu kaze wa eiyo no asobi
Eien no imi wo shitta toki
Kimi wa koko ni inai

Softly, gently the wind trails over
Her long hair; it is the play of a prosperous world.
When I knew the meaning of eternity
You were no longer here..

全て輪廻の 空に描く
嗚呼 幻影

Hito no nami ya
Machiakari no nigiwai sae
Subete rinne no sora ni egaku
Aa maboroshi

Waves of people,
Even the liveliness of the street lamplights,
All of it is drawn in the sky of death and rebirth..
Ah phantoms..

くるりくるり ドレスの裾
舞わせ踊る 君は踊り子
手を手にとって 名もなき詩を
口ずさんで 笑った

Kurari kurari doresu no suso
Mawase odoru kimi wa odoriko
Te wo te ni totte na mo naki uta wo
Kuchizusande waratta

Spinning, twirling, the hem of your dress
Flutters as your dance; You are a dancer.
Taking my hand in yours, you hummed
A song with no name and smiled.

嘘も罪も 夢も栄華も
全て朽ち果てた 廃獄には
ただ密かに ただ気まぐれに

Uso mo tsumi mo yume mo eige mo
Subete kuchi hateta haigoku ni wa
Tada hisoka ni tada kimagure ni
Mitsuami no neko ga sunderu

All lies and all sin, all dreams and all majesty,
Everything rots in this ruined hell – here
Surreptitiously, whimsically,
A cat with braided hair lives.

エゴも欺瞞も 自由も光も
失われた世界で 君は
ただ静かに ただ凛々と
誇りを胸に 生きるよ

Ego mo giman mo jiyuu mo hikari mo
Ushinawareta sekai de kimi wa
Tada shizuka ni tada rin-rin to
Hokori wo mune ni ikiru yo

All ego and all deception, all freedom and all light,
Is lost in this world, but you
Quietly, serenely
Live with pride in your heart.


Lalala, lalala, lalala, lalala…

  1. Ah, wonderful, I really can’t thank you enough, if you don’t mind, I’ll link this page to the description.

    Thank you very much, once again.

  2. Btw, sorry for the double comment, but those lyrics are simply beautiful.

    Sad, but at the same time beautiful, and whit a hint of sadness…

    Ah, the song got to me again ;__;

    • pirikos
    • March 23rd, 2010

    It’s reverse japanese !! with other language i think : O

    yb allul = lullaby in reverse x).

    • I’m totally going to try reversing the lyrics now and seeing if I can make sense of it :D

      Just looking at the video – I can make sense of it :D lol – who knew? \o/

    • hyorinryu
    • March 23rd, 2010

    I expected this to be spammed to hell back. Thanks for translating it.

    • vaespus
    • March 23rd, 2010

    Ehe, since we’re on the topic of Deserted Hell’s Lullaby~

    はちみつれもん (Hachimitsu-Lemon) – 廃獄ララバイ -Subfusc ReMix-

    I figure this is one nice song. I’ll pass you the scans later~ :)

    • Kimmy
    • January 14th, 2011

    could you also post the romanji lettering? Because I really like it but I can’t really follow without it.

    ;O; But it is such a beautiful song…

  3. Would you ever consider posting or sending to me the transliteration, or the original text more or less word by word even if the English is broken? Actually, that’s probably way too much to ask, but I’m just curious about how the language works. I know in any language you kind of have to fill in holes when translating, but seeing it in its rawest form can be enlightening to the grammar and such.

    Thanks for the hard work on the translation, by the way.

    • It’s not always like this, but this time around it’s a pretty literal translation, pretty much every single word matches up to another word either in the same or an adjacent line – are you looking more for a pure breakdown?

      Like this:

      ゆらりゆらり 闇を照らす
      蒼き炎 消せぬ哀しみ
      無常の隙間に 流る河の

      [swaying sfx] darkness (obj) illuminating (trans)
      blue→flames [not-able-to-erase]→sadness
      irregular/impermanent→gaps (←in) [flowing→river]→
      water (topic) today (add. topic) (is) serene

      I mean, if you have questions about a specific part, but I don’t think it would be very helpful to re-create it in a “technical” sense – especially in a nonstandard way.

      • That is actually what I was looking for, but I think that little paragraph is enough to give me an idea. Thank you.

  1. July 2nd, 2016

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