-Ultired- Lyrics / Translation

“-Ultired-” From 流麗祭彩2 (Reitaisai 7 Collaboration Album) I figure it’s like Ulti(mate) Red or Ultra-red like, ultraviolet type infra-red. :d sounds like: “Alutireyu-d” lol. :) I love Izumin’s lyrics.

Anyway this 2-disc album as a whole is amazing and is pointing me to some new artists. I recommend it.

So yeah, while EastNewSound only came to Reitaisai 7 with an instrumental version of Sacred Factor + a Greatest Hits, the group participated in a lot of other albums so I’m going to hunt those down! ;D

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

Unfortunately the color “red” is not so illustriously defined in English as it is in Japanese.

Romaji requested and added (2011/1/24) ^_^

東方永夜抄より「懐かしき東方の血~Old World」


Shinku no monogatari kasanearu sekai azayaka
Tsuchi ni shimita sabi no kaori wo
Fumidzuke hito wa susunda

This world is so brilliant, existing upon layer upon layer of deep crimson tales
And yet upon the ground stained with the fragrance of rust,
People march forward, trampling upon it.

ねぇ その頁<Parts>切り落とし

Nee sono “parts” kiriotoshi
Kimi no “roots” wo misete

Hey, this part, this page was torn out.
Show me your history, your roots.

錆びて軈て 誰も視認不可能
黒色に溶けて混ざる 血の色
寄せて眺め食らう甘き 其ノ史実<Ultired>

Hakushoku wo irodzuketeku akairo
Sabite yagate dare mo shinin’fukanou
Kokushoku ni tokete mazaru chi no iro
Yosete nagame kurau amaki “ultired”

Dye red over white
As it rusts, eventually no one can determine it’s past;
The color of blood melts and mixes into the black
Gather the pages and feast your eyes on the sweet true history: Ultired.


Shikkoku no monogatari kakushiaru sekai adeyaka
Kaze ni toketa sono iro wo
Ikiyuku hito wa mushishita

This world is so alluring, hiding tales of the darkest black
And yet of this color melting into the wind
People live and die, completely ignorant.

嗚呼 其の頁<Parts>抉り取って

Aa sono “parts” eguri totte
Watashi no “roots” kizamu

Ah, I’ll gouge out this part, this page and
Engrave my roots, my history into it.


Shikisai wo nuri kaeteku shikisai
Tsugare nagare taete katachinaku kizamu

Paint over color with color
Formlessly engrave succession, flow, extinction.

緋く緋く 誰も理解不可能
赤色に混ざり嗤う 血の色
赤く赤く赤く赤き 其ノ史実<Ultired>

Sekishoku wo nurikaeteku akairo
Akaku akaku dare mo rikaifukanou
Sekishoku ni mazari warau chi no iro
Akaku akaku akaku akaki “ultired”

Paint over red with red
Brilliant scarlet, scarlet – No one can understand.
Mix laughing the color of blood into the red
Red, Red, Red, Red, this true history: Ultired!

    • vaespus
    • March 19th, 2010

    Oh and by the way, they also have this Rumia vocal in ALiCE’S EMOTiON’s Intervention~ :D

    • Belisaria
    • March 19th, 2010

    Oh goodness, the awesome. Real Intension, Space Gate, and now -Ultired-? ;v;
    Thanks a lot!

    • Myalesca
    • January 24th, 2011

    It’s a great sound, I really love it *_*
    And awesome lyrics <3

    But where could I find romanji lyrics for this one? ;V;

    Great job by the way, nice blog ^__^

    • ^_^ You can find them here, via me. ^_^
      I just usually only do romanji by request.

        • Myalesca
        • January 25th, 2011

        Thx a lot for answering so fast *__*

        And great job again #^___^#

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