Real Intension / Real Intention Lyrics / Translation

^ Mai~ There really aren’t many pictures of you floating around are there… – and yeah, she doesn’t have wings, she wears them :) – least that’s what I think.

例大祭7 – Reitaisai 7!!
Real Intension is from Double Counterpoint Alstroemeria Records “double counterpoint” album with Syrufit/Syrup Comfiture, Released Reitaisai 7 (a few days ago)

Intension is you know, well a word – but I figure it really is supposed to be Intention.

Anyway, I love this song ^o^

This is Mai’s Theme “裏切りの少女~Judas Kiss” – the relatively silent backstabbing ice witch from Mystic Square: a meanie, as opposed to the lovable Yuki, (ironically) the fire witch who thinks Mai’s her friend. Well after this song I can forgive her a little bit :)

見透かされそで 逸らしてしまう ← is an incredibly interesting construction. I’ll just say that :)

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

Real Intension

Vocal & Lyric: 綾倉盟
Arranged: Syrufit
Original Score: 裏切りの少女

真っ直ぐな瞳で 見つめないでよ
見透かされそで 逸らしてしまう
染まった黒を 隠した私
白を纏った 天の邪鬼
変わらないその 優しささえも
失う事に ただ逃げていた
傷つけ続け 自分勝手な 私を消して

massugu na me de mitsumenaide yo
misukasareso de sorashiteshimau
somatta kuro wo kakushita watashi
shiro wo matotta amanojaku
kawaranai sono yasashisa sae mo
ushinau koto ni tada nigeteita
kizutsuketsudzuke jibun katte na atashi wo keshite

Don’t stare at me with those straightforward eyes,
I can’t be seen though! I end up averting mine.
I’ve hidden my stains of black,
A devil dressed in white.
It will never change! I just kept running away
Until I lost even my kindness.
As I kept inflicting pain, I erased my selfish self.

素直になれない 鎖が絡まる
言葉を知らない 伝える当ても無い
全て勘違いで 何も見えないだけ

sunao ni narenai kusari ga karamaru
kotoba wo shiranai tsutaeru ate mo nai
subete kanchigai de nani mo mienai dake
tsukihanashiteita no wa jibun na no ni

I can never be honest! I’m wrapped up in chains..
I know nothing of words! I have no one to tell them to..
Everything’s a misunderstanding; You just can’t see anything!
Even though the one I’ve forsaken is me.

隠していた 裏と表 鍵かけた心
隠していた 裏と表 許したらきっと
隠していた 裏と表 離れて行くから
忘れないで 忘れないで 本当は寂しいの

kakushiteita ura to omote kagikageta kokoro
kakushiteita ura to omote yurushitara kitto
kakushiteita ura to omote hanareteiku kara
wasurenaide wasurenaide hontou wa sabishii no

The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – If I forgive
The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – My locked heart, then surely
The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – We’ll be separated, so
Don’t forget, Don’t forget, Really… I’m lonely..

考えるほど 見失ってく
正しい答え 判らないまま
声にならない 募る気持ちが かくれんぼした

kangaeru hodo miushinatteku
tadashii kotae wakaranai mama
koe ni naranai tsunoru kimochi ga kakurenbo shita

The more I think about it, the more I lose sight of it..
I still don’t know the right answer,
I can’t raise my voice; Asking for help is a game of hide and seek.

無くしてしまった 心の鍵すら
壊せないのなら そのままさようなら
全て無くなってく その先気付いても

nakushiteshimatta kokoro no kagi sura
kowasenai no nara sono mama sayounara
subete nakunatteku sono saki kidzuitemo
kowareta mono wa moto ni modoranai no

I’ve lost it.. If I can’t even break
The lock on my heart, this is goodbye.
Everything is falling; Even if you realize,
Broken things don’t return to the way they were!

隠していた 裏と表 気付いて欲しくて
隠していた 裏と表 だけど言えなくて
隠していた 裏と表 内に秘めたまま
忘れないで 忘れないで 本当は愛してた

kakushiteita ura to omote kidzuite hoshikute
kakushiteita ura to omote dakedo ienakute
kakushiteita ura to omote uchi ni himeta mama
wasurenaide wasurenaide hontou wa aishiteta

The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – I want you to notice
The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – But I can’t say anything
The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – So though kept a secret inside,
Don’t forget, Don’t forget, Really… I loved you..

^The cover art is too pretty to pass up. Utsuho is pretty, despite being “character not appearing in this album” this time around.

    • Lotan4th
    • April 25th, 2010

    I think it is a pun. For using Intension rather then intention. Mai’s intense lonely heart perhaps.

    If it’s going to plainly use intention, the song should be named true intention which brings a whole new story and the lyrics are going to be how Mai you more backstabbing.

    Mai-oneesan will Betray youuuuuuuu~~

    and this text editor is slapping me for the word “intension” does not exists.

    • scrpn516
    • November 30th, 2011

    Requesting romaji :]

    • theloststar
    • September 24th, 2012

    This gives a whole new look at her. I’m viewing Mai in a whole new light now.

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