Perverseness Lyrics / Translation

Satori-sama~ ; her theme was one of the best themes to come out of Subterranean Animism, along with Utsuho’s Nuclear Fusion and Parsee’s Green-Eyed Jealousy… well every track on Subterranean Animism is awesome actually.

Yeah~ Metal Girl Band! ;)

“Perverseness” from Unlucky Morpheus’s C76 Album “Jealousy”
Requested by: aesprika/vaespus

Sorry this took forever, my computer went pshkah! on me and spring break laziness set in. D:

Looks like Satori has a secret lover, who tries to get to her while walking a young/less behaved O-rin. I can see why Satori would be jealous of, well – why anyone would be a bit jealous of Koishi.

I went ahead and put “kasha” for English grammar’s sake in the first stanza.

地殻遠い青天井 (chikaku tooi aotenjou)/(earth’s crust+far+blue/limitless ceiling) – this can either mean: “the distant earth’s crust that is like the blue (limitless) sky”/”the earth’s crust, the far away limitless sky” (a list)/”the blue (limitless) sky that is far away from the earth’s crust”/”The earth’s crust’s far limitless sky”/”the limitless sky far from the earth’s crust” (an inverted sky, the liquid burning core being the sky). I tried to pick a meaning closest in context to the rest; I did a sort of combination of the first and last, ie. deep within the earth, clues to that being right is that the flower thief’s intrusion is described as “incandescent”/”burning hot”. “knowing no boundaries” is also tied to 青天井.

As far as the dialogue is concerned: I think (other than the ambiguous narrator in the beginning) Satori says all the lines.

I have no idea how much the “deflowering” connotation rings over to the Japanese culture side of the equation, but maybe that’s why this song’s titled “Perverseness”.

[2010.11.15] Romaji added; requested by citoex.

【少女さとり ~3rd eye / 東方地霊殿】
Arrangement: Fuki
Lyrics: Yuki
Vocals: Yuki & Fuki

尻尾の端を持ち 連れて歩く
呪われた卑しき性を 飼い慣らして

Nagai nagai doukasen no
Shippo no hashi wo mochi tsuretearuku
Norowareta iyashiki sei wo kainarashite

Holding the tip of its
Long, fire whip tail, she takes a kasha for a walk
To tame its cursed and vile nature.

際限を知らない 灼熱に
心深く忍び込んだ 花盗人

Chikaku tooi aotenjou
Saigen wo shiranai shakunetsu ni
Kokoro fukaku shinobikonda hananusubito

Deep, far away from the inner earth’s ceiling,
Knowing no boundaries, passionately, incandescently
A flower thief steals deep into her heart.

踏み込まないで 居場所なんて此処には無い

Fumikomanaide ibasho nante koko ni wa nai

Don’t break in.. This isn’t a place you can stay!


Anata, yami wa kowai deshou?
Namanurui chijou e kaerinasai
Eguru manazashi wa tsumi deshou?
Miesugita hitomi ga kowareru mae ni

You, you’re afraid of the dark, right?
Then return to the warmth above ground.
Isn’t this piercing gaze a sin? Leave, now!
Before these eyes that have seen too much break!

再現する程に 呼び覚まして
前後不覚のトラウマに 溺れてゆく

Chikakuni itemo kidzukanai
Saigen suru hodo ni yobisamashite
Zengofukaku no trauma ni oboreteyuku

Even if you stay close to me I won’t see you;
You’ll call up hallucinations;
I’ll drown in unconscious trauma!

近付かないで 本音なんて知りたくない

Chidzukanaide honne nante shiritakunai

Don’t come near me! I don’t want to know your true nature!

逃げて早く 手遅れになる前に

Anata, kizu wa kirai deshou?
Wasuretai kioku mo miseteshimau
Kon’na mono wa minikui deshou?
Negete hayaku teokure ni naru mae ni

You, you don’t like getting hurt do you?
I’ll end up showing you memories you’d like to forget.
This thing is disgusting isn’t it?
Run away, quickly! Before it’s too late!

花を手折るように 愛したいの
なんて誰にも 言えない

Sotto ushiro kara dakishimete
Hana wo teoru you ni aishitai no
Hontou wa ano ko ga urayamashii
Nante dare ni mo ienai

I really do want to gently embrace you from behind,
To love you, as if I were picking a flower…
I’m jealous of that child,
But I could never tell anyone that.


Fukai yami wa kowai deshou?
Kagayaku nichijou e kaerinasai
Datte yume wa hakanai deshou?
Shirisugita watashi ga kowareru mae ni

You’re afraid of this deep darkness right?
Then return to the sparkling daylight above.
After all, dreams are short aren’t they? Go,
Before this girl who knows too much breaks!

    • citoex
    • November 15th, 2010

    Great work. Wouldn’t it be difficult for you to write romaji lyrics?

    • Romaji lyrics coming up! ^_^

      I usually don’t do romaji by default because it takes extra time. D: but it’s really not that much work so if it’s ever requested, I’ll usually put it up pretty quickly. ^_^

        • citoex
        • November 16th, 2010

        You’re so nice! Thank you.

    • Rodrigo
    • May 3rd, 2013

    Thanks :D Is very few people who like this band and Touhou :/

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