Starmine Lyrics / Translation

So here’s “Starmine” from “The Starry Sky” from XLProject released C77 :)
Requested by: Belisaria

I wonder what Captain Murasa’s life was like before she died? Imagining the life stories of those already dead in Gensoukyou makes me wonder…

Some of the lines got a little long, I might go back and make a few tweaks…

Starmines are fireworks btw :)

Youtube song-link: [link]

More updates and songs maybe later tonight or tomorrow :)

Arrange. estha: Vocal,Lyric. Mintea

地上からの光は Ah
それでも 必死にしがみついた
effect on の日常(パラダイス)に

The light from up above the ground, Ah~
It’s not happiness, it’s just a trap!
Even so, I clung to it desperately
To this effect on everyday paradise

生と引き換えに塗りつぶした 精神
そう 私にはもう 責めることしかできない

A soaked and battered spirit in exchange for life
Yes, I already have nothing I can do but blame.

そんなにも誰かが愛しいのに 見つけられない「現実」
大切に綴った日記 触れただけで涙浮かんだ
道標失った舟に 償いの光をかざして
starmine みたいに 輝けるよう
星空行きの航路 目指す

Even so, despite my love for you, I can’t find “reality”
This preciously bound journal, just touching it brings my tears to surface.
On this ship that’s lost it’s bearings I light a beacon of atonement.
Like a starmine it shines,
Steering a course towards the starry sky.

塞がれた思い 現在なら
光と共に 打ち明けられる
あなたを 世界を救うために

These locked up emotions, if I do it now
Together with the light I can break open and expose them
In order to save you, to save the world
The spell is now unraveled.

行く末のない明日 それでもいいよ
そう 私にはもう 進むことしかできない

Even though tomorrow has no destination, that’s alright
Yes, I already have nothing I can do but continue.

3度目はもうないから 貴方に出来る限りの愛を
続きを残していく日記 ハッピーエンドになるように
一生じゃ足らないくらいに 沢山の星たちを送ろう
starmine みたいに 煌くよう この大切な想い 届け

There will be no third time; I have left behind as much love as I can
For you continued in this journal, and as if it were a happy ending,
I’ll send you so many thousands of stars that your entire life would be too short to see all of them
Like starmines, sparkling, let these precious emotions reach you!

時計の針 もう戻らないけど 新しい運命を作る
光りあふれる Route 探して 貴方と共に生きていきたい

Although the hands of a clock can not be turned back, new fates are made.
I want to find a route overflowing with light so that I can journey together with you.

こんなにも誰かが愛しいのに 見つけられない「現実」
大切に綴った日記 もう振り返ることはないよ
星空の駅辿って 行き着いた先 幻想の世界
starmine みたいに 輝く世界=貴方に捧げるプレゼント

Even so, despite my love for you, I can’t find “reality”
This preciously bound journal… I can’t look back anymore.
Reaching this station in the starry sky, this destination, this world of illusions
Like a starmine, this shining world is my present to you.

    • Belisaria
    • February 27th, 2010

    Oh my god…that song is even more sad now. Murasa’s really grateful to Byakuren…
    Thanks a lot for translating! ^^

    • coolwicked
    • November 29th, 2010

    Love the song. (: <3 Thaaank you so much for translatingg! :D

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