Times Lyrics

From Alstroemeria Record’s C77 Album Plastic World.

This is actually based on a theme in Touhou Phantasmagoria of a Dim(ensional) Dream that was never put to use, called 時の風 or “Winds of Time” – but as Kitashirakawa Chiyuri and Okazaki Yumemi are the primary characters of Phantasmagoria of a Dim. Dream, I figure it would do well to think of them.

Path is like planned path/road/route for the future. Path v. Dreams. (University Students you know what I’m talking about.)
The song starts with disagreeing that following dreams and going on whim are the same thing, and is basically a proclamation to break up if she’s expected to follow a sort of plan for the future.
Chiyuri’s a “sailor of time”, and Yumemi’s name literally means to beautiful dream. Also, Yumemi’s a professor, and well – don’t you get a sort of “lecture-vibe” from this?

Lyric: Haruka
Vocal: 三澤秋

きまぐれそんな事 ひねくれわかってる
貴方が見つけるの 私が見つけるの ほら

I can understand doing things on whim, but disagree:
That which I hold precious is always right here
What you see, What I see; You know,



貴方は離れるの 私も離れてゆくわ きっと

What is it that connects two people? Something that won’t ever change?
If you’re thinking of a path, I don’t need one, it’ll just confuse me.
You’ll separate from me; I’ll separate from you; it’s certain.

消えたままのほうが楽だよ ねぇ

If now it’s disappearing,
Then letting it go would be easier wouldn’t it?
If you lose sight of that dream,
Then you probably won’t ever see another.

流れ行く時 見えてる道なんかは いらない
歪んでもいい 自分感じていられるなら
嵐のように 過ぎ去る気持ちさえも 私は
道があるなら 貴方を感じられないかも

Through ever flowing time, I don’t need a path I can see.
It’s alright to wander if I feel like it.
Even my emotions pass by swiftly like a storm.
If there is a path, I probably won’t notice you.

二人を繋ぐもの 見えないわかってる
貴方は離れるの 私が離れるの今

I know that what connects two people can’t be seen
The future is just like the wind passing through, as
You separate from me, and I separate from you now.


It’s certain.

私が懐かしてた そんなのわからない
私はいらないよ 大事な不安なんかは

I don’t know what I yearned for
It’s fine just to let things pass on the way they are.
I don’t need it, these “precious” anxieties.


Yes, of course.

季節の中に 私はいるのかしら 流れる
時間は今も 止まらず速く過ぎ去るから
流れ行く時 見えてる道なんかは いらない
道がないなら 貴方を感じいられるね

I wonder if I’m here in midst of the seasons, Flowing –
Time itself and the present, never stops as it quickly passes,
Through ever flowing time, I don’t need a path I can see.
If there is no path, I should be able to notice you.

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