Comiket/Japanese Comic Market 77 and Touhou

^Winner of the best album art award! (Well if it’s only me deciding, I’m not sure if it’s much of an award).

(Last Update: 2010/01/02 1:42AM)

^Translated Touhou M-1 Youtube embed courtesy of Velichi :D


Sacred Factor – EastNewSound Touhou Arrange CD
I’m still waiting for a chance to listen. But I’m excited.

Knights of Round III – Knights of Round Touhou Arrange CD
Still waiting….

Sphere Caliber – Alice’s Emotion. Touhou UFO (th12) Arranged CD
Absolutely amazing, REDALiCE doesn’t disappoint, just as good or better than Colors! :D I might have to break my general rule for not translating without lyrics and try to transcribe some of them :). Favorite Tracks: pectacle, PsychoSniper, Eden, Ghostly Parapara Ship (Hardcore Mix), Law Field, and Searching For… Nazrin and Kogasa Tatara are the mascots for this album.

東方JeuXinTerdiTs – IOSYS/Minami Solo Arranged Touhou CD
JeuXinTerdiTs is French for Forbidden Games. Amazing Speed/Metal-Guitar Arrangements (Knights of Round grade or better), and the best guitar Flandre’s theme I’ve ever heard. Favorite Tracks: All of them, but especially Jeux Interdits, and Homicide Moon. Flandre is of course the mascot for this album.

Plastik World – Alstroemeria Records. Touhou Arranged CD+Originals
Alstroemeria with classic Touhou Tracks as always, it’s great and very Alstroemeria. I like it more than the most recent CD, The Brilliant Flowers. :D. Favorite Tracks: Plain Asia, Saigetsu, Plastik World, Twilight Tea Room. Keine and Ex-Keine are the mascots for this album.

想 ~OMOI~ – Sound Holic Touhou Immaterial and Missing Power/Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (th7.5/10.5) Arranged Album
I was wondering when they were going to put out a full vocal arrangement for the fighting games! Finally here it is!! ヾ(゚ワ゚)ノ゛Mascots are Tenshi and Iku; WHERE’S MY SUIKA?! (ノ-_-)ノ ~┻━┻

Umineko No Naku Koro ni Chiru “Dawn of the Golden Witch” [Umineko #6]
I haven’t played it yet, but it’s Umineko, and Umineko is awesome.

Minamotrance Core Break!!
A good j-core mix album, Minamotoya is probably one of my favorite J-core mixers, next to Betwixt&Between, t+pazolite, umbrella, and REDALiCE. I strongly recommend it if you like J-core but aren’t fond of excess profanity and noise w/o melody.

曼衍珠汝華 ~ Nada Upasana Pundarika – Demetori Touhou Metal Arrange CD
Pretty good heavy metal (no vocals), I like: “彼岸帰航 ~ View of The River Styx”. Byakuren is the mascot.

Umineko Motion Graphic No. 6
You can find it [here] on YouTube; saying anymore about it would give potential spoilers. Watch it to get psyched about Umineko!, I believe the other 1-5 are on YouTube as well. Battler is the mascot fo.. oh wait – no, he’s just awesome.

Touhou Pianism I – SoundHolic Piano Series I (Subterranean Animism) Arranged CD
Subterranean Animism has some of my most favorite music; throw that into piano form and it’s great!. Favorite Tracks: “Popular Piano Arrangement feat. Violin 「廃獄ララバイ」 「死体旅行 ~ Be of good cheer!」”, “Popular Piano Arrangement 「暗闇の風穴」 「封じられた妖怪 ~ Lost Place」”, “Popular Piano Arrangement 「ラストリモート」 「ハルトマンの妖怪少女」” Satori is the mascot for this album.

Lotus – Sound.AVE Touhou UFO (th12) Arrange Album
There’s a couple of good tracks on here, some electronica mixed with some good instrumental pieces. The titular track is good, I have a thing for low-pitched vocals… Byakuren and Nue are the mascots for this album. Favorite Track: the Day of collapse.

Yellow Zebra’s 4th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix!
^w^ It’s funny as ever, but I think it’ll be a while before translations start floating around for it, so be patient – I’ll post if I start to see them.

Well, I’m still waiting on things, but I’ll make separate posts if I find them floating about later. Comiket is like a 12-day celebration of sorts – but if I stay in it full force I’ll become a Kaguya-NEET in no time.

Unfortunately the new Pizuya x MyonMyon album was a disappointment, ruining one of their best albums “Grimoire of Alice” with bad vocals. Some of the instrumentals had more flavor, so when the lyrics were in lull it sounded good, but no. No. No. Also, no new tracks, so there aren’t any new gems like “Clarity Green”.(2013-01-25) [I retract this statement.]

If you like piano, give Pizuya’s Cell’s (not Pizuya x MyonMyon) album a new try… it really doesn’t have much of Pizuya in it actually, it’s just his pianist Godwood or something. It’s pretty good. It’s the same sort of piano that comes in usually on the opening tracks of the Pizuya x Myon Myon albums, and it has a lot of “flavor” to it – you won’t mistake it for a midi->mp3 track. Anyway it has an interesting sound. I don’t know much about piano music genres, so I can’t say if it’s this or that.

Replacing Pizuya x Myon Myon; Demetori’s album is pretty good (though has a bit of a different sound), and the same goes for Blankfield/warinside’s album Fast Forward To End of East. I rate Demetori’s higher. Bridge of the Lotus, Dance of the Pundarka, and View of the River Styx are particularly good. The nuclear fusion’s rendition isn’t bad either. (for some reason Xenomorph just isn’t working for me).

So far for me, the best three albums overall are Plastik World, 想 -omoi-, and Sphere Caliber (If I could pick a fourth it’d probably be Demetori’s album). After a few good listens I’ll pick out a few of my favorite songs and translate the lyrics if there are any. Knights of Round III and Sacred Factor will probably two of those out of their places though. :3

    • Velichi
    • February 28th, 2010

    Someone has Suika/Yuugi of 4th M-1 up (subtitled):

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