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Flower of the Butterfly – (蝶ノ華) Lyrics

幽々子 ドラマティック

When I listen to this song, I think of a dark club, and a sexy Yuyuko leaning over and whispering into a mic.

In order to make up for my lack of posts recently this post has three pictures. :D Two of beautiful Yuyuko :D

So, unfortunately I’ve bought stuff – I’ve ordered the Hakurei Reimu Nendoroid, and a Kotiya Sanae Plushie – and so have dreadfully diminished my “for fun stuff” funds. I also have unfortunately wasted a great deal of my time playing Touhoumon Lunatic (Pokemon hacked with Touhou characters, different types, and made to be dreadfully difficult). I caught a shiny though :D – orz. – Also thinking of working with some people to make a pokemon/touhou puzzle league game (modelled after pokemon puzzle league, which is addicting). Please don’t blame me too much for being silly, I’ve just only recovered from being sick, and so I wanted to enjoy life by doing nothing, because I wasn’t able to do that before.

Congratulations on Taiga Aisaka for winning Saimoe 2009 – You deserved it! I’m thinking about re-watching Toradora! in your honor. Especially because I haven’t really been hooked on any of the Fall 2009 series. I’ve still got the summer series to keep track of; Kobato and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun are lighthearted enough for me to watch casually; Kampfer is like watching a train wreck – painful, but I feel like I have to watch it. I might just go back to watching Shugo Chara because it’s fun. O.O I just realized how much anime I watch. orz.

Flower of the Butterfly (蝶ノ華) is a song from Shibayan’s new 紅楼夢(Kouroumu) 5 album, キセキ☆インパルス (Miracle Impulse) Emotional Feedback.

Shibayan’s an interesting artist, mixes hardcore techno techniques with jazz – He has a very good Hatsune Miku album as well :D – There’s another Touhou album by the name of Assortment of Sense – it’s a little harder to find, but it’s good as well. Check him out if you like this;if you don’t – well I can understand it’s just not your style ^^;

Update: added romaji.

lycoris (cluster amaryllis / manjushage)

^This is what a Lycoris is.

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

[2011/06/09] Added Color.

蝶ノ華 (Flower of the Butterfly)
Music: Shibayan

それは 孤独の空へ 浮かびゆき 掲げられ彩る
風が舞い 雲は散り飛ばされ消える
不意に 気高き闇が 晒される 暴かれる 夜も暁光も

boutto kasunde yuku
kaketa gekkou umeru yoru
sore wa kodoku no sora e ukabiyuki kakagerare irodoru
kaze ga mai kumo wa chiri tobasre kieru
fuini kidakaki yami ga sarasareru abakareru yorumo gyoukou mo

The night lazily hazes over,
Burying the light of a fractured moon.
Up they drift towards the lonely sky, set against the night all in color.
The wind dances; The clouds scatter, blown away until they disperse.
Then, the sublime darkness is exposed, divulged – both the night and light of dawn.


yamiyo ni saku chou tachi wa
awaku moroku hatanaku mo
mizukara aoku moeru honoo e to
inzanaware rinka no hana to chiru

All of these butterflies, blooming in the deepest night,
Faint, fragile, and transient as well,
Towards their own blue burning flames,
Drawn together, scatter as do will o’ the wisp flowers.


soukyuu tataeru
youkou sashiiru
yuumei majiiru
genei awaru
shoudou sameenu
shousui kieenu
kyoufuu sobieru
toki no mukou ni kiete shini yuku

The sky is filled to the brim,
And the distant beams of light on the horizon
Are mixed together with this otherworldly glow.
Phantom illusions appear, and a gale
Of impulses that cannot be cooled,
Of a decay that will not disappear,
Rises high into the sky,
Dying into nothingness beyond time.

今もどこかにあって この夢を塗り潰してゆく
今はどこにもなくて 汚される 穢される 空も水底も

soutto afurete yuku
kage ga hikari to mazari au
ima mo doko ka ni atte kono yume wo niru tsubushite yuku
inku wa mizu ni tokete nido to modoranai
ima wa dokoni mo nakute yokosareru kegasareru sora mo suitei mo

Slowly overflowing,
The shadows mix in with the light.
Even now there is something, so I’ll paint this dream over in ink.
Now flooding the ink with water, there’s no going back.
And now there is nothing left; it’s dirtied, defiled, from the sky to the bottom of the sea.

それは 記憶の海に 沈みゆき 澱み合いまみえる
そこは 希薄な嘘に 騙られる 騙される 明日も永劫に

karami au akumu
yume ga utsuro ni okasareru
sore wa kioku no umi ni shizumi yuki yodomi aima mieru
nami no tatsu mizuumi ni ukabu yure sasurau tsukiyo
soko wa hihaku na uso ni katarareru damasareru asu mo eigou ni

Nightmares intertwining,
My dreams are invaded by emptiness.
Drowning in a sea of memories, I can see places where everything’s stagnating.
Rising waves, floating in the tide, wavering and wandering – this moonlit night.
There, within this faint lie I am tricked, deceived; so is tomorrow, within eternity.

狂い咲いた 曼珠沙華

kurui saita manjushage
akaku tagiru inochi no hi
chiri yuku sama mo hidoku utsukushii
isagiyoku rin’ne no yume to chiru

All of these lycoris, blossoming wildly,
Seething red fires of life,
The way that they scatter is dreadfully beautiful.
In the same way as do pure dreams of reincarnation.

紡がれる 縁の華と散れ

midare saita chou no hana
akaku aoku matataku wa
utakata no tomoshi to naru mitama
tsumugareru en no hana to chire

All of these flowers of butterflies, blossoming in chaos,
Crimson, cerulean, sparkling as well,
These souls and spirits as ephemeral lamps,
Woven together, they scatter as do flowers of fate.