Pointless Posts are Fun

Natsumi from Kyou no Go no Ni

^I finally realized where I had seen her before :D : mouse-over to cheat.

News no one cares about~: I’m not dead yet, just had a bombardment of assignments and finals last week, so I didn’t really have much time to think, let alone finish all my major assignments with a breath to spare. Then, I didn’t want to do anything this weekend because after all that stress I thought I deserved a break :) – plus I’m still not back up at 100%

Gungnir’s still sitting on the shelf ready for me to finish translating it, so to speak – I’ll probably do that this weekend. I also have been lagging a bit on my song translations; I want to get the good stuff from C76 done before I’m distracted by 紅楼夢5(こうろうむ)and M3-24. If anyone has any particular requests among the new Touhou music that’s come out, I’ll be glad to do it as soon as I have time. If not, I’ll probably do Black Butterfly, try my hand at translating a song or two from Lycoris or The Brilliant Flowers. (from 紅楼夢5)

I’m rooting for Taiga or otherwise Yui to win the yearly moe popularity contest, how about everyone else?

Can you believe that Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles is over? – neither can I; I’m glad xxxHolic still has more to go because I like that series more, but now I’ve got this urge to read Tsubasa all over again from the beginning. – I also want to finish reading Mushishi because it’s just awesome like that; but adding more and more to my Japanese reading list can be overwhelming orz.

As for light novels, Toradora’s done as well (except for side stories), so I want to order the rest, and the rest of Spice and Wolf – but – because of the exchange rates, everything’s 25% more expensive than it was the last time I ordered it. D: It’s painful. So I’m probably going to have to leave it as is for a while until I get more funds or if I finish up what I’ve already got.

My first figure (either Miku Hatsune or Ryougi Shiki Nendoroid) should be coming soon – There’s also the Reimu Nendoroid to think about, but … but … I don’t have the money 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。 I’ll wait for a Sakuya or another character I like more; sorry Reimu, but if I get you I’d be making a secret contract to buy every single Touhou Nendo (from Good Smile Company that is) that comes out. I can’t fool myself into thinking I have enough money to do that if I’m already trying to be careful how much money I spend on food. >.> I need to win the lottery!

Ah I watched all of Spice and Wolf II this last weekend too, and it was really good :D – Lawrence is one of those few main characters who’s actually interesting and awesome :D – It consists of two arcs one covering the 3rd volume and the other the 5th volume of the light novels. I might review it later, but I probably should do something more productive instead.

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