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大江山呑んべぇ音頭 Lyrics (The Ooeyama Drinking Song)

Yuugi x Parsee!

All praise drinking songs!!

This song’s from Sound Holic (whom I’ve just discovered)’s new album “ー地ーkuni” or “-Land-Country” which adapts each and every song out of Subterranean Animism in various styles. You should give it a listen if you can :)

I put romaji because it’s no fun if you don’t sing along.

“Go for it! Drink it down! Bring all the more~!” ← that’s me making up stuff because they’re just chanting.

Ooeyama Drinking Song
Vocal: aki
Lyric by Blue E / Arranged by panoman


Oni wa korosenai Sake ja korosenai
Soko nashi nuno no kimottama ga nomihoshiteshimau ze!
Oni wa tsuburenai Sake ni odorenai
Abiru hodo nomya oyogu you ni odori akasu utage yo!

You can’t kill oni – you can’t kill them with sake!
Our bottomless sea of spirit will drink it all down!
You can’t crush oni – you can’t drown them with sake!
This festival we’ll dance until dawn, swimming in showers of drink!


Chikara kurabe ni nomi kurabe Oni wa kurabe ga daisuki da
Yanya Yanya to hanashitari Tsugi wa ware ka to nanori detari

A competition of power is a competition of drink – Oni love comparisons!
Hear hear! We’ll yell and then introduce ourselves!

えいやさっさえいやっさ えいやさっさえいやっさ
えいやさっさえいやっさ えいやさっさえいやっさ
えいやっさ えいやっさ えいやさっさっさ ほい

Eiyasassa Eiyassa Eiyasassa Eiyassa
Eiyasassa Eiyassa Eiyasassa Eiyassa
Eiyassa Eiyassa Eiyasassassa Hoi!

Go for it! Drink it down! Bring all the more~!
Go for it! Drink it down! Bring all the more~!
Drink it down! Drink it down! Everyone! Hey!


Oni wa korosenai Sake ja korosenai
Soko nashi nuno no kimottama wa tarugoto demo iku zo
Oni wa tsuburenai Sake ni odorenai
Abiru hodo nomya oyogu yori kokochi suku tadayou zo

You can’t kill oni – you can’t kill them with sake!
We’ll turn our bottomless sea of spirit into kegs!!
You can’t crush oni – you can’t drown them with sake!
Rather than swimming in showers of drink, We’ll float upon this euphoria!


Asa na Yuu na to nomikurabe Futsuka yoi mo shiru hazu nashi!
Gozouroppu ni shimiwatare Oni no chi wa sake de tsukurareru!

Morning till evening we’ll drink competitively – For two full days and we won’t even feel drunk!
We’ll stain all our organs! Oni blood is made out of sake!


まだ呑み足りん ほら空っぽだ
次持って来やれや さあ
いや呑み足りん また空っぽだ
皆持って来やれや いざ

Mada nomitarin’ Hora karappo da
Tsugi mottekiyareya saa
Iya nomitarin’ Mata karappo da
Minna mottekiyareya iza

We haven’t drunk enough yet! Look it’s empty!
Bring on the next one!! Alright!
No! We haven’t drunk enough! It’s still empty!
Everyone! Bring on more! Now!



Kokochi suku tatayou zo
Odori akasu utage yo!

We’ll float upon this euphoria!
We’ll dance this festival till dawn!

妬ましい!妬ましい! Netamashii!! (゜З゜) [パルとパルる] Lyrics

Mizuhashi Parsee
(I can’t tell you how tempted I was to post a YuugiXParsee picture)

!! 8(>_<)8 !!

水橋パルスィ=Mizuhashi Parsee=Water Bridge_+_Paru(?)+Sui(Green for Jealousy | really pronounced “see” though).

First of all (I often forget to say this) this song is part of Cool&Create’s new album, 東方サマーフタリ, or Touhou’s Summer Pair – that came out during C76)

Anyway, so this is a song about Mizuhashi Parsee the bridge princess and manipulator of jealousy (though she manages to lose hold of her own). It’s one of my more loved songs of Subterranean Animism, which is saying a lot, because Subterranean Animism is probably my most favorite Touhou game :D (if anything the game ties with Embodiment of Scarlet Devil).

Note: Formatting the text without tables… was a pain.
“we”=when you play Touhou Chireiden (11): Subterranean Animism you play as a pair of characters; that’s why he’s using plural.
skivvying work “due to colds” = not going to work under the pretense of having a cold
characters and weapons = characters (users) and youkai (weapon/types)
To par with Parsee!: it’s a very bad pun to explain パルとパルる。which is pseudo-literally, to Par(see) with Par(see).
No control, No bombs, and now I’m on lunatic! = No control means to not use the shift key to slow your speed; needed for control. No bombs is self explanatory – and lunatic is the hardest possible mode on Touhou.

It’s the seventh day of “Midnight Anathema Ritual”: a voodoo ritual [link]; and also one of Parsee’s spellcards.

“Shiro’s Ashes” is another of Parsee’s Spellcards


出典:東方地霊殿~Subterranean Animism.

   何様なの? 逆さ摩天楼の果て  オイラ参上 風邪で仕事は休みだ!
    ゲーム気分 その本気が憎い  感謝感激 これぞ地下666階ランデヴー

Who would come down to the end of this inverted skyscraper?
We’re coming down! Skivvying our work “due to colds”!
I hate how serious this game-like feeling is!
With deep feelings of gratitude, we’re here – rendezvous at the 666th basement (Damian)

   STAGE 2だと 決め付けて挑む  容赦が無いね グリーンアイドモンスター
      愚かなアナタの 未練を  食らいボム 間に合わず
           聞き遂げるの  愛を歌ったこの断末魔 あの娘に伝えて

Picking on this minor stage 2 to challenge me!
You won’t go easy on me will you, green eyed monster?
You’re just following all your
My death-bomb not making it in time
Stupid lingering attachments
May my death agonies in song carry forth my love to her!

            Z U N  イ ヤ ー

I hate you ZUN!

       (手 を)(品を)
何度目なの? キャラ替え 妖怪替え  まとも参上 今日もカスるぜ 狙うぜ
  迷いの無い その瞳 うらめしい  駄目になるまで
    そんなアナタが ねたまスィ  パルとパルるぜ いとおスィ

How many times has it been? You keep changing characters and weapons!
I’m coming down again today – grazing and taking aim!
Those determined eyes, I hate them so much!
Again and again until I’m burnt out!
I’m so jealous of you!
To par with Parsee! I love her!

      Pa Pa Lu Lu  Pa Lu Lu  Pa Pa Pa

       七日目の 丑の刻参り  ノーコン ノーボム いまやルナティック
        下賎な私の 未練を  敵将 討ち取ったり
           聞き遂げるの  愛の棲家だ この地霊殿 あの娘に伝えて

It’s the seventh day of my “Midnight Anathema Ritual”
No control, No bombs, and now I’m on lunatic!
Following after lingering affections
Taking down the enemy boss!
Of humble me
This is where love dwells! Here in Subterranean Animism, please tell her!

            Z U N  イ ヤ ー

I hate you ZUN!

   何様なの? 逆さ摩天楼の果て  オイラ参上 風邪で仕事は休みだ!
    ゲーム気分 その本気が憎い  感謝感激 これぞ地下666階ランデヴー

Who would come down to the end of this inverted skyscraper?
We’re coming down! Skivvying our work “due to colds”!
I hate how serious this game-like feeling is!
With deep feelings of gratitude, we’re here – rendezvous at the 666th basement (Damian)

何よ何よ? 2面プラクティスループ  オイラ参上 風邪で明日も休みだ!!
何よ何よ? 2面プラクティスループ  オイラ参上 風邪で今年は休みだ!!!

What is it? What is it? Why this 2nd Level Practice loop!?
We’re coming down! Taking a break tomorrow “due to cold”!!
What is it? What is it? Why this 2nd Level Practice loop!?
We’re coming down! Taking a break this year “due to cold”!!!
Go take a shower damn it! “Shiro’s Ashes!”

     ホントアナタ ねたまスィ  パルとパルる いとおスィ
     ホントアナタ ねたまスィ  パルとパルる いとおスィ
      ねたまスィ まままスィ  いとおスィ とととスィ

Really, You make me so… jealous!!
To par with Parsee! I love her!
Really, You make me so… jealous!!
To par with Parsee! I love her!
Jealous!! ~ Jealous!!!!
I love her!! ~ I love her!!!

Catching Up to Shangri-La

Uber-rang 1
Uber-rang 2
^giant boomerang

Sidenote: I got the Ranobe Cafe reviewing job :D – look forward to my light novel reviews :D

It might seem like a bit too much work, but I’ve set up a local wordpress on both of my computers to use as a sort of note database thing for my classes. I’ve really grown to like the system, and I can also use it to work on my writing. It seems a bit much, just for organizational purposes – but I’m really bad at organizing in general, so I’ll put in the extra effort to use something that’ll organize it for me. It’s why I use iTunes. I could really a better playback program, but the organization iTunes uses is perfect for me :) I suppose I could just use private postings and stuff – but since my school work has really absolutely nothing to do with this site, I don’t think I should associate them.

I’m about mid-way through reading the second arc of Kara no Kyoukai; it’s great, but so far not so different from the film so far (at least not that I’ve noticed) – plus the absence of Touko kind of makes me sad. I’ll finish up reading quickly and give more reviews and translate more songs (wasshoi!!). My posting has been a bit sparse, because I’ve just been a bit behind in half of my classes, 1st midterm exams are coming up, and I’ve been sick. I “recovered” yesterday by finishing 3 different anime series: Shangri-la, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, and Serial Experiments Lain though :D

Shangri-la, is hilarious half the time, but requires a lot of patience in the mental department. All of us, watchers of anime, have learned to suspend our disbelief pretty well. Hammer space is nothing new, flying acrobatics and physics defying twists and strange sources of energy and the like. All these things are things we’ve come to accept easily. It’s nice when a series finds a happy medium between artistic anti-reality and reality, but even if that balance is a bit off – it’s ok. Shangri-la slaps that notion in the face. Dead people are brought back to life as if on whim – but at least you can argue for plausibility. Bullet catching – not too bad really. Dim witted main character makes an abundance of stupid decisions, killing her followers half the time, but somehow coming on top in the end – it hurts a little, but it’s believable. You jump on the wings of a jet plane and strike a missile out of the air with a boomerang. Not plausible but amazingly bad-ass, so it’s ok. Giant rocket powered boomerang… this is where it all ends. Running and hopping and skipping, with a 5 ton metal object that needs to be wheeled out on a dolly; flinging it around at a spiritual being and shooting it through a large “mother brain” computer. No. I DRAW THE LINE HERE. NO. NO! I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS! The story had some really cool points to it. It also had some gigantic holes. I’d like to blame Gonzo, and say that they just realized it wrong, but I don’t know. I saw a concept picture that depicted Kuniko as a muscular, acrobatic looking woman around the age of 20-22 – she even had fangs! Not a girl that looked like she was 8. Well I won’t know until I’ve read the book, and I don’t plan on it until I’ve at least read a few others, but I will hopefully expect it to be better. Shangri-la had some hilarious and cool moments, plus a fantastic concept, don’t get me wrong – but … it went too far on the unrealistic meter.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei, all in all is a pretty lame fanservice-filled arc set. I thought the last episode was pretty funny (I wholeheartedly appreciated the mahjong match), I enjoyed watching it, I liked the opening theme, still – if you’re not a fan you’ll probably hate it. Go watch Higurashi from the beginning and revel in its legendary story concept. Then go watch Umineko.

Serial Experiments Lain was pretty good. I heard it was awful from someone and that it was amazing from another – it’s pretty good. There is absolutely no plot. None. At all. I’m not sure if that’s one of it’s strong points, or one of its weak points, but the way the world and character develop simultaneously (the substitute for the plot if you will) was done very well. I’m not much a fan of the suicidal “I’ll erase myself from the world to make it a better place” theme, but at least she didn’t kill herself. I have to admit, I really wanted a LainxAlice scene, and I almost got it, but was disappointed in the end. :< At least they handled their “relationship” well. It had a lot of good points; a few points that bugged me – in the end it wasn’t one of my favorite shows but it was definitely worth my time to watch.

Light Novel Review – Kara no Kyoukai – Fukan Fuukei

空の境界 - 俯瞰風景 (ch1) - Thanatos / Fujoh Kirie

^No it’s not a picture of Fujoh Kirie, but this is her chapter; you can’t start a Kara no Kyoukai anything and not have a picture of Ryougi Shiki.

First of all I’ve updated the Black Lotus post to include romaji, which comes in handy for EastNewSound as they like to play with the difference between lyrics sung and those written on paper. I’ve started reading Bakemonogatari and with a perhaps too hopeful strategy I should be able to finish a full chapter every 1-2 weeks, while still reading Kara no Kyoukai. My second contact has received “Gungnir” so I should receive it in two weeks – I can’t wait to read and translate it. If I’m not too busy I’ll share; I also should put up a few more EastNewSound translations from Lucent Wish and Lyrical Crimson.

I was already thinking about writing a proper review for Kara no Kyoukai (not just a jotted down film v. text comparison), and around the same time I heard the Ranobe Cafe was looking for light novel reviewers – so I figured I’d make a submission – this is it.

If only I could stop time~ I’d translate all these wonderful novels and give them to the English speaking world~

Title: 空の境界 (Kara no Kyoukai): the Garden of sinners
Chapter: 1/俯瞰風景(Fukan Fuukei) Fujoh Kirie | Thanatos.
…(俯瞰風景=Overlooking View/Commanding View; also translated as “A View from Above”)
Author: Nasu Kinoko (TYPE-MOON)
Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi (TYPE-MOON)
Licensed by??: Del Rey Manga/Faust Editing Group

I first encountered Kara no Kyoukai in Faust 1 (as “The Garden of Sinners: A View from Above”), translated by Paul Johnson, with a note: “The first chapter of The Garden of Sinners is presented here. The novel will be published in the United States, in its entirety in two volumes by Del Rey Manga, beginning in 2009.” Unfortunately that’s the last you’ll hear of it. I wanted more so after a little research I found the books and ordered the newest editions. (The new covers caught my eye). At this point I’ve read the original Japanese text, the only official English translation, and seen the film as well.

First of all, the format: Kara no Kyoukai (meaning Empty Boundary) is made up of seven chapters (excluding a sort of omake chapter published separately), each with their own basic plot and focal character, with an interlinking underlying plot (not unlike other series such as Bakemonogatari). The chapters themselves aren’t in chronological order and you must piece together hints until the arc reaches whatever time period. It’s a good format.

Kara no Kyoukai starts off with Fukan Fuukei, or Overlooking View. Fukan Fuukei itself without much of a warning switches narrators and its own chronological order around easily, but this is one of its charms. Narration, unreliable narration is key to the text. In fact, one of the main narrators, Kokutou, is oblivious throughout the entirety of the incident. Vagueness permeates the story – how are these characters connected, really who – who are they? Unlike the dazzling film would lead you to believe, most of the chapter is about suicide jumpers, falling and flying, and the psychological effects of an environmentally dissociative situation. The magic, that is. It’s a writing style that may take getting used to, but in the end it is absolutely superb.

Now because I don’t believe a review should leave the reader in the dark, I offer an overview. This chapter introduces three of the main characters: Ryougi Shiki, a young woman newly out of a two year coma, eternally dressed in traditional Japanese clothing with the exception of a bright red leather jumper; Kokutou Mikiya, the normal protagonist, relative to the others a bit dull witted, but lucky in a way and kind – who the reader connects with; and finally Aozaki Touko, the mage and puppeteer who runs “Garan no Dou”, employer of Kokutou who sometimes chooses to meddle indirectly in “incidents” that occur. Then there is Fujou Kirie who seems to be the link between a number of suicides, all jumpers. A link that spreads all the way to Kokutou.

All in all, what I like most about Fukan Fuukei is how it is written and the imagery tied in with it all. The “magic”, is in a way casually explained or glossed over that you accept it as fact, without really understanding it, just like Kokutou. If you’ve only watched the film, which takes a much more direct approach to the story (as a visual medium it sort of lends itself to that), I highly recommend the text. I think it has a much more interesting approach. Though I love the writing style, it’s easy to understand how someone could be put off by it. Though as it’s one of the shorter chapters, and that by itself it reads well enough as a short story, I recommend you give it a try. If you like it, there’s more to come. Though you might despair over the lack of more official translations, Baka-Tsuki has up to halfway through chapter 5 of 7 translated (it’s stalled there). Further than that, if you’re up to reading it in Japanese or pestering Del Rey to hurry up, join me in both motions. Other than that there are also the films, a flurry of beautiful animation by ufotable and beautiful music by Kalafina.

Happy Cirno Day~! 2009-09-09

Shikimi's Cirno 2009-09-09

Happy Cirno Day! ⑨
It’s a little late, but that’s ok.
Everyone visit Shikimi/Keeggy’s Site!!

If you need to be reminded of Cirno’s <a href="Touhou M-1: Scarlet Tsukkomi (feat. Cirno)“>brilliance…

I walked into class today and my Japanese professor handed me a slip of paper – “this is your student number.” What did the piece of paper have on it? ⑨. D: – Fate’s playing tricks on me.

I just fixed the These Cute Scarlets Can’t Possibly be My Masters! (こんなにかわいいスカーレッツが私のお嬢様なはずがない) Translation \o/ (thanks to “yk”) – hopefully my ears will gradually get better and I’ll pick up on stuff more. I seem to miss a lot of those near silent “を”s

‘”Karanokyokai” imaged sound album VERIDICAL FACTOR’, is probably the best non-touhou album to come out of c76 – of this I’m convinced, though maybe it’s just because I’m a fan. I’ll probably translate something out of that soon. – It makes a great partner to reading the individual chapters.

Catharsis – a feeling that rushes down from your shoulders and spreads throughout your body – a feeling of cleansing. – I’ve got to write a paper about that, maybe I’ll use the album “Catharsis”… it’s a bit hard to take philosophy seriously.

Review\\ Chapter v. Film [Kara No Kyoukai/Fukan Fuukei]

I was introduced to 空の境界 (Kara no Kyoukai) through Faust #1 – It had the first chapter translated in it. I read it – thought that it was interesting, and then found the films. I don’t know if the rest of Kara no Kyoukai is ever going to get translated or not, but wanting more I ended up ordering the whole thing in 3 volumes. I recently finished reading the first chapter “Fukan Fuukei” or “Commanding View”. I thoroughly enjoyed it and then re-watched the film right afterward.

At first I was shocked at how different it was. One thing about the text that I liked is that it likes to waver on the topic of fantasy – it’s surprisingly “realistic”. The magic in it is throughly explained in a somewhat twisted logic, but it does a good job of it. The text is also chronologically speaking, all over the place. Multiple narrators and no firm way of keeping it in time. The section right after the introduction is the second to last, or last thing to happen. Still, it fits together very well – and I’m a big fan of the whole “unreliable narrator” technique, where the narrator doesn’t really know what’s going on, let alone you. There are a lot of subtle hints to this and that and it makes for a good read.

The film, while not bad by any means, takes a different approach. It does handle the internal dialogue well though. It sort of magnifies the hints in the text to create situations that were explained in the text through internal dialogue. It adds a lot of scenes, but it’s a good way of going about that problem. It’s better than a voice over – no one likes voice overs. However, this altering of scenes creates a whole bunch of inconsistencies. They mix up Garan no Dou with the Fujou buildings with the economic boom explanation. The Fujou buildings are actually inhabited in the text, not derelict like in the film. The film also shows 8 girls plus Fujou, but it also set Fujou as the eighth and final death – when she’s actually the ninth. I know it’s all for dazzling effect and all, but Shiki doesn’t do gravity defying leaps across buildings nor attack anyone but Fujou in the text. Also, the “ghost” of Fujou can’t speak. At all. In the film they sort of play with this on and off, but it becomes inconsistent. D: – They’re all sort of nitpicky things, but though the film’s dazzling, I like the text a lot better. Ah but the music of the film is fantastic. Kalafina is love. If you watch it for anything – watch it for that.

Also, Aozaki Touko is so much more awesome in the text.

This is a bit of a “hidden spoiler” – sorry, but it’s awesome when you realize that the opening text passage isn’t talking about one of the middle-school girls.